The Rumble by Iron Lion DGS

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 13-15, 2022 at Camden Park in Milan, Illinois
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Rumble 2022 Proposed Schedule Thursday:(5/12} Event Sign In and Player Pack Pick Up. 5-8 PM @ Clint's DH an ... more
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Ben Van Dusen    2 days ago

Can you please move me from MPO to MP40? Thanks!


Jeff Bauman    January 13 at 1:03pm

Are Snowstar and or Camden 2 being used for the 2022 US Masters pro divisions? Thank you.


Bethel Barrett    January 7 at 3:55am

Hello - Is the Facebook event page up and what might it be please ? I see a Iron Lion Disc Golf Supply as the closest thing I can find. Thanks for any feedback ...

Bethel Barrett   January 8 at 1:59am

Most appreciated !

Steve Ganz    January 6 at 3:30pm

The course schedule only shows info for Pro/Adv/Int/Rec. What is the course schedule for the age-protected amateur divisions?

Justin Schandelmeier   January 6 at 5:56pm

I believe age protected is considered an advanced division, could be wrong.

Evan R Fitzgerald   January 6 at 8:50pm

That was what I was assuming as well when I saw the schedule, but I agree that it should be clarified.

Mike Domaszewicz   January 8 at 2:35pm

About page has been updated with age protected schedule.

Chad Loegering    January 6 at 3:26pm

will the MA50-65 all be on the same courses/schedule for certain?

Mike Domaszewicz   January 8 at 2:34pm

About page has been updated with age protected courses.

Das Loomis    January 2 at 12:26am

I am having some issues. I signed up and want to stay signed up but it keeps asking me why I am withdrawing. Can you please keep me signed up. Thank you


Rob Johnson    January 1 at 6:10pm

What is snowstar?

Norbert Sarsfield   January 1 at 8:26pm

New course at a ski resort near the Quad Cities.

Dwight Powell   January 15 at 2:22pm

Any other info on this course? Length? Difficulty? Not on DGCR or UDisc yet.

Curtis Shriver    January 1 at 1:49pm

What is the event page page name on Facebook?

Erich Partee   January 4 at 1:02am

here you go since no one has answered you yet.

Lisa Heggen   January 4 at 1:23am

Normally there is a Facebook page for the actual event, not just the Iron Lion page, but I haven't seen one yet. Maybe there won't be one.