The OG Part III presented by Sun King/OGDGC

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 15-16, 2022 at Ocala Greenway in Ocala, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**The OG presented by Sun King/OGDGC** 10/15-16 2022 Ocala Greenway DGC PDGA B-Tier Event **FORMAT** T ... more
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Michael Barnett    October 19 at 10:25pm

Hey All!

Here is the video of the random drawing for the Ace Fund:

If you're one of the lucky winners, please respond with your PayPal or Venmo info so I can transfer the funds!

Mike Barnett


Michael Barnett    October 19 at 2:23am

Hey All!

I'm just writing to let everyone know that I will be processing the PDGA TD Report, payouts and Ace Fund video sometime tomorrow around lunchtime, or sooner.

Thanks for your patience!


Brandon Langston    October 18 at 1:25am

Was there an age?

Ace drawing. Just asking .
Also... thanks for another amazing tournament. 12 plus years and I still love playing the sunking events.

Brandon Langston   October 18 at 1:26am

Ace... not age

Kyle Eastburn    October 16 at 6:24am

I posted to withdraw. But somehow I scored a +5 today? I need to know if someone is playing on my pdga #

Michael Barnett   October 16 at 4:48pm

I’m not sure where you’re seeing this. You’re name isn’t showing in the scores anywhere on my end.

Robert Pilk    October 14 at 6:13pm

How do we find out our tee times? I didn’t receive an email.

Zachary Bales   October 14 at 6:44pm has the tee times I believe

Perry Chase    October 14 at 4:26pm

Elliott Post would like to move from ma2 to ma1 if still possible, he also sent an email

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 6:07pm

I did not see the email but the change has been made, new tee time is 11:50am

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 6:11pm

Scratch that, tee time is 12:10PM

Josh Beard    October 14 at 2:25am

Michael will you be listing tee times tomorrow?

Michael Barnett   October 14 at 2:37am

They were posted earlier tonight, check your email...

John Kemp    October 13 at 11:58am

When will tee times be up


Ellen Widboom    October 13 at 11:52am

What tee pads will FPO play both rounds?

Michael Barnett   October 13 at 8:56pm

Hybrid layout...

Chris Hutchinson    October 12 at 9:53pm

Where should we park when we arrive for our teetimes?


John Palm    October 11 at 5:58pm

Hey, is the waitlist closed?

Michael Barnett   October 11 at 6:17pm


Danny McDonnell    October 5 at 9:14pm

Played Ocala for the first time yesterday
Perfect conditions through out all 24 holes- what an amazing DG course

Danny McDonnell   October 6 at 12:04am

Looks like a resort

Chris Hutchinson    September 30 at 3:50pm

Anyone had time to check the playability of the course yet?


Chris Hutchinson    September 23 at 2:14am

Are MP40's playing long or short?


Chris Hutchinson    September 23 at 2:12am

What is a good score on the longs?


Scott Brown    September 19 at 11:51pm

Mike is it possible that you can just switch me to advacnced im the only ma40+

Michael Barnett   September 23 at 2:01pm

You can make the change from your registration email...

Danny McDonnell    September 6 at 8:16pm

Any idea of an approximate
tee time MA60 would have on Sunday

Michael Barnett   September 8 at 8:31pm

On the early side for sure...

Danny McDonnell   September 8 at 10:22pm

Perfect thanks

Jonathan Crowe    August 29 at 9:00pm

Wanted to let you know I’ll be playing MPO and declining the cash, thanks.

Michael Barnett   August 30 at 11:26pm

Sounds good...

darren mottola   September 1 at 4:28pm

providing you get cash. lol

Justin serrano    August 26 at 12:04am

Won’t be able to make it to this event, will need to be withdrawn