Veterans for Vets at Coyote Trace

Saturday, February 13, 2021 at Coyote Trace Disc Golf in Nineveh, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

Veterans for Vets at Coyote Trace graphic

About this tournament

If you register by 1/27, your choice of discs is guaranteed. All players will receive 1 putter and 1 premium disc.

This will be a Singles Tournament with assigned Tee Times. Please select from the available options on

This is an amateur only event, so there will be no cash payout, and the money will be benefiting the installment of The Wall that Heals at Johnson County Fairgrounds from June 3-6. This is a mobile replica of the Vietnam War Memorial. More info can be found at

This event is also unsanctioned, which means there will be no extra charge for not being current with your PDGA membership.

Come out and join us for a fun day of disc golf. Winners will be announced via Disc Golf Scene, and prizes will be distributed by mail, including CTPs. This means you must have access to receiving cash payout via digital platform for 50/50 CTP and ACE Fund.

Refund policy

Indy Disc Supply, LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Advanced/Pro Male
1Kyle Cox5151
2Trevor Eads5252
3Corey "Birdman" Hawk5353
3Rick Gross5353
5Justin Glover5454
5Levi Jacobs5454
7Brad "JP" Hoagland5555
7Clifford Rush5555
9Luke Jones5656
10Adam Cornelius5858
10John Wick5858
12Brayden Vanslyke6161
13Scott Galbraith6262
14Ben Meyaard6363
15Kyhle Porter6666
Novice Female
1Gabby Sargent7777
2Charline Darts-0
2Kennedy Darts-0
Novice Male
1Tylere Hertenstein5656
2Tony Fleming5858
3Matthew Geddes5959
3Zac Walters5959
5Joshua Glasford6060
5Steve Combs6060
7Adam Ludvigsen6161
7Collister Fahie6161
7Miguel Elizalde6161
7Richard Beedle6161
11Devon Bossingham6262
11Paolo Buell6262
13Corey Smith6363
13Daniel Geddes6363
13Todd VanWinkle6363
16Aaron Ward6464
16Doug Nieman6464
16Travis Collins6464
19Chris Clay6565
20Brent Walker6666
20Eli Betts6666
20Jake Mathis6666
23Sam Martin6767
23Steve Phalen6767
25Call Beiermann6868
25David Kimbrell6868
25James Wolfe6868
25Teddy Klees6868
29Maarten Vermeulen6969
29Ryan Gammons6969
31Brad Ferguson7070
31Gary Hill7070
31Greyson Betts7070
31Princeton Warren7070
31Tomy Sundheimer7070
31Tyler Highsmith7070
37Ted Sims7171
38Ethan COLTON Rath7272
38Jason Brewer7272
38Sean Sargent7272
38Titus Murphy7272
42Alan Sundheimer7373
43Miles Ferguson7474
43Tony VanWinkle7474
45Mark Freije8181
45Mark Wright8181
45Randy Wright8181
48Tyler Emberton8989
49Ethan Dowden-0
49Kaleb Darts-0
49Kyle Painter-0
49Leo Darts-0
49Leo Darts 2-0
Veteran/ Active Duty Male
1Jared Tribbett5353
1Spencer Loscar5353
3Robert R Harley6060
3Ted Britton6060
5Trenton Cadwell6565
6Curtis Shriver6666
7Gary Vandagrifft7373
8Dj Spencer7777
9Chris Breeden7979
10John Stevenson8282
11Josh Barkley-0
11Ron Hutson-0