The Labyrinth at Punderson State Park (Formerly Pun's Labyrinth)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 21-22, 2018 at Punderson State Park in Newbury, Ohio
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Labyrinth makes it return in 2018 to the original 18 hole format. 3 rounds, 2 days, and a lot of fun. ... more
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Larry Bright Jr.    Sticky 5 days ago


Tournament Headquarters, including registration, players' meetings, lunch, raffle, players party (Saturday night) and awards will all be held at The Hickory Lake Inn Bar & Grill, 14592 Stone Road, Newbury. Stone Road is located about 1 mile east of the main park entrance of Rt. 87, and about another mile down Stone Road on the left. We will have signs at the park entrance, Stone Road, and the entrance to Hickory Lake to direct traffic.


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson    5 hours ago

Good Luck everyone. Wish I could play this year but will be in Maine!


Trevor Murphy    1 day ago

I will be in the area tomorrow for a practice round. Looking to play Blues and Whites. Maybe a mix. Anyone wanna join?

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Trevor Murphy   12 hours ago

Yea wanted to get it in ASAP since I will probably be bouncing up to MA1

Trevor Murphy   12 hours ago

Scott Williams, no one has given me a disc with your name on it. I will check around the club here real quick... if I happen upon it I will do that for sure!

Scott Williams   9 hours ago

Trevor. No worries, it is a Red Sting that I lost at NEO Open. Someone texted me about a week ago about it, and I asked if they new Brad, and they didn't, then they asked about you, and I was pretty sure we would cross paths at some point. If they haven't give it to you yet, no big deal.

Cup Cake    1 day ago

A Zuca backpack cart and handmade Bikibok Board from Sharky will be included in the raffle along with a Junior Recruit basket from Bobby Jones! Thank you everyone for the support and donations - I will accept up to tourney but PLEASE message me what you are bringing so I can catalog it for the raffle. We do need to make some bridge repairs, platform improvements, and a basket on 18 for the alternate layout was stolen this year so donations to help raise funds during our raffle will be much appreciated!!!

Cup Cake   1 day ago

Silvercreek Veterinary Clinic has donated a dog goodie bag as well!! Thank you!!

Jason Kempf    2 days ago

I need to withdrawl from this tourney. Submitted for refund and withdrawl but just wanted to make sure it happens before it's too late. Hope it's a great tourney - enjoy!


Michael Hanford    4 days ago

Is there any league at puns Friday night?

Larry Bright Jr.   4 days ago

No. The only active league is Thursday Night Handicap League at 6 PM.

Michael Hanford   3 days ago

are you guys doing anything the friday before the tourney?

Larry Bright Jr.   2 days ago

Nothing is planned.

kevin whitlock    4 days ago

Please add me to the wait list for Mens Open Master

Larry Bright Jr.   4 days ago

You will have to register to get on the wait list. If you don't get in, a refund will be issued.

Brian Parsons    6 days ago

Please remove Brian Parsons. Going to worlds with Andrea.

melissa martin   5 days ago

All set. Good luck to Andrea!

Michael Emerick    July 9 at 4:55pm

I need to withdraw, not sure where my message went a couple weeks ago. Hope to make it next year.

melissa martin   July 10 at 1:28pm

Done. Sorry you can't make it :(

Michael Emerick   July 10 at 9:05pm

I'm sorry too, its the only tourney I was signed up for this summer.......

Michael Emerick   July 10 at 9:05pm

good luck everyone!!

Mark MacIsaac    June 30 at 2:24am

Is it possible to get on a waitlist for Ma3? Or ma2?

Larry Bright Jr.   July 1 at 10:56am

You will have to register to get on the waitlist. If you don't get in, a refund will be issued.

Brian Parsons    June 30 at 1:41am

Please remove Andrea. Thanks.

melissa martin   July 5 at 1:05pm

Boo. As you wish.

John Meece    June 28 at 6:43pm

How good of a chance do you think people on the wait list have to play.

Larry Bright Jr.   June 28 at 7:34pm

There are generally people who tend to drop the week of. But that's not a guarantee to happen.

John Meece   June 28 at 8:49pm

Only reason I ask is I'm about 4 hours away and didn't know what kind of time frame I would know if I moved up or not.

Larry Bright Jr.   June 29 at 12:58am

i'm sure you will know close to the event. it's doubtful anything will open day of. there's another event in August, The Oderus Open that is a one day event. It's posted on dgs as well and registration is open.

Justin Shonk    June 28 at 11:52am

Any chance I can move into MPO? Doesn’t look like ma1 is gonna make the 4 person minimum. Thanks

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Justin Shonk   July 1 at 12:55pm

It’s not stated, just generally assumed with the exception of wonen and juniors.

melissa martin   July 5 at 1:08pm

I'm sure we can make that happen if need be.

Larry Bright Jr.   5 days ago

I'm guessing me and Trevor will be playing MA1....

James McDonald    May 16 at 1:00pm

Oh man I am bummed I missed this one. I will have to keep a closer eye on this one next year. What an amazing course.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 16 at 7:26pm

There will be another event there in August...the Oderus Open. 1 day event. Registration is open. You can also register for the wait list for this event. My guess is that at least 5-10 (if not more) will move in as people drop closer to the event.

James McDonald   June 8 at 5:27pm

Awesome thank you!

Jason Stewart    May 15 at 2:17pm

What happens if I sign up for the wait list but don't get in?

How long is the current wait list?

Larry Bright Jr.   May 15 at 8:07pm

There is 11 people on the current wait list. For those who don't move up into registered players from the wait list will be refunded the full amount minus any Paypal fees incurred through the registration process.

melissa martin   July 5 at 1:08pm

You can help me out and be a spotter! :)

Dipankar Biswas    April 23 at 1:31pm

Unfortunately I will have to drop :(. Open house for my lab has been scheduled for the same day. Very sorry for the inconvenience.


Michael Hanford    March 28 at 2:28pm

im low rating I will go down to novice

melissa martin   April 9 at 2:59pm

all set!

Derek Bricker    March 18 at 11:54am

How do I get on the waitlist? Just register like normal?

Cup Cake   March 18 at 12:57pm

Yes if you register you automatically go on the waitlist

Derek Bricker   March 18 at 9:15pm

Ok thank you

bobby jones    March 15 at 2:37pm


bobby jones    March 15 at 2:37pm

Man I should be playing with kids my own age!!!!!!