WaterFest! sponsored by Kastaplast

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 15-16, 2023 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

WaterFest! sponsored by Kastaplast graphic
Added cash $750


Co-Tournament DirectorMichael Krueger
Co-Tournament DirectorDerek Broockerd

About this tournament

Welcome to the inaugural WaterFest!
WaterFest is a collaboration between Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City and Truly Unique Disc Golf. The event is a two round tournament on tee times, based on pool.

Pool A - Saturday at Water Works, Sunday at Cleveland Lake
Pool B - Saturday at Cleveland Lake, Sunday at Water Works

Pools will be assigned when we have a better sense of how the pools are filling. All players regardless of pool will play the same layouts.
Layouts for both courses will be set to "Championship" level, and set up approximately one week prior, with the exception of any paint. Paint will go down a day or two before the event.

Tee Times will be 12 minutes apart to avoid back-ups.

Warm up areas:

Water Works has limited warm up areas. There is a small warm up area with practice basket to the east of Hole 12. There is an additional practice putting basket in the island (but it's a Mach III, I think - not a Mach X for sure).

Cleveland Lake has a nice warm up area close to hole 1, with plenty of room.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners

Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City
Truly Unique Disc Golf - Belton
Belton Parks and Recreation
Kansas City, MO Parks and Recreation
Kansas City Disc Golf
UnderPar Disc Golf and UnderPar Apparel

Player pack items TBD, but at minimum will include an event stamped Kastaplast disc.

Player packs MUST be picked up at Truly Unique or Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City by close of business April 16 (or alternate arrangements made by that date), or they are forfeited. Details to come.

Amateur payout through Truly Unique or Duck's Flying Discs. Payout expires 12/1/2023. Truly Unique and Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City are the official vendors of WaterFest!

Waterworks layout (updated 4.7.23):
1. Long
2. Long over hill (par 4)
3. Long (mando)
4. Peace
5. Long left
6. Long (par 4)
7. Right
8. Long (par 4)
9. Temp to left
10. Middle
11. Long
12. Long straight
13. Cat box (straight)
14. Long
15. Left
16. Middle (maybe)
17. 12 peninsula (mando) (par 4)
18. Short right

Cleveland Lake layout:
1. Long to Gold
2. Straight
3. Right
4. Long
5. Right
6. Left
7. Long to Short
8. Gold
9. Long to Gold
10. Long to Gold
11. Gold
12. Long to Top
13. Long to Gold
14. Short to Gold
15. Long to Long
16. Right
17. Long
18. Short by water

Pass-through fee per PDGA rules:
$3/player PDGA fees
$3/player KCDG fees
$3/player TD fees
Additional fees for portapotties, if necessary, will be added to the pass-through fees.
See https://www.pdga.com/news/pdga-official-rules-disc-golf-competition-manual-updated-2023, section "Tour Standards" and Pass Through fees.

Derek and MK want to assure you all TD fees will be reinvested into the event.

Refund policy

Michael Krueger is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be pursuant to the PDGA Competition Manual Section 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds. https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103

Players who officially request to withdraw on or before March 15, 2023, will receive a 100% refund (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees).

Players who officially request to withdraw from March 16, 2023 to April 1, 2023, will receive a 100% refund IF THE SPOT IS FILLED BY A PLAYER ON THE WAITLIST (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees). If the spot is NOT filled by a player on the waitlist, then the player will receive a 50% refund.

Players who officially request to withdraw from April 2, 2023 to April 13, 2023 at 8:00 PM, will receive a 100% refund IF THE SPOT IS FILLED BY A PLAYER ON THE WAITLIST (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees). If the spot is NOT filled by a player on the waitlist, then the player will receive a 25% refund.

Players who officially request to withdraw from April 13, 2023, 8:01 PM to April 15, 2023, at 7:00 AM will receive a player pack ONLY. The player bears the burden of picking up the player pack or paying for shipping AND MAKING ALL ARRANGEMENTS FOR DOING SO.

Any player who does not officially request to withdraw and does not show for the first round forfeits the entry fee and player pack.

Any player on the waitlist who does not gain entry will receive a full refund (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees).

All times listed are based on Central Daylight Time.


