The Rumble by Iron Lion DGS

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 7-9, 2021 at Camden Park in Milan, Illinois
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The 2021 Rumble 3 rounds of disc golf over 3 days in the Quad Cities Schedule v.2 (revised 4/8/21) MPO/MP ... more
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Nick Miller    May 11 at 4:04pm

Thanks Chase! Already looking forward to next year.

Iron Lion DGS   May 12 at 12:55pm

Thanks for making it down! Ryan plays next year!

John Chapman    May 6 at 6:28pm

What time does the second round start? How long do I have for lunch? Just kidding. Good luck with the event, and I wish everyone well. Even Jack. :)~

Iron Lion DGS   May 6 at 6:52pm

lol.. funny

Steve Ganz    May 6 at 5:20pm

Will we be using the PDGA Digital Scorecard?

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Iron Lion DGS   May 6 at 6:50pm

I don't. Pool TD's will have scoreboard at tourney central available for viewing by 10am (or earlier).

Iron Lion DGS   May 6 at 6:51pm

All Amateur Divisions tee at 11am on Friday, 11am Sat, & 9am on sunday

Steve Ganz   May 6 at 7:05pm

The PDGA Digital Scorecard is a lot easier to use when you publish groups in advance. Let me know if you need help with this.

Stephen Rodgers    May 6 at 4:33pm

When will hole locations be posted, or will there be a player's meeting for MA40? I'm coming in from out of town and need to make sure I give myself enough time.

Iron Lion DGS   May 6 at 4:48pm

All amateur players should check their starting holes at the scoreboard at tournament central (at your course- ma40 is camden 2).. tee off is 11am sharp tomorrow for ALL amateur divisions

Rodney Fritz    May 5 at 10:59pm

When will tee times be posted??


Adam Johnson    May 5 at 10:21pm

Hey there, when will the tee times be up for this event?

Iron Lion DGS   May 6 at 4:45am

They are posted now

Jonathan Baldwin    May 5 at 2:53pm

Hi, just curious if any pins will be moving between now and the end off the event?

Iron Lion DGS   May 5 at 3:56pm

Everything should be in the tournament layout.

Trevor Cherwin    May 4 at 7:44pm

Due to sickness and time restraints, I'm going to have to withdraw. I apologize for any trouble in advance


ralph matrau    May 3 at 9:21pm

Hello, unfortunately my ride mark roberts has withdrawn from the tournament due to injuries. I will also need to withdraw due to no ride. Please refund my money as well thank you


Eddie McCulley    May 3 at 7:44pm

I need to withdraw from the tournament. Can you please refund me my entry fee? Thanks

Iron Lion DGS   May 3 at 10:00pm

And now the MP50's get to play on a 5-some. Awesome.

Kyle Cave    May 2 at 4:19pm

I need in Open..Just heard about switching to tee times!!!! Sent you a PM Chase


Steve Ganz    May 2 at 3:39pm

Is there any info for what OB will look like at Goose Creek?

Iron Lion DGS   May 2 at 8:09pm

Hi Steve, off park property/on or across sidewalk, in creek. There will be a flagged/painted line on hole 9s right side before the event to mark the property line. We will also have detailed maps on the event page.

Steve Ganz   May 3 at 4:05am


willie prince    May 1 at 1:23pm

Are we allowed caddy's

Iron Lion DGS   May 1 at 3:17pm

We prefer the least amount of people walking with card as possible

willie prince   May 4 at 2:28am

Ok I will have my eldest son with me. No sitter. And wife is also heading out of state but to Alabama.

Isaac Goodman    April 29 at 7:09am

Any chance of me getting on the waitlist. Just found this out now on

Iron Lion DGS   April 29 at 1:44pm

I can let you in if you want to play MPO, otherwise registration is closed

Tim Arterberry    April 26 at 5:23pm

What is the latest you can pick up your players pack

Iron Lion DGS   April 27 at 2:25pm

We'll be at Clint's until 8pm on Thursday or you can grab it from your TD on Friday morning

Keirstyn Davis    April 12 at 12:03pm

Can I send a friend to pick up my players pack Thursday? And is there a time frame? I live over an hour away and work until 4.

Iron Lion DGS   April 13 at 10:03pm

Yes. Or you can pick it up at your course on Friday morning

Shawn Livermore    April 12 at 3:23am

The description says player pack pickup is o. Thursday the 8th i think thats a typo as thurs is the 6th


Nora Balayti    March 20 at 1:37pm

Do you guys know if The Rumble is registered for part of the Women’s Global Event?

Iron Lion DGS   March 20 at 3:54pm

Unfortunately it is not. The structure of the event with 1 round on Sunday does not meet the qualifications for it to be a Women's Global event.

Jared Ward    March 14 at 5:14pm

Any info regarding Am payouts being on site/ at tournament HQ/ or online? If the round starts at 11 am, and hopefully wraps before 3... I’d love to be on the road by 5 o clock if possible with a long drive home.

Iron Lion DGS   March 14 at 10:48pm

We will have payouts available at Camden Park on Sunday following your round. Its possible we end up shifting Sunday Amateur rounds to an earlier start time as well.

Rich Klein III    March 12 at 3:59pm

Hey Chase, I’m really sad to say I have to step back. Let me know what I need to do to get a refund from this. Thanks