The Indoor Disc Golf Experience "Driven By Innova" - Singles Ace Run - Brookfield Edition

Friday, January 17, 2020 at Brookfield Soccer Complex in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Ace Race

The Indoor Disc Golf Experience "Driven By Innova" - Singles Ace Run - Brookfield Edition graphic


Tournament DirectorMike Harrington
Tournament DirectorJeff Showers

Refund policy

100% of your ENTRY FEE AND ANY ADD-ONS through December 30th.

After December 30th any additional items that you purchased during registration will not be refunded but you can pick those items up at The Disc Barn or pay to have them shipped to you.

100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY will be refunded if you withdraw prior to 7 days in advance.

100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY (with less than 7 days to the event) will be refunded IF AND ONLY IF you 1) call the tournament director (Mike Harrington @ 262 894 3404) AND 2) we are able to fill your spot with another person. If we do not fill your spot we will still offer you 50% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY

No Refund will be offered if you withdraw inside of 24 hours before the event.

If you are on the wait-list you need to give me your deadline for making arrangements to attend when you sign up, for instance if you need 2 hours notice or 1 days notice (to make travel plans) you need to let me know. This event usually sells out so we need to fill every spot if at all possible. That might mean people needing to be here the day of the event to see if they have a spot secured. Anyone moving from the wai-tlist will operate under he same rules above, anyone left on the wait-list and no spot secured will receive 100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY)



Final Results

1Vincent Polidori52.00
2Nick Godersky51.00
3Philo Brathwaite50.00
4Chris Mikels48.00
5Tyler Kollias47.00
6Matt Brody46.00
6R.j. Sanchez46.00
8Timothy Jensen45.00
9Ken Benhamo44.00
9Landon Smith44.00
11Jake Zehren43.00
12Kevin Yang41.00
13Andy Garens40.00
13Steven Schinderle40.00
15Gunther Procknow39.00
16Javier Mares38.00
16Jerret Bemis38.00
16Ryan Swendrowski38.00
16Tim Stuck38.00
20Brad Skinkis37.00
20Dan Sahagian37.00
20Jason Barnier37.00
23Brandon Theriault36.00
23Evan Petrovic36.00
23Larry R36.00
26Brad Weber35.00
26Topher Schroeder35.00
26Zach Singer35.00
29John Luetzow34.00
29Josh Storar34.00
29Taylor Wirtz34.00
32Chad Guyton33.00
32Drew Retherford33.00
32Ger Thao33.00
32Jason Stamm33.00
32Jeffron Noel33.00
32Stefan Kitzinger33.00
38Anthony Cervantes32.00
38Brad Skrzypchak32.00
38Erik Salazar32.00
38Patrick Hamill32.00
42Holden Straub31.00
42Westley Blankenheim31.00
44Adam Gonzales30.00
44Brandon Hainstock30.00
44David Werner30.00
44Spencer Strath30.00
48John Zehren29.00
48Mitchell Wisnefske29.00
48Seth Hagedorn29.00
51Chad Inman28.00
51Kevin Gibowski28.00
51Nathaniel Willis28.00
54Drew Thomsen27.00
54Fred Pagel27.00
54Jimmy Farias27.00
54Joe Multerer27.00
54Matt Hanne27.00
54Ryan Ninnemann27.00
54Steven Gessert27.00
61Eric Becker26.00
61John Zielinski26.00
61Kyle Klitzing26.00
61Nate Wright26.00
65Harris Jorgenson25.00
66Cody WIlke24.00
67Curtis Jensen23.00
67John Dorn23.00
67Marcus Cira23.00
70Gabe Tousey22.00
70Ryan Miller22.00
72Brett Buss19.00
72Mike Jung19.00
72Nick Lubach19.00
75Kevin Derrick18.00
76Troy Knudson17.00
77Todd Parsons16.00
78David Neitman14.00
79Matt Nawrocki
1Josh Usadel (J Nasty)53.00
2Jason Janczyk44.00
3Colin Donnell43.00
4Chee Vang40.00
5Josh Chapin38.00
6Cody J Cagle37.00
7Bronson Halmstad36.00
7Chris Schneider36.00
9Kyle Lackey35.00
10Adrian Krueger34.00
11William Gallatin31.00
12Andrew Lindberg30.00
12Philip Helwig30.00
14Marc Benoit29.00
15Greg Weber28.00
15Justin Binger28.00
17Corey Copen27.00
17Tyler Coady27.00
19Bill Tucholka26.00
19Brian Kukich26.00
19James Panozzo26.00
19Jon Helm26.00
19Keith Donnell26.00
24Brandon Ace DIXON25.00
24Erich Kegel25.00
26Brandon Otto24.00
26Nick LaBonte24.00
26Trevor Faldet24.00
29Jon Clausing23.00
29Kevin Buckley23.00
29Kristaps Zvaigzne23.00
29Richard Mccord23.00
29Scott Riste23.00
34Thomas Spoerl21.00
34Zeke Salazar21.00
36Adam Macpherson20.00
36Al Gilgenbach20.00
36Jeffrey Nycz20.00
36Peter A Berry20.00
36Samuel Martinson20.00
41Don Olson18.00
41Donald Rees18.00
43Alex Roszkowski17.00
43Samuel Jacob17.00
45Jordan Tucholka16.00
46Carey Kammel15.00
46David McCabe15.00
48Ben LaBonte11.00
49Michael Elmer9.00
50Matt Lemke7.00
51Rob Schroeder6.00
52Daniel Gottsacker5.00
53RJ Losiniecki3.00
54Alex Gottsacker2.00
Advanced Women
1Barrett White40.00
2Samantha Jensen37.00
3Lori Locke34.00
4Laura Bialek26.00
4Shawn Ramsey26.00
6Katie Kaminski21.00
6Tracey Lopez21.00
8Danielle Cole16.00
8Jenny San Filippo16.00
Recreational Women
1Taylour Root23.00
2Courtney Spangler22.00
3Leah Vandenbranden21.00
4Stephanie Macpherson16.00
5Elizabeth Peters15.00
6Kelly Staerzl14.00
7Christina Asetamy11.00
7Tina Buckley11.00
9Melanie SanFilippo10.00
10Nancy Skrzypchak9.00
11Jenny Reck8.00
12Heidi Matheson7.00
13Jess Pagel6.00
13Phaedra Allen6.00
15Samantha Thelen5.00
16Katie Losiniecki4.00
17Delaney Meloy1.00
Junior 15
1Brayden Spangler8.00