Water Works Park
Kansas City, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/65620
1Micah Noble5557112$851
2Isaac Heinen5065115$566
3Eric Eastwood5363116$415
4Hans Coleman5364117$321
5Michael Babbitt5959118$269
6Charlie Peters5466120$227
7Jose Ossa5665121$196
8Garett Everson5765122$175
9Trevor Hastert5766123$159
10Daniel Holsten5866124$130
10David Allen5470124$130
10Zach Moses5965124$130
13Alex Banning5669125$110
14Jacob Berger5670126$32
14Kevin Shaffer5967126$32
16RJ LAWSON5472126$32
17AJ Kroenlein6463127
17Courage Davis5374127
17Edwin Sieniarecki5770127
17Ryan Marquardt5869127
21Christian Ramirez5870128
22Tyler Rusboldt6269131
23Brett Main6073133
24Hugo Dwyer6470134
24Kyle Wiedwald6569134
26Das Loomis6570135
26Josh Olson6372135
28Isaac Scheer6376139
28Riley Young6079139
30Brennan Voss6476140
30Fabian Venegas6575140
30Jonathan Tebbe5783140
33Jake Gorrell7075145
34Pete Bunyar64888952
35Jitt Belcher64-64
1Jake Bowen5473127$201
2Fred Smith6171132$120
3Duane CD Steiner6178139
4Jake Carmack6879147
1Katie Belty7566141$201
2Nova Politte7170141$120
3Kimberly Giannola7667143
4Rachel Price8381164
1Jonathon Oakes6061121$133
2Dustin Klein6361124$92
3Steven M Karpovich6164125$70
4Luis Gardea6760127$52
5Dan Maynard6864132$38
6Benjamin Folz6668134
7Paul Crotts6669135
8Gabriel Diaz-Serrano7468142
9John Cullen7174145
10Tanner Langenbahn8872160
11Charlie Hemstock71-71
1Matthew Jenkins6663129$130
2John Kroh6664130$92
3Todd Bushatz6665131$70
4Jesse Brown6865133$54
5Cory Scheer6868136$42
6Derek Ozkal7364137$32
7Roman Davis6971140
8Chris Neff7863141
9Chad Kelley7472146
10John Murphy8067147
11Chris Davis7675151
12Chris Lillich7978157
1Scott Conner7063133$101
2Gary Dennis7774151$64
3Charles Waldrop7974153$40
3Wayne Johnson7380153$40
6Randy Meier8585170
7Joseph Crowther76-76
1Buford Baker6864132$66
2Gary Johnston7978157$39
3Kenneth McWhorter8381164
1Coleman Gregg6365128$114
2Alan Bisenieks6768135$99
3Lukas Krause6868136$93
4Ryan Burris6968137$80
5Bryan Clark7464138$70
5Trevor Svoboda6969138$70
7Emilio Sanchez7267139$53
8Jonathon Rinehart7070140$43
8Marc Gardner7268140$43
10George Sarbach7467141
10Samuel Schoonover7071141
12Tyler Coverdale7765142
13Timothy Russell7469143
14Will Wood6975144
15Anthony Davis7273145
15Charlie Roberts7273145
17Josh Tallon7579154
18Tim Kerns7977156
19Quincy Diggs8573158
1Tanner McWhorter6869137$120
2LARS HANSON6968137$108
3Jack Daugherty6474138$105
4Alexander Mammele6476140$98
5James Hicks6874142$90
5Louis Belamour6874142$90
7Austin Fulkerson6578143$82
8Preston Whitworth7471145$76
9Dustin Heese7076146$68
9Joseph Tonkovic6878146$68
11Sam Badger7177148$54
12David Kyslinger6782149$42
12Jake Gilmore6980149$42
12Kurt Klusmeyer7178149$42
15Matthew Risher7280152
16Alex Gustafson6885153
16David Pentimone6489153
16Jacob Mandry6687153
19Zachary Fatool7283155
20Jeramy Tipton7482156
20Michael Lane7482156
22Sean Higley7186157
23Rhett Mosqueda7386159
24Christopher Carmack7587162
24Logan Flowers7488162
24Matthew Klusmeyer8181162
27Jordan Ashford8183164
27Patrick Shaner7589164
29Derek Carpenter6998167
30David Pilsl7892170
31Gavin Erisman80107187
1Ron Roper7575150$87
2Tyler Crafton7575150$87
3K Sterling7679155$63
4Chris Hudson8077157$39
4Logan Burris8176157$39
6Josh Forbis8278160
7David Wilk8380163
8Brandon Winebrenner9077167
9Jacob Kenton9376169
1Anna Hare7790167$66
2Emily Craig8390173$39
3Alexandra Burgers9386179
1Eli Roper8588173$20
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