The Meadows Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at CVDGC in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**X-14 Tournament Series Stop 7 of 7** **The 2nd Annual Meadows Open** A 2 day, 2 round tee time event o ... more
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derek reiling    Sticky October 12 at 12:21am

Is the course still going to be open to practice on Thursday?

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derek reiling   October 12 at 1:40am

Thank you! Would it be a good idea to check back on this again Wednesday night?

Michael J Nolte   October 13 at 7:47pm

Unfortunely, Due to the rain, The course will not be available until Friday Morning

Brian Nelson   October 13 at 7:56pm

Can we play the 9 regular holes Thursday afternoon?

Chris Yanta    October 17 at 1:46pm

Just wondering if the CTP flags will be out there for today's round? I didn't see them yesterday.


Jeremy Bowen    October 16 at 3:14am

In DGS says MA2 is playing short tee, but PDGA with tee off time says we are playing long tee? Please advise.

Michael J Nolte   October 16 at 3:20am

Long Tees for MA2

Jon Hueber    October 15 at 6:19pm

I was trying to get things sorted out to commit and I see that the registration closed.
Am I out of luck?


John Bastyr    October 14 at 1:19am

Any way I can still sign up?

Michael J Nolte   October 14 at 3:06am

I opened registration till the 15th

Jon Hueber   October 15 at 6:20pm

I saw this and thought I had today to sign up. I asked above about signing up still. Let me know. MA40.

Steven Gabrielson    October 12 at 9:25pm

What divisions are playing longs and shorts?

Jeremy Bowen   October 16 at 3:13am

But in PDGA it says MA2 is playing long tee. Please advise.

Michael J Nolte   October 16 at 3:20am

Long Tees, was an error I put in DGS

Shawn Goodell    October 12 at 12:42pm

Will we be emailed on details such as rules/tee times later this week?

Michael J Nolte   October 13 at 7:47pm

Before Friday Evening

Shawn Goodell   October 13 at 9:17pm

Thank you!

Jonah Hanson    October 6 at 6:28pm

Do you know (approximate) distances for the holes? I won't be able to come practice and I'm trying to decide which discs to bring

Michael J Nolte   October 7 at 1:09am

If you type in on udisc Camp Victory, You'll be able to see the exact distances, but we have holes ranging from 200ft to 1100ft with various different elevation changes

Jonah Hanson   October 7 at 7:12pm

Thank You! I'm guessing long tees?

Michael J Nolte   October 8 at 12:07am

The longest hole for the short Tees is 900ft, so plenty of different distances

Alexander Lawrence    October 5 at 1:54pm

Will people be able to get to the course on the Friday before the tournament to get a practice round in?

Michael J Nolte   October 5 at 2:00pm

Yes, the course will be available Friday

Luke Zacharias    September 25 at 4:26pm

Where is it recommended people stay? Free campsites in the area?

Michael J Nolte   September 26 at 12:11am

Bluff Valley and Sportsmans are both camp grounds close to the course.

Chris Brewer    September 17 at 3:42am

Hello, where are details about the flex c tier available?

Michael J Nolte   September 21 at 2:54pm

Those will be available later this week

Allan Arseneault    August 17 at 10:43pm

Is it possible to add camping to my original registration?

Michael J Nolte   August 20 at 11:26pm

At this time, no camping is allowing on site

Chris Yanta    July 21 at 9:23pm

Do you know how much it is to camp there for a night? I would probably just bring a tent. Thanks


Eli Swansen    February 26 at 4:21pm

When does standard registration (without sponsorship) open?

Michael J Nolte   February 26 at 6:30pm

It was an error on my part, Standard Registration is Open for this event