The Rumble presented by Discraft

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 26-28, 2023 at Camden Park in Milan, Illinois
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Amateurs Need to Check in with Pool Directors BEFORE Tee off if you DID NOT check in at Clint's At least 2 ... more
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Brad Romig    4 days ago

Left an orange Curl at Eastern. Please let me know if anyone grabbed it. Thanks!


Kellen Davis    4 days ago

Lost white and orange edge range finder at eastern 5 minutes ago. Between 2 & 5


Andrew E    4 days ago

I left a maroon Titanium Buzzz near the basket at hole 7 at Camden 1. It’s in the tall grass near the alternate basket position. Please let me know if someone picks it up. I will try to find it after my second round today.


Paul Schneider    6 days ago

Lost a blue champ teebird at Camden 2 today. Somewhere between hole 5 and 10. Barsby stamp and has my name n number. Good luck to everyone this weekend


Cavan Corcoran    May 23 at 6:34pm

Is there any way to reg for MPO at this point or has that time passed? thank you


Jackie Grammer    May 23 at 5:57pm

Is there a chance that you will just make the FPO card a five some.. Cuz that would be nice.. so you don't have to spilt us up.

Iron Lion DGS   May 23 at 7:36pm

It's looking that way. Same for FA1

Jackie Grammer   May 23 at 9:17pm


Benjamin peliotes    May 23 at 5:55pm

Mpo registration closed?


Rodney Fritz    May 23 at 2:59am

Thank you ????

Wilbur Wallis   May 24 at 10:14pm

You're welcome????

E Merry    May 23 at 12:10am

Will Eastern have painted lines for OB?

Iron Lion DGS   May 23 at 2:20am


Rodney Fritz    May 22 at 10:58pm

Can we check in day of at course we are playing.

E Merry   May 23 at 1:20am

Todd Thomas asked the same thing and Iron Lion said yes, just make sure you check in with the TD at your course

Iron Lion DGS   May 23 at 2:20am

^^ correct

Brady OBrien    May 22 at 5:53pm

When will we see tee times?

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Zack finwall   May 22 at 7:20pm

will have to many drop outs to post them a week before

Brady OBrien   May 22 at 10:08pm

Ok thanks!!

Iron Lion DGS   May 22 at 10:45pm

Probably get them posted by Wednesday evening

E Merry    May 15 at 5:34pm

Will there be a payout for AMs? Or is it player pack and Trophy Only?

Iron Lion DGS   May 17 at 4:29am

Yep. There will be a payout. We will have our shop onsite at camden 2 for payouts on sunday

Todd Thomas    May 15 at 4:11pm

Is Amateur checkout Friday before the start required? Traveling from out of town and was planning on showing up at 7am Saturday morning - can we check in at the course before the 1st round? Thanks

Iron Lion DGS   May 15 at 4:24pm

Make sure to check in with your pool TD before tee off.

Todd Thomas   May 19 at 3:23am


Tyler Brockney    May 10 at 5:26pm

I’m assuming tee times and such will be posted sometime next week? Will there be a caddie book?

Chase Roberts   May 10 at 7:50pm

What tournament posts tee times a week in advance? We will still be dealing with people dropping out of the event at that point. Tee times will be posted ahead of the event as required.

Donald K.    May 3 at 11:55pm

Are the courses in tournament positions?

Chase Roberts   May 4 at 12:13am


Donald K.   May 4 at 1:50am

Awesome. Thank you. You rock!

Andrew Fischer    April 9 at 1:13am

I am currently signed up for MA3 with an 886 rating, but I just finished a tournament that should put me above 900 according to the ratings calculator. Can I get moved from MA3 to MA2?


Jake maxwell    March 14 at 8:36pm

Excited to come back to the quad cities and play


Ryan Swendrowski    February 3 at 3:26am

Can the TD move me to MP40? I accidentally signed up for the wrong division. Old habits die hard.

Erich Partee   February 3 at 6:36am

you can do it throufht the email and edit your registry button

Paul Schneider    February 1 at 9:28pm

Who from STL going to be up there?

Anthony Krusher Smith   February 2 at 1:51am

CoachesDiscGolf will be there in force

Joe Moore    February 1 at 5:39pm

Only 48 MA1!? Is this capacity?

Chase Roberts   February 1 at 6:28pm

We will be adding more spots to divisions based on the waitlist. If your division is full, join the waitlist.