WIFFS #13 Fall Creek Freeze

PDGA logoSaturday, February 5, 2022 at Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

We are happy to be part of the Wintry Indiana Frozen Fundraiser Series (WIFFS) https://www.crossroadsdiscgolfc ... more
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Mark Jones    February 5 at 4:20am

Any chance I’d be able to sign up again? Roads are better than I expected now and I’d be able to make the trip. If not I fully understand!


Ryan Lamb    February 4 at 8:23pm

Hello! So a buddy and I were signed up for a tournament at Idlewild that was postponed. Is there anyway we could squeeze into this one?

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Earl Hollon   February 5 at 1:00am

Me three

Mason King   February 5 at 1:55am

If not, Earl & Ryan, we could meet up at Boone Woods and do a Crossover League singles round for a friendly rated round if you want. At least 3 people per card are needed. Or just casual! I wanna play tomorrow regardless. If no one else can be added to this one, let me know what you guys think.

Ryan Lamb   February 5 at 2:13am

Hey Mason text me 8598687364

Rudolph G Buchholz    February 4 at 4:55pm

Is ribbon or chalk ok to add to disc so we can find them quicker in the snow?

Rollen Dice   February 5 at 12:36am


Karen Wukits    February 4 at 12:07pm

Can I get a refund due to the weather please? I cannot handle the cold temps.

Rollen Dice   February 4 at 12:40pm


Josh Peterman    February 4 at 6:05am

Can I get a refund please? Due to the weather I won’t be able to make it. Thanks

Rollen Dice   February 4 at 12:40pm


Ethan Darby    February 3 at 10:08pm

When can I get a refund? I’d like to play, but my parents don’t want me driving up to Indy to other the recent weather.

Rollen Dice   February 3 at 11:00pm


Cache Myers    February 3 at 9:01pm

Can I get a refund?

Rollen Dice   February 3 at 11:01pm

Yes. I just submitted it for you

Joshua Becerra    February 3 at 5:08pm

When is the latest I can submit for a refund? Given the weather, I'm not 100% sure I can make the hour drive down for the tournament. I'd like to play but have to cut my losses if need be

Rollen Dice   February 3 at 11:02pm

noon on 2/4

Zach Gay    February 3 at 3:54pm

Will there be spotters on every hole to help locate discs?

Rollen Dice   February 3 at 11:02pm


Eric Hampton    January 31 at 1:42pm


Seth Caldwell   February 2 at 12:47pm

With the increment weather this week we have not made any changes to layout or addition of holes. Thanks

John Strifler    January 29 at 7:30pm

Is course set up with baskets in position for next Saturday - need to at least walk the course prior. Thanks!

Rollen Dice   January 30 at 1:56pm

Yes. All pins except hole 13 are in their tournament positions

Terry Smith    January 28 at 5:27pm

What are the odds that you will be adding a few extra holes to accommodate the waitlist?

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Rollen Dice   January 30 at 1:56pm

More info coming by tomorrow

Terry Smith   January 31 at 3:46pm

Barry Armour. I do not do waitlists. My life is too busy to wait around. LOL. I make other plans and move on. I will sign up if anything opens up.

Rollen Dice   January 31 at 10:28pm

With the weather forecast, there have been several drops and I anticipate more as the week progresses. No need for extra holes

Mark gridley    January 25 at 3:45am

Can i be switched to intermediate?

Rollen Dice   January 26 at 12:16am


brennen begner    January 25 at 2:16am

When possible, I submitted a refund request. Unfortunately can’t make it.

Rollen Dice   January 26 at 12:22am


Kyle Reesor    January 21 at 4:49am

Which layout on udisc will mpo be playing?

Rollen Dice   January 21 at 1:51pm

"Original 18 Blue Tees"

John Strifler    January 21 at 3:22am

Which, if any, of the UDisc layouts is one that can be referenced for the short tees? Thanks!

Rollen Dice   January 21 at 1:52pm

"Red Tees, B Pin"

Sean ohler    January 20 at 1:54am

5 per card?

Rollen Dice   January 20 at 2:29pm


Eric Hampton    January 6 at 10:56pm


Rollen Dice   January 6 at 11:54pm