Waterloo Trilogy Challenge 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


Waterloo Trilogy Challenge 2017 graphic

About this tournament

This tournament is a fundraiser for Caring Team Ministries (CTM). CTM is a local food bank, and clothing share located in the River Center. All proceeds will go towards buying food for local families. Caring Team Ministries is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Amateurs only, prizes for top 3, and a 50/50 ace pool. Everyone will be limited to the three discs that come in the player pack for use in the tournament. The important part of this tourney is to raise funds, and awareness of Lebanon residents food insecurities, and a whole lot of fun for everyone.

Refund policy

Caring Team Ministries is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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Final Results

Round 1: Waterloo - 2017 Waterloo Trilogy Challenge, 24 holes, par 72
1Carl J. Cleem5656
2Adam Rud5757
3Scott West5757
4Dan Jones5858
5Jesse Wuori5959
6Jeremy Coulter6060
7Jeff Harper6161
8Brandon Whitney6262
8Kyle Hite6262
10Denzell Johnson6464
10Jake Smith6464
10Shannon Meadows6464
13Jason Savelich6565
13Jason Thoma6565
15David Sallee6666
15John W. Ross6666
15Joshua Groppuso6666
18Alex McClaskey6767
18Antonio Sunseri6767
18Crizzly Maksymiak6767
18Simon Weil6767
18TJ Sanders6767
23Andrew boots6767
24Cody Warren6868
25Travis Pugh6969
26Danny McColligan jr7070
26Jacob Dittel7070
26Jarren Thoma7070
29Dan Sanders7171
29Daniel Schoonover7171
29Micah Morehead7171
29Theodore Rush7171
33Eric O'Brian7272
33Hannah Dine7272
33Jessica Jacobson7272
33Nic Stevens7272
33Timothy Hunkapiller7272
38Michael Haines7373
38Nick Sanders7373
38Robert Voss7373
41Brandon Stinnett7575
41Crystal Wiss7575
43Steven Barnett7777
44Nate Lyman7979
45Mark Turley8080
45Paige Iverson8080
45Trevor Loucks8080
48Austin Griffin8181
48Billy Smith8181
48Sharidan Dillon8181
48Warren Stroup8181
52Adam Pope8585
53Mike Sammons8686
54Brenda Sallee8888
54William Johnston8888
56Jennifer Merker9090
56Robert Elliott9090
58Andree Hunkapiller9696
58Connor Stoneman9696
60Brant Rogers9898
61Lynn Koehn101101
62Tim Cooper108108
63Sara Rogers111111
64Joey Stroup112112
65Pami Perry117117
66Beanz Lopez-0
66Cassie Wilson-0
66Eli Wilson-0
66Manny Lopez-0