WIFFS #14 - Logansport Luge

PDGA logoSunday, February 28, 2021 at France Park in Logansport, Indiana
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Justin Lintner    February 28 at 1:00pm

Schedule in here would have been nice

Jaime Bueno   February 28 at 1:13pm

Check comments

Justin Lintner   February 28 at 1:27pm

Pdga is the schedule

Shawn Williams   February 28 at 1:55pm

Caddy book?

Napoleon Gracia    February 27 at 2:54pm

Guess I’ll just eat all the birdies I can eat. ???? gonna be a buffet!


Napoleon Gracia    February 26 at 3:13pm

Is there going to be a food truck


Eric Steg    February 25 at 9:42pm

Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m backing out. Just not enough open players and just seen that we’re not playing the full course. Good luck to all that is playing


Eric Steg    February 25 at 8:58pm

Any more open players?

Matt Coultas   February 25 at 9:22pm

Just baggers in masters divisions ????????????

Jason Shear    February 24 at 7:46pm

There are 2 baskets for hole 1. Any chance we can play the slightly more challenging position tucked back right in the treeline since we're playing the shorts?

Josh DeMeester   February 25 at 4:40pm

Second this

Dustin Schacht   February 25 at 6:42pm

We will be playing all shorts baskets for this event. Please come to one of our summer events when we will utilize all the C pins in our "tougher" layout

Dustin Schacht    February 24 at 1:21am

Check in will be from 8-930. With a 10am tee off
Your hole assignment will be posted Saturday night.
We will be playing 2 rounds of 18. Holes 1-6, 14-22, bonus hole, 23-24. (Skipping 7-13)

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Dustin Schacht   February 25 at 8:32pm

No I'd count again lol

Robert Allen   February 26 at 12:01pm

OK I was thinking BONUS HOLE was saying 23, & 24 were bonus holes. I got all confused on that part. Sorry!!

Dustin Schacht   February 26 at 2:31pm

No worries see ya Sunday.

Josh DeMeester    February 22 at 12:13pm

Tee off times, check in, players meeting? Will these be posted this week at some point?

Matt Coultas   February 22 at 1:25pm


Justin Lintner   February 24 at 2:24am

Posted above

Dustin Schacht    February 21 at 3:47pm

depending on the weather and course conditions, we will be playing the normal 24 hole layout. All divisions will be playing the short pads. If snow and mud in the woods is bad we will be playing a modified 18 hole loop. 1-6, 14-22, bonus hole, 23-24.

Dustin Schacht   February 21 at 3:49pm

We will just be skipping holes 7-13 if layout is modified.

Jaden Phillips    February 21 at 2:34pm

Which layout will be played?