Wheels Up @ The Runway Pt 2

PDGA logoSunday, August 27, 2023 at The Runway DGC in Alma, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorBrent Faubert
Asst TD, Store GuruBrandon Meaux

About this tournament

Welcome to the second annual Wheels Up @ The Runway Pt 2

Ace pool starts at $225 before any registrations

7 - Left of telephone poles. Normal OB Rules.
10 - OB River
11 - Double Mando, Proceed to drop zone.
13 - OB River Behind Long Basket, Proceed to drop zone..
15 - Creek Long of basket, Normal OB Rules.
16 - OB River Normal OB rules
18 - OB Property Line on Left, Normal OB Rules.

Round 1 course and Round 2 course per division

While this is your courses for the day, you may be playing them in either order. This list is not necessarily order you play.

MPO- Long to Long, Long to Short
MP40- Long to Short, Short to Long
AM1- Long to Long, Short to Long
MA40- Long to Short, Short to Long
AM2- Long to Short, Short to Long
AM3- Short to Short, Short to Long
FPO/FA1- Short to Short, Short to Long
All other Divs- Short to Short both rounds

50-50 Holes will be updated when decisions are made. If layouts change from Round to round, Round 2 will be when 50-50 will be decided, as it's intended to be the easier course for all divisions.

Refund policy

Withdrawal 30+ to 15 days before event - 100% Refund

Withdrawal 14 days before event prior to reg close -
100% Refund if spot filled by waitlist at the time of withdrawal minus 10$ processing fee, else 50% cash/players pack only

Withdrawal After reg close - No refund/No players pack, DOES NOT apply to waitlisted players.

Breaking Aces Disc Golf - www.breakingaces.com is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/72330
1Mitchell Kloc5952111
2Andrew Savage5755112
2Ryan Anderson6052112
4Cody Sears6056116
5Brett Federspiel6156117
5Trevor Balfour6057117
7Adam Kielpinski6256118
8Blake Webber6158119
9Derek Wing6459123
10Oscar Gutierrez6857125
11Hunter Wunderle7161132
1Mike Schiller5657113
2Tony Riopelle6759126
3Adam Papaik6463127
1Noah Dietrich “FBN”6154115
2Andrew Jackson6156117
1Timothy Townley5758115
2Ryan Tikey5961120
3Eric M Wolverton6062122
3Joe Date5765122
3Kevin Steel6161122
3Rickey Garza5864122
7Jacob Olivarez6459123
8Tyler Brandel6361124
9Derek Dreher6066126
10Ascension Chavez6665131
10Sean Bannen6764131
12Matt Helms6666132
13Jonathan Airbets6667133
1Noe Solorio5857115
2Anthony Behrends5566121
3Sam Rodgers6163124
4Alexander Lelli5967126
5Mason Frost5671127
6Kevin A Kniffen6366129
7Brandon Meaux6170131
7Tim Sylvain6566131
9Dametrius Castillo6471135
10Lucas Nogueira Pires6868136
11David Lachance6473137
1Seth Buschle5756113
2Denver Milam6253115
3Vincent Wasney5862120
4Link Behrends6061121
5Jesse Ehle6260122
5John Witherspoon6260122
7Robb Webber6360123
8Dustin Trisch6463127
9Jon Girvan6865133
10Joseph Kielpinski6767134
11Lerrin Bergstein6867135
1Anita Webber7574149
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