Trilogy Challenge at Hayden Park

Saturday, July 10, 2021 at Hayden Park in Hillsdale, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is an unsanctioned tournament open to all players (no matter their ability or experience). The trilogy ch ... more
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Elijah Arnold    July 11 at 12:50pm

I had a great time! Thank you for hosting this fun event!


chris king    July 10 at 9:41pm

Hey Ben, thanks again for having the trilogy challenge. My son and I had a great time as we always do playing some disc golf. Looking forward to it next year.


Jonathan Ryan    July 8 at 5:15pm

Jus curious if the tree down on hole 4’s teepad has been taken care of. If not I’d be more than happy to help with some cleanup before Saturday.

Matt Malcolm   July 10 at 4:31am

The tree has been taken care of! Thank you so much for offering though.

Ben Strickland    July 8 at 1:34pm

There are unfortunately no more player packs available. I probably should have gotten lots more. Good to know for next year.

Marc Wysocki   July 8 at 1:53pm

Next year should have something from the new Royal lineup. You will need lots of extras.

Ben Strickland   July 8 at 2:02pm

Haha! Yes indeed. I'm going to put in all caps for people to sign up early (because I need to order the discs two weeks prior). Excited to have you join us, Marc!

Marc Wysocki   July 8 at 5:39pm

Some of the Trilogy's that I've played had "Extra Player Pack" as part of the registration.

Michael C.    July 8 at 11:39am

For those traveling - It is not usually a problem at Hayden Park, but mosquitoes have been unusually bad in the area. I would definitely have some repellent and dress accordingly.

Ben Strickland   July 8 at 1:33pm

I second this! Very unusual. Hopefully it won't be bad on saturday, but plan accordingly!

Troy Bildner    July 8 at 2:55am

Is there any player packs left

Troy Bildner   July 8 at 3:03am

Looking to get 3 player packs. One for me and a friend and his son (junior). If possible it’s my hometown. Thank you

Jonathan Ryan    June 27 at 6:22pm

Too late for reg?

Jonathan Ryan   June 27 at 6:23pm

Never mind answered my own question ???? bummer

Ben Strickland   July 1 at 5:40pm

I actually bought extra player packs. Do you want me to register you?

Marc Wysocki   July 7 at 2:09pm

Can we buy extras?