The OG Part II presented by Sun King/OGDGC

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Ocala Greenway in Ocala, Florida
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**The OG presented by Sun King/OGDGC** 10/16-17 2021 Ocala Greenway DGC PDGA C/B-Tier Event **FORMAT** ... more
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Ryan Rutledge    October 17 at 11:07am

All I'm asking for is acknowledgement a refund being processed or explanation to why it's not.

Michael Barnett   October 17 at 11:13am

Ryan, I sent you an email with the complete breakdown on how the refund was going to work several days ago.

Gregory Bagent    October 16 at 10:15pm

Michael this is Gregory Bagent MA60 I will not be coming tomorrow for 2nd round so don't put me on a card. Thank you.

Michael Barnett   October 17 at 2:15am

Thank you!

Ryan Rutledge    October 16 at 1:02pm

I was wondering about my refund I still haven't seen a kick back to the account


Clay Acup    October 15 at 10:54pm

From the email I get that there is no warm up area. Does that mean no practice basket as well?

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Polish Power   October 15 at 11:07pm

Ball fields across from dunkin donuts are great for practice.

Polish Power   October 15 at 11:11pm

There is also a large area by the overflow parking on the main access road with 300' plus of warm up chucks.

Clay Acup   October 15 at 11:16pm


Michael Barnett    October 15 at 1:49am

Hey all, tee times have been published...

Please double check them as I had to already make a change due to another player dropping.

I will be sending out a player email tomorrow afternoon with lots of event info, stay tuned!

John Fester   October 15 at 2:15am

Thank you!

James Thrift    October 14 at 11:53pm

What time the tee times going up?


darren mottola    October 14 at 2:31pm

mike two people on waitlist. chances we get in?

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 4:33pm

Yes you will, processing drops/refunds today

darren mottola   October 15 at 12:48am

thank you!

Ryan Rutledge    October 14 at 10:41am

Still looking for you to drop me from this tournament and send me a refund day 3 of asking. Please try to get that done today. Ill fallow up again later this afternoon.

Flavio Farias   October 14 at 12:57pm

He’s mentioned below to someone else that you need to reach him directly and not on here. You can also go to players and press withdraw and it’ll give you your refund option.

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 4:35pm

Ryan, I told you yesterday when I called you back I would be getting to it yesterday or today. You are not the only person vying for my attention as I have another 4-5 players trying to drop as well.

Ryan Rutledge    October 13 at 7:55pm

Need to drop out have a surgical procedure that was moved up to this friday and if won't be able to play.


Gary Blagdon    October 13 at 11:47am

Is there going to be correspondence on tee times and or expected arrival times?

Gary Blagdon   October 13 at 6:42pm

Ok great!!

Neel Kotra    October 12 at 12:21pm

Is there an approximate order of tee times by divisions available for each day? Thanks!

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 4:35pm

Lowest skilled divisions will tee first...

Neel Kotra   October 14 at 5:25pm


Dylan Russo    October 9 at 7:03pm

Is it to late to cancel for a refund? I’m in MA1


Russell Mason    October 7 at 2:17am

Hey Mike, would it be possible to move from ma3 to ma50. TIA

Michael Barnett   October 7 at 1:56pm

You can actually make the change from your registration email...

Russell Mason   October 7 at 3:34pm

Done. thanks Mike

Ramon Rodriguez    October 6 at 12:52pm

hello Michael Barnett. Getting surgery that week to remove my chemo port so sent a request via initial email for cancelation and refund/ Just giving you a heads-up to make sure room for some of the people on the waiting list. thanks in advance

Michael Barnett   October 6 at 11:13pm

Bummer, refund processed...

ROBERT YOUNG    October 1 at 2:32pm

put in a note to withdraw do to medical reasons last night

Michael Barnett   October 3 at 12:32pm

Bummer, will do...

ROBERT YOUNG   October 5 at 2:12pm

Michael, still havent received the refund, want to make sure someone else gets in, thx, let me know

Matthew Kollar    September 23 at 6:07am

I have to unfortunately withdraw from the tournament due to work.

Michael Barnett   September 24 at 10:46pm


Chuck Hodge    September 22 at 2:04am

I have to unfortunately withdraw from the tournament due to work obligations.

Michael Barnett   September 22 at 7:34pm

Bummer, refund processed...

Daniel Heser    September 12 at 7:54pm

Refund request 9-9.

Michael Barnett   September 13 at 7:38pm

I was on vacation, it has now been processed...

Jason Boxler    August 31 at 1:45pm


I am going to have to drop out of the tournament. Had something come up and I will be out of the State.

Michael Barnett   September 1 at 4:07pm

Just a heads up as I just happened to see this, but the correct protocol is to inform the TD directly, not by making a comment on the discussion tab.

Morgan Lynds    August 16 at 4:35pm

Are more spots going to be opened up?

Michael Barnett   August 17 at 4:15pm

Possibly, stay tuned...

Dylan Russo   August 21 at 8:04pm

That would be sweet I’m waiting list #1 lol