The Hunt at Deer Lakes Presented by Adidas Outdoor

PDGA logoSaturday, October 20, 2018 at Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA C-Tier Presented by Pittsburgh Flying Disc AM player packs will include 1 custom stamped tournament di ... more
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Michael Falconio    October 18 at 12:50pm

Unfortunately I have to drop out of the hunt and knobolus. Sorry for the short notice.

Eric Nichols   October 18 at 1:32pm

All good

Matt Durisko    October 16 at 9:48pm

My apologies, but I have to withdraw. Twisted up the knee pretty good over the weekend, and just isn't getting better.

Eric Nichols   October 16 at 10:18pm

Sorry to hear dude. Will you be able to come pick up your player pack at some point Saturday? Doesn't have to be during check in.

Matt Durisko   October 17 at 2:06am

It's about an hour and twenty for me to get there, so I hadn't planned on it. If there isn't a refund, I can DM you my FedEx account to ship if that would be an option

Eric Nichols   October 17 at 3:46am

Inbox me and we can figure it out.

Eric Nichols    October 16 at 8:31pm

FYI... Any Ams that drop at this point will be getting player packs.


Evan Adams    October 16 at 5:28pm

Will you allow 15+ open players if AM spots are not full?

Eric Nichols   October 16 at 8:09pm


Eric Nichols   October 18 at 12:17am

You're in

Macky D    October 16 at 4:43am

is the upper parking lot going to be open?

Eric Nichols   October 16 at 2:44pm


Eric Nichols    October 14 at 9:51pm

Quick update: Am player packs are in, I just got the trophies from the woodworker and the course is set. I'll be posting a list of OBs and any other rules here later this week to shorten the player meeting day of. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Also if you're thinking about dropping for this Saturday please let know asap. We have 6 people waiting to get in and a good amount of those folks are from out of state.


Christopher Switzer    October 14 at 1:53am

When will I know for sure if I'm getting in off of the waiting list

Eric Nichols   October 14 at 2:16am

You're next up on the waitlist for intermediate. Could be tonight, could be morning of the event. Hopefully you'll know before that though.

Christopher Switzer   October 14 at 5:13pm


B. J. Reiher    October 7 at 4:03pm

Pins are set for 'The Hunt'

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Eric Nichols   October 20 at 2:09am

12 was put in the wrong spot, but instead of changing it the day of we will keep it in C pin. 13 is correct. Beyond the wall is A pin, that was my creation with the wall and the far right death putt. You're welcome hahaha.

Eric Nichols   October 20 at 2:12am

The tee sign for 13 isn't correct for A. Thats the old pin on the sign.

Andrew M   October 20 at 2:37am

Gotcha. Thanks.

Kyle Crawford    October 4 at 7:17pm

Eric, have to withdraw, broke my ankle in three places, having surgery in a couple days.

Eric Nichols   October 4 at 7:23pm

Hope you heal quick dude! Refund sent

Sherry Herzog    September 3 at 8:54pm

Really love the course and would like to play this tournament. Is there any chance advanced women could play white tees?

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Mike Herzog   September 4 at 8:06pm

we are coming, staying with Tom Moeller, Friday and Saturday night, any happenings to attend after?

J. Gary Dropcho   September 7 at 7:57pm

Knobulus Maximus on Sunday

Mike Herzog   September 11 at 4:55pm


Nev Woodland    August 24 at 4:40pm

Eric, I have to drop, I have a wedding I forgot about. Sorry dude, how do I request a refund?

Nev Woodland   August 24 at 4:43pm

Figured it out and sent a refund request

Eric Nichols   August 27 at 6:59pm

Refund sent. Sorry to hear you can't make it dude. Let's grab a round soon!

Nev Woodland   August 28 at 7:18pm

Thanks homie. Plan on coming to Stafford Wed next week

Matt Durisko    August 14 at 12:34am

Got your email, so come on here to try and figure it out. Payment doesn't say pending. Says it already went through.

Eric Nichols   August 14 at 12:46am

If it says it went to [email redacted] it will show pending if you check your card that was used. That account was closed and the new account [email redacted] was created when the club became a nonprofit at the beginning of the year.

Eric Nichols   August 14 at 3:22pm

I sent out another email on how to fix the issue.

Eric Nichols    August 9 at 12:36pm

**To anyone who has registered already** The club changed there PayPal email from last year and I wasn't aware of this. The new one was just submitted to dgscene for approval. Anyone who has signed up will show pending with your payment. I apologize for the inconvenience. Waiting to see what happens when the new account gets added.

Kyle Crawford   August 9 at 1:15pm

Let us know when it's done, I'll wait to sign up until then.

Eric Nichols   August 14 at 3:23pm

Kyle the registration issue has been resolved. Feel free to sign up now

Kyle Crawford   August 15 at 6:16pm