The Northern Ontario Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 31-August 1, 2021 at Dragon Hills DGC in Thunder Bay, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

With courses equally as breathtaking as they are challenging, Thunder Bay has been quietly developing into Ont ... more
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Tristan hanson    July 30 at 10:43am

If it’s not to late can I drop to rec division ?


Brandon Brown    July 28 at 5:32am

Due to the lack of carts at bayview will everyone have to walk for all divisions?

Cara Hovius   July 28 at 5:26pm

Hi Brandon. That is correct. We will not be utilizing carts at Bayview. Hope to see you out there soon.

Derek Poster    July 28 at 2:22am

Hi there, I'm just wondering if I can change my division from MA2 to MA3?

Cara Hovius   July 28 at 3:08am

Hi Derek. Your registration has been updated to MA3.

Chad Baxter    July 27 at 2:53pm

any idea of the tee times? trying to plan out rides to and from the different courses.

Ryan Edwards-Crewe   July 27 at 5:39pm

They're on page 11 of the player's guide. You should have gotten it in the email they sent out yesterday.

Cara Hovius   July 28 at 3:01am

Hi Chad. As Ryan mentioned, general windows were published in the Player's Guide that was distributed to all competitors. We plan to publish final tee times on the PDGA event page on Thursday night once we have the registration list finalized.

Bill Humby    July 22 at 5:44pm

If I am a PDGA and BCDS member, do I still need to join ODSA for this tournament? Any info yet on which courses MP50 will be playing?


Jason Comendador    July 10 at 5:37pm

Is it possible for me to change division from MA2 to MA1?

Cara Hovius   July 13 at 1:25pm

Absolutely! I've updated your division to MA1.

Janet McClung    July 10 at 2:59pm

Are spectators allowed? And is there an entrance fee?

Cara Hovius   July 26 at 5:01pm

Hi Janet. Thanks for your patience as we worked out the final details for this event. Spectating is permitted at no charge. We ask that all event participants and spectators follow all provincial COVID requirements and including the 100 person outdoor gathering limit. For more information, please check out the information from the Ontario government:

Kelly Chabbert    July 10 at 4:31am

Could you please post which courses each division will be playing on what day.

Cara Hovius   July 13 at 1:53pm

Hi Kelly. Thanks for your question. We are working through a few details and hope to provide more information about the schedule soon!

Laura W    July 7 at 12:31pm

Hi! Is it still possible to sign up for doubles on the Thursday?


QUINLON AUGER    June 25 at 11:36am

To whom this may concern,

I have sent an email in regards to a refund on April 21st and was hoping to get a word back as to whether it is possible. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Cara Hovius   June 25 at 12:44pm

Hi Quinlon. Sending you an email shortly.

QUINLON AUGER   June 25 at 11:00pm

Thank you, much appreciated :)

Brandon Drozd    June 24 at 5:22am

What is Birch Point like? Heavily wooded? Anything similar in Manitoba to the feel of it?

Cara Hovius   June 24 at 7:13pm

Hi Brandon. Birch Point is located in a public city park and is not heavily wooded. To get a better feel for the course, I recommend checking out the course details and photos on UDisc here: The course will also be available for practice prior ... more

Myriam Luzadas    June 7 at 7:21pm

I have sent multiple emails regarding my withdrawal/refund from FA1 - Can someone please advise when that will be processed? Thanks

Chris Ozolins   June 7 at 7:37pm

We'll have you sorted immediately. Thank you for your patience Miriam.

Myriam Luzadas   June 7 at 8:11pm

Thanks for processing it and good luck with the tournament! Cheers!