The Wild Woods of the West

PDGA logoSaturday, March 16, 2024 at Heider's Hike in Amity, Oregon
Professional C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to The Wild Woods of the West! This will be a Pro ONLY, 2 round c tier on Saturday, March 16th. I real ... more
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Daniel Kitchens    March 15 at 6:12pm

Wild Woods of the West Course Notes:

-> All mandos will be marked by red arrow on tree. Double mandos will have 2 arrows. Single mandos will also have a 2nd tree marked with yellow caution tape to create mando plane.

1. Double mando defined by the red arrows on left and right tree. The two trees create an infinite plane in which if crossed at any point, you have missed the mando. If mando is missed you must re-tee. Road/pavement (right) and over is OB. Play from last point in bounds.
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Page Jenkins    March 15 at 5:09pm

Thank you so much for your hard work Daniel and Sam!! Excited to play. Will hole assignments be posted in advance?

Daniel Kitchens   March 15 at 5:14pm

Yep! Finalizing last minute sign ups, we will have hole assignments available this evening. See you all at 8am tomorrow!

Kurtis Kloke    March 13 at 1:35pm

You guys know if the pins are all where they will be?

Shaun Kirk   March 13 at 2:48pm

Yes, we are playing to the official red banded mvp baskets and they are in place. Other baskets are still out but will be removed or covered before the tournament.

Kurtis Kloke   March 13 at 5:05pm


Daniel Kitchens    March 12 at 9:16am

Wild Woods of the West Course Layout (tee/pin positions):

1 Short basket/Default tee 225
2 Default 260
3 Short basket 373
4 Long basket 307
5 Short/Default 364
6 Default 245
7 Default 188
8 Default 295
9 Default 231
10 Default/Long tee 400
11 Right basket 143
12 Long basket 436
13 Default 242
14 Long basket/Right tee (B!) 316
15 Short tee 241
16 Long basket 482
17 Default 210
18 Default 195