The Rumble at the Raven's Nest

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Raven's Nest Resort in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Two day sanctioned B-Tier in the beautiful Columbia Valley. Tee pads and round assignments: Long pads, thr ... more
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Allyson Herman    2 days ago

Hey there Jesse, just wanted to see if the shirts/discs ever came in :)


Jesse Tomalty    September 27 at 5:48pm

Currently, and over the last week, we have extreme wind around the course. This has caused many trees to fall and the course isnt in good playing shape. This are also potentially still dangerous. The course will remain closed for the time being. I will post an update when things are clean and safe for practice. :(

Andre Lodder   September 28 at 12:04am

On that note, if you're in the area and have a free evening/weekend to help with some clearing, let us know!!

David Slater    September 23 at 4:21pm

Noticed that it shows MP50 playing 2 rounds from the mid-pads. Does that mean MP50 plays only 2 rounds or is there a third round from a different pad?

Jesse Tomalty   September 23 at 9:38pm

Hey David, other events I have played and run the 50+ have played less rounds at their request. This is only to keep the walking down on a very hilly course. If you and Mark would like to play all three and/or from the long pads that can be arranged.

David Slater   September 24 at 2:36am

I'll check with Mark, but I have not ordered my wheelchair yet so if need be, I'd rather play MPO than play only 2 rounds. Thanks for the update, will advise.

Jesse Tomalty    September 19 at 1:48am

Unfortunately another group has the campground rented out for the remainder of the weekend so the course will be unavailable until next weekend.


Alan Stanley    September 16 at 3:13am

I have a little (16 foot) camper trailer. Can I use it at the campsite?

Jesse Tomalty   September 16 at 4:46pm

Hey Alan, yes you can totally bring your camper. There are no pull through sites so make sure you're comfortable backing it in. Otherwise, people bring campers all the time.

Alan Stanley   September 16 at 7:13pm

Great! Thanks Jesse.

James McKinlay    September 14 at 9:08pm

Is the course open yet?

Jesse Tomalty   September 15 at 4:10pm

Sunday afternoon is our planned time to be open for practice.

Wil Grainger    August 30 at 10:13pm

Anyone have some good leads on accommodation? Thinking camping might be a ****illy that time of year...

Jesse Tomalty   August 30 at 10:31pm

Hey Will, they also have cabins on the property. I will ask them about rates for the tournament. Alternatively I would suggest the Fairmont Hotsprings Resort which is about 5 mins away or the Copper Point Resort in Invermere which is about 15 mins away.

Lincoln Olaski   September 9 at 2:00pm

Will you be able to purchase more shirts at the event?

Jesse Tomalty   September 9 at 4:04pm

Hey Lincoln, we won't as these will be made to order. If you would like another shirt, please message me directly via disc golf scene or email me at [email redacted] and I will add one for you.