The Majestic

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 11-12, 2022 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, Minnesota
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Chris Claring    June 11 at 2:23am

Have I missed it. Is there a list of OB, drop zones ot other important info posted somewhere?

Jason Wilder   June 11 at 3:41am

They will all be posted on the scorecard

Wendell Zeimet    June 9 at 5:47pm

Do we have to check in before hand or just show up at hole 1 at out tee times?

Jason Wilder   June 9 at 6:01pm

Please show up at least 15 mins prior to your tee times.

Brian Nelson    June 9 at 4:43pm

Do you know approximately what time lead card will be teeing off on Sunday? Considering coming up to watch the event. Thanks!

Jason Wilder   June 9 at 5:23pm

you can review all the times here

Dan Brown    June 9 at 1:22pm

Hey All,

My name is Dr. Dan Brown, a sports chiropractor and hobbyist disc golfer. My colleague and I will be at The Majestic this weekend offering chiropractic and pre/post round prep and recovery services. If you are in need of a little TLC after shooting a course record or you are sore after throwing a Simon Lizotte-esque hyzer bomb, let us help you!

We will be offering all services for free to players, staff and volunteers during both rounds of the tournament and they include:

S ... more


Roy Lyons    June 8 at 12:14am

When will tee times be posted?

Jason Wilder   June 8 at 12:39am

Thursday afternoon

Roy Lyons   June 8 at 4:26am


Kyle Divelbiss    June 4 at 3:33pm

I unfortunately need to withdraw from the tournament for a job interview. I can not find the email or the link to withdraw/request refund. I appreciate. Hope it goes great, I'll make it next year!!


Roy Lyons    May 6 at 10:43pm

Has there been a decision about the order the divisions will tee off? If so, what is that order? Is is MP60, MP50, MP40, FPO, MPO?

Jason Wilder   May 6 at 10:57pm

Typically that is the order we do

Roy Lyons   May 7 at 1:15am


Das Loomis    May 3 at 12:40am


Das Loomis    May 1 at 3:38pm

The registration shows openings in mp50 is this not true?

Jason Wilder   May 2 at 4:51pm

There are openings. The total number of players in the event needed to be update in Disc Golf Scene. You are in if you'd like. Shall we hold the registration or process the refund?

Das Loomis   May 3 at 12:40am

I’m in. Can we camp on site?

Jason Wilder   May 3 at 12:52am

Possibly. You’ll want to call the pro shop and talk to Angie

Douglas Huff    April 7 at 11:07pm

Is this a one round a day tourney?

Jason Wilder   April 8 at 5:46pm

one round of 27 holes per day with tee times

Douglas Huff   April 8 at 7:50pm

Thank you

Zach Moses    March 30 at 11:08am

I need to withdraw from the tournament please. TD please contact me

Jason Wilder   March 30 at 3:18pm

You can request to withdraw through your account on Disc Golf Scene

Billy Lane    March 2 at 1:35am

My First MAJESTIC!!! I am stoked!


Kyle A    March 2 at 1:11am

I'm just wanting to figure out what is going on with the 6 players that did not meet the minimum requirement rating for the Majestic. They were still in there at the time registration opened even though you had said they would be removed and I had tried to sponsor a hole to register early but was declined due to rating. There are also 3 of 6 in there not listed with hole sponsorships.

Jason Wilder   March 2 at 1:15am

They paid for their hole sponsorship.

Kyle A   March 2 at 1:18am

Why wasn't I able to do it at that time then but they were? I was declined and not given the option to be a hole sponsor because of my rating but these others were able to do it. Just trying to get some clarity

Jason Wilder   March 2 at 1:36am

I had to process their sponsorships and registrations manually

Cooper Anderson    March 2 at 1:06am

add me to the waitlist

Jason Wilder   March 2 at 1:13am

You can register for the wait list through Disc Golf Scene

Cooper Anderson    March 2 at 12:56am

how are players under 970 already registered?

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Kyle A   March 2 at 1:17am

Yes I messaged you on facebook saying I would be a sponsor

Jason Wilder   March 2 at 1:35am

My apologies. I just re-read your message. You said you tried to do it, but couldnt, and after I explained what happened, you said "thanks for the clarity" and didn't make any further request.

Kyle A   March 2 at 1:45am

i guess when you said "we will be doing a number of refunds for the registrants that did not meet the requirements" that meant it wasn't an option

Brad Vannoy    February 16 at 4:49pm

How do I get on the waitlist?

Jason Wilder   February 16 at 10:50pm

After Mar 1

Evan Smith    February 16 at 3:59pm

Can I get on the waitlist somehow?

Jason Wilder   February 16 at 10:50pm

not until after Mar 1

Jonathan Ray    February 16 at 1:51am

It’s fixed


Louis LaPorta    February 16 at 1:39am

Well thats interesting

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Lucas Kramarczuk   February 16 at 1:43am

It said hole sponsorship was required to complete registration, and now that all of the hole sponsor spots have been filled, nobody can register

Quintin Becker   February 16 at 1:44am

There is a mandatory sponsorship box checked for everyone right now. Everyone who just signed up paid an extra $100 to be a sponsor. Now there are no more sponsorships left for purchase and its causing an error at checkout.

Jason Wilder   February 16 at 5:48am

This issue has been fixed and refunds given to the people who were charged the extra $100

Louis LaPorta    February 16 at 1:35am

Waiting for 3 more people to sign up to see what happens

Jason Wilder   February 16 at 5:48am

its fixed. Sorry about the craziness