The Stampede Driven By Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 25-26, 2022 at Stampede Reservoir in Truckee, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tee times will be announced 1-2 weeks before the tournament. Early sponsorship will cost $50. 18 sponsorship ... more
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William Butler    June 27 at 12:28am

Hey had to leave a cloud breaker 2 in a tree on hole 12 all of Gary tomaska’s card mates said he has it but for some reason didn’t turn it in. If anyone knows how to reach him please let me know


Eric Stachnick    June 26 at 3:27pm

Just curious if there is a post somewhere that lets us know which holes changes for day 2?


Jarett Burrows    June 26 at 11:01am

I am unable to make it to the second round. Can I have Gregg Davis collect my raffle prize please.?(Assuming I won anything)


Craig Getty    June 25 at 11:49am

I love seeing the 3 women's divisions with 5 players each! And how about those 8 MA60+ guys! Thanks for all your hard work, Angela and Josh!

Angela Dillon   June 27 at 1:25pm

Thank you

Sonia McNally    June 25 at 1:57am


grant wise    June 24 at 9:51pm


Craig Getty    June 24 at 9:33am

Attention players, you will be sharing the parking lot with boaters. Please park in parallel lines with plenty for boaters to pull around. Ridesharing would be best. Thank you and have a great time!


Jake Brown    June 24 at 5:22am

Cant make it to the tournament. Something came up last minute, I know I cant get a refund just wanted to give y'all a heads up.

Josh Matzke   June 24 at 6:06pm

Sorry you can't make it, thanks for letting us know.

Dave Manza    June 23 at 10:33pm

A few questions - is the single tee time posted good for both Saturday and Sunday? Is there a mandatory check in time or can we check in just prior to our tee time?

Josh Matzke   June 23 at 11:52pm

No, the tee times will change each day. Please be there about 15 min before you tee time.

Dave Manza   June 23 at 11:54pm

Thanks Josh

Sonia McNally    June 23 at 9:25pm

Will fires be allowed?
If so, all are invited to a release ceremony. Bring your old journals, or paper and a pen. We can do it together or separately. :) I have been studying expressive writing and its ability to help us heal. I can give you a watered down version and walk you through it, or read up on it!

Also looking for a parking spot. Truck camping with my dog. ♡

Josh Matzke   June 23 at 11:53pm

I just dropped off my trailer at the campsite. I belive you can have a fire at the campground as long as it's not too windy. You can probably find somewhere to camp in the forest but you're not allowed to have a fire outside of the campground.

Sonia McNally   June 25 at 1:57am

TY Josh!

Andrew Ferrando    June 23 at 6:48pm

Saw the tee times posted…will there be a players meeting Saturday morning?

Josh Matzke   June 23 at 8:50pm

Parking lot near hole 1.

Andrew Ferrando   June 23 at 9:17pm

Thank you

Josh Matzke   June 23 at 11:54pm

There is not a group players meeting, just a brief before each tee time so please arrive 15 min early before your tee time.

Jud Sheffield    June 23 at 11:59am

How many holes are we playing each day?
Where are the tee times posted?

Josh Matzke   June 23 at 4:19pm

It's an 18 hole course, so there are 18 holes being played. Tee times will be posted on the PDGA site as the norm when I get to them this morning.

Jud Sheffield   June 23 at 6:11pm


ken contryman    June 22 at 10:57pm

wondering about tee times, dont see them yet.


Tullin Valdez    June 22 at 2:04pm

I’ll be in campsite 189 and will have 2 kegs of Deschutes (IPA & Pilsner) going. Please consider donating cash to help with ice or even better bring some ice. Thank you. Looking forward.

Josh Matzke   June 22 at 4:34pm

Hey hey! Cool, Great Basin also donated a keg to the tournament.

Matthew fox    June 22 at 3:42am

Sorry for the late notice, I just tested positive for covid and have to withdraw due to that. I understand if it’s too late to get a refund. Sorry for the late drop!

Josh Matzke   June 22 at 5:53am

Hi Matthew, sorry to hear that. It is too late for a refund as payouts and everything have already been completed. Submit a refund request and if someone takes your spot I'll be able to get you that refund.

Matthew fox   June 22 at 6:29am

Thanks John, appreciate it

Mike Griffith    June 21 at 6:56pm

Hi, I signed up my friend for this tournament and it's showing my name twice. Can you change PDGA #18431 to Kurt Heiner?


Cooke Tarlton    June 21 at 4:36am

Will the pins be moved from where they are now? Also when can we expect the caddy book? Thanks!

Angela Dillon   June 22 at 12:48am

No caddy book but the pins will stay where they are for Sat and will move for Sunday's Round

Cooke Tarlton   June 22 at 6:29pm

Ok. Is it possible to put out a very simple caddy book just saying the changes between Saturday and Sunday so we are not playing completely blind? Something like Hole 1 A to C. Thanks!

Jason Adams    June 21 at 3:08am

Ok thank you


Jason Adams    June 21 at 12:30am

Have tee times be posted ?

Josh Matzke   June 21 at 1:11am

No, later this week.

grant wise   June 21 at 10:02pm


Devon Shaffer    June 18 at 1:18am

? When will a wait list player know by ,if there in or not in ,since there is only about a week left before the tournament

Angela Dillon   June 18 at 4:59pm

I will be contacting players on the waitlist this coming week to inform them whether they will be added and/or refunded. I will also be refunding after the event in case a player would like to show day of in hopes of a cancelation last minute. Per request...I can refund those that do not make it in ... more

Josh Matzke   June 20 at 2:21am

I don't see you on the waitlist?