The Sparkman Monster sponsored by Coca-Cola

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 1-2, 2020 at Sparkman Park in Hartselle, Alabama
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tee times 1 round Saturday 1 Sunday par 69 Sparkman Monster layout We have taken our Parkside and Lakeside ... more
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Brian Moon    4 days ago

Was there video coverage of the lead card? And if so, what company did it?


Conrad Brown    July 30 at 1:56pm

Any chance we can get a higher resolution pic of the ob/mando pic? It's kind of hard to read. Thanks.

Larry Burge   July 31 at 5:18pm

I emailed you a .pdf copy of it that should be a lot better

Joshua Eldreth    July 28 at 6:14pm

I need to drop out can someone let me know how to go about it

Greg Kaler   July 28 at 7:31pm

If you go to the tournament page on Disc Golf Scene and click on Registered players, you should see a link to click that says “Withdraw”. Click on that and you should be good to go. I didn’t see the “Withdraw” link when I looked on my computer.

Greg Kaler   July 28 at 7:34pm

Sorry. Do it from your phone.

Jacob Leigeber    July 28 at 1:39pm

I hate to be the guy that asks all the questions but will there be an in person players meeting or will the info be sent over email

Jason LeCompte   July 28 at 3:11pm

will be an email sent out tommorow

Shay Montes   July 30 at 5:34pm

did the email get sent?

Larry Burge   July 31 at 5:18pm


Jacob Leigeber    July 28 at 12:36am

Is the check in and field games still going to happen friday

Jason LeCompte   July 28 at 1:25am

Yes it will be Top disc golf only. Friday night there will be a flex-start Top Disc Golf event on the soccer fields at Sparkman Park. There will be 5 baskets at various distances with circles of varying diameters. Players can pay $10 for 5 throws at the targets and may throw at any target they choo ... more

Fletcher Hare    July 27 at 2:26pm

I apologize for the confusion but there are somehow two of me still registered for this event. I wanted to point that out before the tournament so there are not any problems. I requested a refund and then found out the next day that I could actually play this weekend! This was about two weeks ago and I wanted to make sure everything was good on my end and y'alls!

Let me know if there is anything I can do. To reiterate: I CAN play this weekend. I think that was the misunderstanding.

Jason LeCompte   July 27 at 4:14pm

I only see u on there once bro.

Fletcher Hare   July 27 at 8:19pm

Great! Something must have changed between this morning and now. I appreciate the response.

Jason LeCompte   July 28 at 1:25am


Jason Wagner    July 21 at 10:52pm

Novice has one registered their that's rated to high for novice

Forrest Boyd   July 22 at 1:33am

He signed up while he was rated in the 700s. Not sure what the rules are on that.

Jason Wagner   July 22 at 12:02pm

I think it's what your rated when the tournament is played but I'm not positive

Jason LeCompte   July 22 at 1:56pm

It is

John Dalton    July 20 at 1:16pm

Does anyone have a map of the layout for the tournament?

Jacob Leigeber   July 20 at 1:49pm

The layout is in the pictures tab under the more section

Jason LeCompte   July 20 at 2:50pm

The course will be setup the Wednesday of the tournament.

Jacob Leigeber   July 20 at 6:29pm

So it will be available for practice?

Blake Muir    July 19 at 12:47pm

Any t-shirts left? My son wants to sign up


Nicholas Cole    July 18 at 3:51am

Are there still player packs available? And do you have any shirts still availabl?

Jason LeCompte   July 20 at 3:15pm

Ton of player packs left. Shirts will be available for purchase

Jason LeCompte    July 10 at 2:00pm

Shirts, 100 glow disc Mania discs with tournament stamp, and 7 DD baskets are added to the AMs. So none of that will co.e out of payout. Almost like were paying out 150%


Jacob Leigeber    July 10 at 2:37am

How many discs come in a player pack


Carter Bumbalough    July 6 at 1:27am

Is the player check in mandatory? Just wondering with my work schedule I wouldn’t be able to make it Friday before 4 but I would be able to make it the other days

Jason LeCompte   July 10 at 1:57pm

You can check in through messenger and we can have your players pack at your tee time

Jonathon W   July 27 at 8:56pm

Through which messenger?

Jason LeCompte   July 30 at 2:27pm

check in Friday is optional. player packs will be there at your tee time.

Peyton Sparks    July 3 at 8:26pm

How is added cash to ams being split up?

Jason LeCompte   July 10 at 2:01pm

We bought 50 shirts, 100 glow tournament stamped Disc Mania discs and 7 DD baskets were added to the AMs

Jason Wagner    July 3 at 3:57pm

Is 2xl big as they go and what's the additional items button for

Jason LeCompte   July 10 at 2:02pm

Yes it is. If done by today

Jason Wagner   July 11 at 3:46pm

Well yeah that wont fit but ok