The Up the 10 Mile Creek Classic 2021

PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Gordy Road in Fort Pierce, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Shawn Burns    April 17 at 10:45am

Good Morning, unfortunately I am having side effects from my Vaccine a couple days ago. Can you remove me from the tournament and give Jeff Burns my Player Pack, shirt ect?

Izzie B   April 17 at 10:52am

Will do I hope that you feel better!

Brian LaPorte   April 17 at 11:19am

Thank you! Feel Better!!

Shawn Burns   April 17 at 1:03pm

Thank you both

Matthew McGarr    April 16 at 12:16am

You can take me off the waitlist as I will not be able to play, thanks.

Izzie B   April 16 at 12:52am


Robert garrett    April 15 at 9:59pm

Ok I’ll play pro

Izzie B   April 15 at 10:53pm

Just be aware that the MPO's are playing long pads both rounds, par out most holes, and are serioiusly competing for a purse of over $1,000.

Robert garrett    April 15 at 3:07pm

Hey Liz I accidentally signed up for open when I meant recreational I’m new to this can I be moved please

Brian LaPorte   April 15 at 9:28pm

Good afternoon

Brian LaPorte   April 15 at 9:33pm

We are sorry but all Recreational spots are filled. We are not able to move players the card and player assignments are made only unless someone drops out of Recreational. You are still able to receive a refund if you do not wish to play Pro. Brian and Liz

Scott E Aber    April 13 at 11:21pm

Can I please be removed from the wait-list.

Izzie B   April 14 at 7:35pm


Brent Koch    April 12 at 3:37pm

Hey can I be removed from the wait list please?

Izzie B   April 12 at 9:36pm


Jeff daugherty    April 10 at 7:30pm

Hey Liz.. I'm also eligible to be in ma50.. I turn 50 this year if you might like a 5th player in the division?? You can put me there if you choose

Izzie B   April 11 at 1:41am

AM 50, 60 and 70 are being combined for a total of 10 players and those divisions are full as of now in addition to our field. If anyone drops from the age protected divisions your up there on the wait list to get in.

Ivan Berroa    April 10 at 12:36pm

Will the baskets be in the long or short position?

Izzie B   April 10 at 4:38pm

They are mixed as followed: 1L; 2S; 3S; 4L; 5L; 6L; 7S; 8S; 9 One Pos; 10 One Pos; 11S; 12 One Pos; 13L; 14S; 15S; 16L; 17 One Pos; 18S.

Ivan Berroa   April 17 at 1:52am

Thank you

Chuck Jones    April 6 at 10:21pm

Hi Liz, could you remove me from the MA50 wait list please. Thanks

Izzie B   April 6 at 11:26pm

Refund issued.

Ross Scianimanico    March 30 at 11:54pm

Question, I just played a tournment in MA3 and shot really well. If my rating goes above 850 before the tournment begins do I have to play MA2 or can i still play MA3?

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Ross Scianimanico   April 2 at 2:21am

Okay, so if it goes over 900 before the tournment I must switch to MA2, correct?

Izzie B   April 4 at 12:23pm


Ross Scianimanico   April 7 at 12:28am

Thank you!

Gary Gunn    March 29 at 1:34am

Any chance of getting in if on the waitlist?

Izzie B   March 30 at 1:08am

Possible but not likley.

Gary Gunn   April 2 at 9:35pm

I withdrew thanks

Chuck Jones    March 28 at 4:34pm

Which teepads is MP60 playing ?


Izzie B   March 30 at 1:08am

Long; long.

Jeff paino    March 9 at 11:32pm

Don't think I got the email from you Liz I do want to play please keep me in the tournament

Izzie B   March 10 at 7:34pm

Your in!

Jonathan Soto    March 9 at 4:35pm

Thank you

Gary Gunn   March 9 at 9:47pm

Your welcome!

Chace McMichael   March 11 at 1:39pm

*You’re lol

Gary Gunn   March 13 at 11:58am


Jeff daugherty    March 6 at 7:58pm

Hi Liz.. If I get in can I change to ma40 please

Izzie B   March 7 at 11:12pm

Yes sir.

Jonathan Soto    March 6 at 6:45pm

Hey Liz, is their anyway to change my pdga number. I put the wrong one in . It's 114626

Izzie B   March 7 at 11:12pm


Rick Bates    March 6 at 4:20am

Yay, Lee!


Shan Mann    March 5 at 9:21pm

Hey Liz,
Can I move to MP40?

Izzie B   March 6 at 4:18am

Yes sir, done.

Sean Harrison    March 4 at 2:23am

Could I be moved to advance please and thank you

Izzie B   March 4 at 2:35am


Lee stutz    March 4 at 2:16am

Hey Liz could I please be moved from ma40 into pro 50

Izzie B   March 4 at 2:18am

Yes, you will have a $10 up charge.

Rick Bates   March 6 at 4:21am

Yay, Lee!