The Lover's Quarrel presented by Tri-Fly Disc Golf

Saturday, February 12, 2022 at Commons Park in Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

UPDATE 12/29/21: Location Change. We will be using the new course at Commons Park! It will be a temporary cour ... more
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Marc Juliano    11 hours ago

Copy thanks!


Marc Juliano    12 hours ago


Clarification on the mulligans.

Is the mulligan count a team pool to be shared or x amount designated to each player?

Can you mulligan a mulligan? Example, Say you burn 5 in a row to get the result you want, is that ok?



Melissa Schneider   11 hours ago

Mulligans are purchased "per player". No sharing mulligans. These mulligans can be used in either round, however you wish to use them. You can mulligan a mulligan. Keep in mind, if you purchase the 6 pack, that's 6 mulligans for the entire tournament (NOT 6 for round 1 and 6 for round 2).

Melissa Schneider    January 11 at 6:21pm

Basket Count as of 1/11/22: We have reached 17, could use 3 more (1 for course, 1 for back up and 1 for practice)
TriFly (2)
Joe Baley (2)
Matt Johnson
Jack Fan
Jeff Burns
John Caico
Hayden Broman
Kyle Osbourne (2)
Jake Smallcomb
Steven Day
Jochen Frank
Joe Nanna

William Turner   January 12 at 1:58am

Ivan can bring his basket

Melissa Schneider   January 13 at 8:18pm

Yes, please bring it!

Steven day    January 11 at 2:17pm

How does one know if their team is “novice” or not? never played in a tournament before.

Joe Baley   January 11 at 2:56pm

This is the Professional Disc Golf Association definition of a novice: For beginning and casual players who are learning basic Frisbee® and disc golf skills. Throw 175-250 feet, make 3-5/10 putts from 20 feet, can throw backhand with some accuracy.

Charles Beebee    January 9 at 8:26pm

Can a single person play if they don't have a partner to play with will they perhaps get assigned one?

Melissa Schneider   January 10 at 3:11pm

You can sign up solo and post for a partner. Or see if someone else shows up solo.

Rick Bates    January 7 at 3:14am

Unfortunately, Polo and I need to drop. Please refund. Thanks


Melissa Schneider    December 29 at 7:32pm

UPDATE 12/29/21: Location Change. We will be using the new course at Commons Park! It will be a temporary course for this event, so I will need baskets! When you register, it will ask if you can bring a basket. I will post a list in the comments for this tournament. Thank you!