Tis' The Season For Skins (Match)

Saturday, December 23, 2017 at Veterans Memorial Park in Parma, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

One round of 20 holes (Par 64) on the day before Christmas Eve! This is something I've wanted to start in this ... more
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Joe Cruz    Sticky December 23 at 10:06pm

Thanks for coming out and braving the snow! Here are the results:

Skins - Joe Cruz (2), Cody Dockrill (2), Evan Adams (3), Andy Martin (2), PK Deaner (1) & Bill Adamini (1)
1st - Evan Adams
2nd - Andy Martin
3rd - Joe Cruz
Most Pars - Andy Martin
Most Bogeys - Mark Festi & Mike Thomas

Skins - Paul Gaiser (1), Mitch Gurnsey (1), Pete Kernan (1) & Kevin Hitch (1).
1st - Joel Garn
2nd - Paul Gaiser
3rd - Mitch Gurnsey
Most Pars - Joel Garn
Most Bogeys - Colby

Ace Fund - Mike Thomas ($32)

Joe Cruz   December 23 at 10:08pm

I owe Andy $38 and Mitch $28. Come find me or I can paypal you.

Mitch G    December 23 at 2:10pm

in the meadow we can build a snowman


Bill Adamini    December 23 at 12:32am

I'm in. I'll play where Mike Thomas plays

Bill Adamini   December 23 at 12:33am


Pete Kernan    December 23 at 12:14am

going to try to make it, #90936


Mitch G    December 22 at 5:45am

i can play B but i gotta be out the parking lot by 145


Kevin Hitch    December 22 at 1:44am

Kevin Hitch #12878 B pool


Paul Gaiser    December 21 at 9:58pm

Paul Gaiser. #69623 - I'm in


Joe Cruz    December 21 at 7:34pm

Joe Cruz STICKY 1 day ago
Here is the FINAL LAYOUT for this Saturday's Skins Match (with par):

*All holes will play to white Veteran's Baskets*

Hole 1 - (3)
Hole 2 - Long Pin (3)
Hole 3 - Long Pin (4)
Hole 4 - Hill tee to elevated basket. Must make it past walking trail across street. (3)
Hole 5 - Long Pin (3)
Hole 6 - Long Pin to the right (3)
Hole 7 - Long Pin (3)
Hole 8 - Long Pin (3)
Hole 9 - Long Pin (3)
Island - Long Tee ~ 250ft (3)
Hole 10 - Long Pin (3)
Hol ... more


Joe Cruz    December 21 at 1:52am

I've split the pool into two divisions, if anyone disagrees with that we can move people around.

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Mike Thomas   December 22 at 2:01pm

Aaaaand who asked you Chody?

Cody Dockrill   December 22 at 2:25pm

"if ANYONE disagrees"....mike why don't you like that we think you are good at firsbee....don't be scared

Joe Cruz   December 23 at 4:04am

Fwisbee Mike!

Joel Garn    December 20 at 11:49pm

I’ll play


Gary Fullen    December 20 at 11:32pm

I'm in, 101360. I have my eyes on the "Most bogeys or worse" payout.


Frank Lyons    December 19 at 6:42am

50644 I'm down yo. Let's show some skin.


Evan Adams    December 16, 2017 at 11:18pm

I'm in


Brian Parsons    November 28, 2017 at 12:38am

B Par


PK Deaner    November 6, 2017 at 9:16pm

I'm in 17076


Cody Dockrill    November 6, 2017 at 2:55pm

I'm in, 63240