2021 Three Rivers Open presented by BFGoodrich - Pro Weekend

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 3-5, 2021 at Tillman Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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***Three Rivers Open 36 | Pro Weekend*** Presented by BFGoodrich September 3-5, 2020 PDGA A-Tier 100 Pro ... more
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Brian Wilson    Sticky June 9 at 11:33am

Good morning, TRO competitors and waitlisters,

The tentative layouts have been set for the 2021 Three Rivers Open Presented by BFGoodrich as well as anticipated tee time structure.

As you will see there is a mix of blues, reds, and white tees for each division. These layouts are similar to years past with the goal of reducing backups while still creating a challenging, competitive layout for each division.

Once I return from the USADGC - I will generate some figures for the layouts so ... more


Dave Walters    July 12 at 4:27pm

2 MPO spots & 1 MP50 spot are available. Tell your buddies to sign up while they can.


Kevin Baldwin    July 5 at 5:31am

Due to an injury. I'm going to have to with draw. Very disappointing. I was looming g forward to coming down.

Dave Walters   July 5 at 12:08pm

Refund processed

Eric "Downtown" Brown    July 2 at 12:04am

I worked over an hour to help dial in hole 11 at Tilly.. There is still a ton of work to be done to up Tillman game for an A-Tier! (FDGC we can do it). Berger was out tonight on Hole 4 mowing with a 21 inch Toro(Love that guy). For the record he was wearing pants and a shirt! :)

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Eric "Downtown" Brown   July 3 at 1:04pm

Thank You Wabash Cannonball Disc Golf Club for working on hole #17. Before and after pictures are great! Many thanks to all volunteers who are beautifying our course and park. Making Tillman Great Again!

Brian Wilson   July 3 at 4:13pm

I finished up Hole 4 and got half of 5 this morning. Will be back out on Monday!

Eric "Downtown" Brown   July 3 at 11:07pm

Nice work! We quite a dent in the work! Heavy lifting in July! Maintain in August! Hobey Ho Lets Go!

Eric "Downtown" Brown    June 27 at 5:24pm


If hole #11 has not been taken, I will adopt and trim this hole. I also might move the basket to the short position for the lefty forehand ace run!


Dave Walters   June 28 at 11:35am

11 will be played in the Long B pin for the Am & Pro weekends.

Eric "Downtown" Brown   June 28 at 11:59am

I will keep in current position. This way when people come to town and practice early, hole is tournament ready!

Brian Wilson   June 28 at 7:21pm

Thanks Downtown!!

Brian Wilson    May 27 at 6:28pm

Good afternoon Three Rivers Open competitors and waitlisters! I hope your springsummer is off to a good start and you are looking forward to the holiday weekend.

In some earlier comments I indicated that we were looking to post TRO layouts on June 1st. We are going to delay posting the layouts to Wednesday June 9th. The FDGC is hosting the Fort Wayne Outfitters Open on June 5th and our efforts are aimed at making that the best event possible. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your understanding.




Eric Steg    January 30 at 12:32pm

I’m getting married this weekend

Brian Wilson   January 30 at 5:35pm

Congrats Steg! Hopefully, your tee times work out with the wedding :D

Eric Steg   January 30 at 6:52pm

Thanks and no. Awesome job you guys are doing

Brian Wilson    January 29 at 3:11pm

Mark your calendars - registration opens March 15, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST!

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Kyle Reesor   February 9 at 4:47pm

Thanks brian

John Wolfe   April 2 at 12:58pm

Hey Brian is there a minimum pdga rank u have to have in order to sign up as pro for this

Brian Wilson   April 2 at 1:46pm

You have to be a current PDGA member. That is all.

Rob McNeal    January 22 at 4:38am

Did you all consider making the tourney sept 4-6 instead, since it is Labor Day weekend?

Brian Wilson   January 23 at 1:50pm

Hi Rob - we talked about it but ultimately chose to go with the 3-5 range. I hope you are able to make it!

Rob McNeal   January 23 at 5:02pm

I won't be able to with the first round being on Friday. I get a pretty big bonus for not missing work each semester.