Turkey Doubles

Monday, October 9, 2023 at Ferguson Forest in Kemptville, Ontario
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

A for-fun Thanksgiving doubles! Come escape the turkey hangover. Bring your own partner, choose the divisi ... more
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Angelica Haggert    November 12 at 1:53am

All the winning $$ has been sent for each division! We'll send CTP $$ shortly. Thanks for all your patience with us everyone!


Angelica Haggert    October 9 at 12:19pm

No such thing as bad weather - just bad outfits! ???? Dress for the drizzle today folks. See you on the course!


Drake Baird    October 7 at 2:04pm

Alright folks, some quick updates for Monday.

We are paying out each division separately based on the teams in the division.

This means that the Red division (<900) will have 2nd and 1st paid out, and the Green (<850) and Purple (<800) divisions will have 3rd, 2nd and 1st paid out.

The amounts and places are subject to change depending if we have any further entrants on the day of. If you know of anyone who wants to play and thinks they have missed out, please let them know ... more


Angelica Haggert    September 27 at 4:59pm


Golds = Golds
Blue/White/Red = Blues
Purple/Green = Reds

Hope this hurts your brain because too many colours haha.

BEST DISC DOUBLES, no weird holes.


Phil Wade    September 22 at 3:03pm

Can we have a dog with us? The other double at our Tee time is okay with the dog. Just need confirmation before we bring him along.

Angelica Haggert   September 22 at 4:44pm

Only if I can give him many pets!

Paul Mabee   October 7 at 1:30am

Phil the dog is very well-behaved, so thank you for letting him come.

Keegan Jones    September 13 at 1:49am

What tee's would the green division be playing from?

Angelica Haggert   September 27 at 4:59pm


Keegan Jones   September 28 at 12:13am

Thank you!