8th Walleye Festival 2021 Disc Golf Tournament

Sunday, April 25, 2021 at Tittabawassee Park in Freeland, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Alright, guys. We always enjoy putting together the Walleye Fest tournament and making a huge donation to the ... more
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Fred Birkam    April 21 at 11:15am

Please move me up to Am2. Thanks

Tim Obertein   April 22 at 3:50pm


Anthony R Savage    April 19 at 3:59am

Please move me up to Am2

Tim Obertein   April 22 at 3:50pm


Brandon Meaux    April 17 at 11:53pm

Move me up to AM2 please.

Tim Obertein   April 22 at 3:50pm


Jim Fries    April 16 at 11:05pm

Whats the layout gonna be? These guys wanna know

Brent Faubert   April 16 at 11:26pm

MPO is playing all longs, I know that much

Brent Faubert    April 16 at 7:30am

What's the layout being played for MPO on Holes 1/3/8/16


Jacob Heminger    April 12 at 5:44pm

I was wondering what the layout for the MA3 will be? Longs, shorts or any combination of the 2?


Henry Trier    April 12 at 12:52am

Waitlist please.

Christopher DeRosier   April 12 at 1:02am

You need to sign up to be on the waitlist sir. There is consideration of adding a extra hole. So all you would need is 1 person to drop in the next 12 days and you would be able to play.

Henry Trier   April 12 at 11:50am


Ryan Anderson    April 8 at 4:30pm

47470. Waitlist please


Joseph Caldwell    March 21 at 1:01pm

Joseph Caldwell #52656 MPO please.

Christopher DeRosier   March 22 at 2:06pm

Joe its not cashless

Joseph Caldwell   March 23 at 12:01am

I can pre pay. Are there any spots left?

Christopher DeRosier   March 23 at 8:40pm

There are 6 currently

Hayden White    March 18 at 8:52pm

Hayden white, ma2 please

Hayden White   March 18 at 8:59pm

If cashless is allowed, hopefully it is

Christopher DeRosier   March 18 at 9:05pm

It is not.

Hayden White   March 18 at 10:14pm

Oh alright

Matthew Peacock    March 12 at 2:01pm

Cashless? If so
Matthew Pea****Am3 129048


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Christopher DeRosier   March 23 at 8:41pm

Matt...did you get signed up?

Tim Obertein   March 24 at 3:42pm

He did.

Matthew Peacock   March 25 at 2:45pm

Yep I did, thanks for letting me know!

Myles Nakamura    March 1 at 12:48am


Christopher DeRosier   March 11 at 5:42pm

No sir. Charity event.

Eric Francis    February 28 at 2:01pm

Move me to MA2 please

Tim Obertein   March 15 at 11:23pm


Joseph Kielpinski    February 27 at 9:48pm

I signed up for Am3, Is there an AM4 or a 50+ division?

Tim Obertein   March 15 at 11:23pm

If we get enough 50+ players, we could add it but there likely wouldn’t be a berth due to low reg for that division comparatively.

Jason monville    February 18 at 4:42am

Do we have to pay with PayPal or anything like that I could i use a credit card?

Tim Obertein   February 20 at 12:30pm

You can use your card through PayPal as a guest when you register. No account needed.

Paul Plambeck    February 18 at 3:37am

I'm in! Where to pay? Got cash app.

Tim Obertein   February 18 at 3:58am

PM me and I’ll make it work, Paul! FB or here, either way.