Turkey Toss - Holiday Series #1 of 3

Thursday, November 25, 2021 at Dave Heider's Hike in Amity, Oregon
Disc golf teams tournament

About this tournament

This is our annual holiday series event #1 of 3. We divide into teams of 3ish based on skill level. Play 1 round of best shot on the regular course. $6.00 to play. $5.00 side bets for events for those who want to gamble. Can always play for free. $2.00 goes to ctp's. $2.00 goes to ace pot. If no ace it rolls over to event #2. if no ace after event #3 we have throw off. $2.00 goes to trophy fund. Winner of series gets a specially made hoodie. You play for points. You get 1 point for showing up. You get 1 point for everyone you score better than each event. You get 1 point for an outright win. You get 1 point for an ace in the series. 2 points for second ace and so on. You get 3 bonus points for attending all 3 events. 2 bonus points for 2 events. Event #2 is on X-mas. We play singles with no OB's. Play the OB. just don't add the stroke. Event #3 is on New Years Day. We divide into teams of 2 based on age. Split the field in half by age and randomly make teams. To register let me know you are attending And I'll put you down. You can post here. Or contact me at 971-241-8899 or [email redacted].


Final Results

Round 1: Dave Heider's Hike - New Main Layout, 18 holes, par 57
1Jeremy Plummer49496.00$15
1Josh Sisneros49496.00$15
3Ben Watkins49496.00
4Braden Shuler52523.00$7
4Dave Heider52523.00$7
6Nick Almond59591.00
6Terry Shuler59591.00
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