The O.B. Open presented by Mint Discs

Monday, May 27, 2024 at Live Oak Brewing Company in Del Valle, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

The O.B. Open presented by Mint Discs graphic

About this tournament

-Mixed Pro Open(MPO)
-Masters Pro(MP40+)
-Pro Women(FPO)
-Advanced Amateur(Baggers)
-Intermediate Amateur(Real Amateur's)
-Masters Amateur(MA40+)
-Masters Women Am(FA40+)
-Advanced Women(FA1)
-Rec Women(FA3)

Caddie Book(necessary to complete the event)

Heckling & Fighting Rules:
-This event is meant to be fun. Don't be mean and don't touch another person. If you are caught heckling in a way that you physically contact someone else or use something to physically contact them you will be immediately disqualified(unless you are Dylan with his water balloons).
-Spotters, Spectators and other staff are allowed to heckle as well.
-Other cards may heckle other cards at any time during, before or after the round.
-You may bring your own noise makers, but some will be provided in the player packs.

Payout & Players Packs:($15 per player)
-Each division is a winner take all division. Meaning only 1st place is paid out.
-All players & divisions are required to buy a players pack(it's how we afford putting this thing on).
-Player packs will contain a mystery event stamped disc(some will be from the Mint Vault) & various noise makers.

Ace Pot:($5)
Most aces win's the ace pot. Because if someone gets two they deserve it more than your lame one ace. If multiple people tie for aces, they will CTP for it. If no one hits an ace then I’m buying a steak dinner for the Mint team with what’s left over.

Mulligans Pot:($1 each)
You can buy up to 9 mulligans. Only one mulligan can be used per hole. The mulligan money will be added to the ace pot.

1st Place Ties & Playoffs: approx 7-8pm cst.
All players must be present in the event of ties for first place. There will be a sudden playoff where you play Hole 1 in a repeating loop until someone wins. Once you use a disc in the playoff, you can’t use it any more in the playoff. If you are not present for your divisions playoff, you will forfeit and lose like a loser.

Refund policy

Refunds allowed until 5/26 at 11:59pm cst.

No refunds will be issued once the day is 5/27 at 12:00am cst. Deal with it. Show up and shoot 20 over like a winner.



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