Toronto Island Maple Leaf - XIII

PDGA logoSat-Mon, September 3-5, 2022 at Toronto Island Park in Toronto, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the return of the Toronto Island Maple Leaf - XIII! -Three days of tee times September 3, 4, and ... more
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Ezra Lockington    June 18 at 2:07am

Question… with the divisions not being full but being on the waitlist, does that mean we WILL get in? Does that make sense? Thanks!

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Ezra Lockington   June 18 at 3:22pm

So possibly, what you’re saying, is that when the other divisions are done filling up and there is some spots left, you might go in and add more players to pro or advanced? Maybe? Is there any way the cap gets pushed up?

Ken Little   June 19 at 1:54pm

Ezra. I am saying the cap will likely go up and more players will be added. This needs to be balanced to protect the ability to fill cards in currently undersubscribed divisions. This adjustment will occur on Friday, June 24th.

Ezra Lockington   June 20 at 12:40pm


Dale Semple    June 18 at 1:01am

Divisions are not full, but there is waitlist already. Is that right?

Ken Little   June 18 at 10:21am

Yes Dale, it does. There is a tournament level cap that is creating that function. In one week I will be evaluating the sign ups that have occurred and will reduce caps for age and gender protected divisions. We will then use a final total field cap to make final adjustments. But thanks for checking in!

Dale Semple   June 18 at 11:24am

Ah ok cool. Was just curious on how that worked. Thanks Ken.

David Ruh    June 17 at 7:05am

How do you go about getting an invitation? Will the "open registration" on June 17th be available to players without an invitation? Thanks

Ken Little   June 17 at 2:13pm

Yes. Open registration being open to all.

David Ruh   June 18 at 2:03am

Thanks Ken