The Flyin Lyon Open - Driven by Innova

PDGA logoSunday, August 5, 2018 at Atchison Park in New Hudson, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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*** The Flyin Lyon Open 2018 - Driven By Innova *** Sponsor: HUGE THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, COPPER CREEK VINE ... more
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Sean Morgan    Sticky August 5 at 11:04pm

Thank you to everyone who came out and battled the wind and heat today. Congratulations to all our winners! Results are posted on pdga:
I should be able to get scores up on discgolfscene later tonight.

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   August 6 at 12:14am

Thanks for running the event Sean!

Elijah Wykes    August 5 at 11:28am

Elijah ma1 62104 plz


Corey Fisher    August 5 at 7:50am

Not going to make it. Thanks for the cashless.
My apologies


Eric Davis    August 5 at 2:17am

Travis Duncan am3 60344


Jeff Bauman    August 5 at 1:59am

I have to withdraw. Thanks for letting us cashless prereg!!


Andre Emond    August 4 at 10:03pm

Mitch.. Im east side. So if your not extremely out of the way and your willing, i can pick you up.. Sorry about your car troubles


Mitch Sylvain    August 4 at 9:43pm

Unfortunately i have to unreg. My car just died on me so i have no way to get there


Sean Perry    August 4 at 8:43pm

I paid up today please remove the extra Sean Perry


Chris Trumbull    August 4 at 2:37pm

I am sorry for the late notice. But I have to withdraw from this tournament, I have a conflict of schedules.


Eric Davis    August 4 at 4:41am

Payment sent with ace pool


Eric Davis    August 3 at 5:39am

Cashless pre reg. Eric Davis 93945 am2


Sarah DeMar    August 3 at 1:03am

Hey I thought I might get some competition but looking like I should drop.and let some one else in. So please drop #25166, thx


Drew "Orange Andy" Herron    August 3 at 12:43am

Me and the boy are paid up.


Corey Fisher    August 2 at 11:46pm

May as well move me to am2
Cant get no points playing one guy


Travis Morrill    August 2 at 8:36pm

I will not be able to make it.can I please be unregistered Travis Morrill ma4 109719 thank you


Raymond Blain    August 2 at 8:12pm

Just played a round here & noticed there is a wasp nest about the size of a bowling ball in the 2nd small tree on hole #7 fairway.

Sean Morgan   August 2 at 8:19pm

Yeah. I sprayed the heck out of it yesterday, but that thing's monstrous. I'll mark it off and allow casual relief behind it.

Chadd Scruggs    August 2 at 7:04pm

add to waitlist:
andrew barron Am 3 87665

Sean Morgan   August 2 at 7:26pm

Don't tell me what to do Chadd.

Chadd Scruggs   August 3 at 4:01am

I'm sorry :( but good job listening anyway lol

Jamie The Sauce Mosier    August 2 at 3:28pm



Don Warfield    August 2 at 1:07pm

#70132 am 3


Brad Sweet    August 2 at 12:47pm

I'm already in brad sweet 96447 switch me to ma40 thanks