WIFFS #13 - Maple Syrup Shootout

PDGA logoSaturday, February 27, 2021 at Rockville Lake Park in Rockville, Indiana
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Samuel Brown    March 4 at 9:49pm

Is this tournament submitted to the PDGA?


Jason LaBella    February 26 at 9:28pm

Tee Layout:
Longs: 1-5, 7, 10-12, 14
Shorts: 6, 8-9, 13, 15-18

Tees for 16-18 will likely be adjusted between rounds in order to mitigate the mud.


Austin W    February 26 at 9:21pm

Course is extremely muddy. The short pad on 2 is mud and the long and short pads on 16,17 and 18 are mud bogs recommend stand still throws. There is a tree down right next to 6's pin, park manager doesn't know if he can get to it by dark due to meetings


Jay Carson    February 26 at 7:31pm

Any wors on tees yet Jason


Jay Carson    February 26 at 4:48pm

Thank you gentlemen


Jay Carson    February 26 at 4:04pm

Is the gate/chain open for practice today? If so any idea on which tees will be used

Jason LaBella   February 26 at 4:11pm

I am literally working through the tee selections right now. Will post once complete. I don't know if the gate is open.

Austin W   February 26 at 4:27pm

The gate is currently dummy locked if you want to go in. Please shut the gate and put the chain amd lock back up after you drive through. I will be there around 3pm today to walk the course and check on conditions

Zakk Mabrey    February 26 at 3:30am

Is it long tees or short?

Connor mckanna   February 26 at 1:07pm

It'll most likely be a combination of both

Austin W    February 25 at 10:13pm

Chris the park manager just called me. He asked if we could not park in the grass up by the shelter where tournament central will be. Its extremely muddy and he had to use the 4-wheel drive on his truck to get out


Kyle Sterwerf    February 24 at 2:54am

What time?

Samuel Brown   February 24 at 7:11pm

I texted Jason and he said 9:30 tee time for rd1

Tabitha Vermilion    February 23 at 12:33pm

How’s the course after rain/snow melt? I’ve never played there.

Connor mckanna   February 23 at 3:07pm

A couple of the holes play threw a ravine towhere they'll be some mud on those holes. There is also a small creek that runs threw the middle that might be a little deeper than usual.

Austin W   February 24 at 1:35pm

I just got off the phone with the park manager. He said the course is muddy and most hill sides still have snow. Hes hoping it drys up a little before Saturday. I'm still going tomorrow to walk the course and try to clean up any debris that might have fallen since we were last there in november

Connor McKanna    February 23 at 1:57am

Will there be any discs used bins available for purchasing at tournament central?

Jason LaBella   February 23 at 3:17pm

I can bring my used discs Saturday

Jeff Fletcher    February 22 at 12:48pm

Is this going to be 2 rounds of 18?

Jason LaBella   February 22 at 1:31pm