The Northern Ontario Championship - Birch Point Doubles

Friday, July 29, 2022 at Birch Point Park in Thunderbay, Ontario
Disc golf doubles tournament

The Northern Ontario Championship - Birch Point Doubles graphic


Fundraising CoordinatorChris Ozolins
Tournament CoordinatorCara Hovius

About this tournament

This is a non-sanctioned flex event at Birch Point Disc Golf Course. It will consist of one round of competition that can be played anytime between 9 am and 3 pm on Friday, July 29, 2021.

Teams must register in the division for which their highest-rated player qualifies. If you don’t have a rating, please send us a message and we’ll help you out.

As a fundraiser event, a small portion of each registration will go towards The Northern Ontario Championship. The entry fee per team breaks down as follows:
- NOC Fundraiser: $10
- Merch-out: $40

Use this event as a practice round for The Northern Ontario Championship!

You can find all of the events associated with The Northern Ontario Championship by following our Disc Golf Scene Series page.

Refund policy

The Ontario Disc Sports Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Blue [rating <970]
1Eric Giesbrecht
Nick Briere
4848 (+48)$130
2Bryce Kraushar
Marshall Toews
4949 (+49)$63
2Erik Weibe
Joshua Porter
4949 (+49)$63
2Jp Eras
Justin Desserre
4949 (+49)$63
5Austin Boge
Reid Wishneverski
5252 (+52)
6Alex Jalava
Jasper Carrasqueiras
5353 (+53)
7Mark Wood
Willy Friesen
5454 (+54)
8Caleb Frisby
Mackenzie Langford
5757 (+57)
White [rating <935]
1Josh Mace
Shawn Walker
5353 (+53)$80
2Doug Michaud
Dylan Michaud
5454 (+54)$40
3Christopher Morden
Luke Stacey
5858 (+58)
Red [rating <900]
1Brandon Drozd
David Sims
5555 (+55)$140
1Christopher Latta
Gary Duke
5555 (+55)$140
3Karl Forbes
Nikko Forbes
5656 (+56)$100
4Josh Saxe
Simon Shaw
5858 (+58)$70
5Brandon Brown
Mark Gravely
5858 (+58)$70
6Brad MacDonald
David Duchesne
5959 (+59)$10
6Chris Langlais
Tristan Hanson
5959 (+59)$10
6Drake Baird
Marcus Schmidt
5959 (+59)$10
6Jonathan Villaverde
Kevin Talgoy
5959 (+59)$10
10Braden Bishop
Ken Michelin
6060 (+60)
11Greg Carter
Kyle Pitman
6161 (+61)
12Dylan Bradshaw
Sage MacPhil
6363 (+63)
12Eric Terminesi
Taylor Quigley
6363 (+63)
14Patricia Izatt
Tobin Izatt
6565 (+65)
Green [rating <850]
1Arlen Nickel
Jeri-Ann Brownbridge
5757 (+57)$80
2Lisa Eschli
Nick Smith
5959 (+59)$40
3Greg Gagnon
Mitch Snell
6868 (+68)
Purple [rating <800]
1Cory Zyromsky
Steve Zyromsky
6969 (+69)$50
2Dinah M Talgoy
Holly Fleming
7070 (+70)$30
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