The Faylor Lake Open Presented by Discmania

PDGA logoFri-Sat, April 21-22, 2023 at Faylor Lake DiscGolfPark in Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a PDGA-sanctioned B-Tier event. All interested players must read and understand the rules for B-Tier events before registering. The event will be two rounds with tee times; one round per day. At the close of registration if 90 players or less have registered, the event will pivot to Saturday only, two round, shotgun start with 5 players per card.

Divisions with less than 4 players may be eliminated. We are strictly adhering to this policy. If this happens, those players will be reassigned to another division they are eligible to compete in.

Must be a current PDGA member to register.

*Pro Divisions:
100% payout of Net Entry Fees plus min. $1,500 Cash Added to Pro Purse (across all Pro divs) - We are working to increase this number right up to the event.

*Amateur Divisions:
100% payout of Net Entry Fees to Amateur purse (prizes + player packs). Amateur player packs will include 3 items. 1. Your choice of tournament logo custom stamped discs from the Evolution line in NEO plastic: Link, Origin, Instinct, or Enigma.
2. Limited Edition Glow Premium Sensei with Undead Samurai 2 stamp.
3. Arctic flask 32oz

Pass-through fees will be $8 per player, which includes the allowable $3 PDGA per player fee, the $3 TD fee, and $2 toilet rental fee. Therefore, the net entry fee is $60 per player.

There will be two portable bathrooms on-site; one at Tournament Central and one at Hole 14 tee.

Travelers are encouraged to first check with Shady Brook Campground for lodging only 5 miles from the course. Shady Brook has committed to sponsoring our events for the 2023 season and we are very grateful for their support!

Registration will be tiered with early opening for players registering for professional divisions with minimum ratings as specified. More information will be posted closer to the registration opening.

Refund policy

Andy Klinger is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

All refunds will be applied in accordance with PDGA rules. Only direct communication with the TD of record, including refund requests through DiscGolfScene, will be considered for enactment of the refund policy and will be applied based on the date and time of the communication. Consideration of extenuating circumstances in application of the refund policy will be at the discretion of the TD of record.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Mark Fedorenko63-63$713
2Blake Kelly65-65$413
2Ethan Hine65-65$413
4Jake Ritchey67-67$287
5Jerek Oberholtzer68-68$220
5Michael Lieb68-68$220
7Brandon Martin69-69$162
7Doug Ferrio69-69$162
7Travis Dombach69-69$162
10Bradley Oberholtzer70-70$112
10Devin Frederick70-70$112
10Jadan Brubaker70-70$112
10Steve Braud70-70$112
10Steve Brinster70-70$112
15Lance Trott71-71$82
15Lou Garcia71-71$82
15Lucas Oberholtzer Hess71-71$82
18Daniel Sidell72-72
18Darren Souder72-72
18Ramie Millar72-72
21Curt Toews72-72
22David Dunn73-73
22Ryan Davie73-73
24James Mallard74-74
24Mark Saraceno74-74
26Brandon Hauer75-75
26Jake Fenimore75-75
26Spencer Koski75-75
26Taylor Gray75-75
30Daniel Perry76-76
31Bryant Stangel76-76
32Josh Bizzle77-77
33Mark Feener77-77
33Vaughn Murphy77-77
35Leonray Zimmerman78-78
35Micah Souder78-78
37Josh Martin79-79
38Ryan Bedross83-83
39Jay Madarasz84-84
40Leallen Zimmerman88-88
41Zachary Stanley90-90
1Charlie Holmgren71-71$289
1Tony Hoffer71-71$289
3Mike Moser72-72$141
3Tim Wilson72-72$141
5J. Gary Dropcho75-75$95
6Matthew Feener77-77
7Derrick Diffenderfer78-78
7T.J. Linton78-78
9Konrad Pawlosky81-81
10Mark Sonneborn83-83
11Andrew Danko84-84
1Eden Fornoff7167138$217
2Emily Dale7274146$130
3Edith Huf7575150
3Emily Hanson6981150
1Ethan Lapp7149120$44
1Peter Burt7050120$44
3Ryan Weaver7150121$33
4Adam Bubb7052122$29
5Jesse Heindel7548123$25
6Tiernan Roland7450124$21
6Zackary Spang6757124$21
8Seth Stirek7748125$17
9Andrew Cochran7551126$13
9Ben Holmes7749126$13
9Jonathan Moldoff7551126$13
9Matthew Borger7056126$13
9Michael Marcionese7353126$13
14Jay Lapp7453127$11
15Logan Weaver7653129$10
16Jeremy Taylor7753130
17Lamar Lapp7259131
17Micah Feener7853131
19Josh Stoltzfus7953132
19Phil Goska7953132
19Steven Sicari7854132
22Joe Wright7855133
22Josh Heindel8053133
24Erik Springer7561136
25Justin Feener8651137
26Kent A Martin8652138
27Timothy Troutman8653139
28Trey Beckwith8555140
29Jesse Myers8358141
30Austin Howard8558143
31Cody Hartzell9466160
32Julian Collins10763170
1Justin Brentzel5765122$29
2Andrew Glitzer5767124$18
3Colin Frazier6461125$13
4John Borger6166127$10
5Daniel Ragland6368131
6Jason Berry7165136
7Ken Winkleman71-71
1Sean Laurent6172133$25
2Bryan Spang6670136$15
3J.R. Riehl7675151
4Michael Gilbert8983172
1Jacob Baney5969128$34
2Brendan Baney6268130$28
2Connor Leaman6169130$28
4Eric Lachendro6467131$24
4Matt Roseboom6467131$24
6David Madl6567132$17
6Joe Ulsh6666132$17
6Taven Hinish6468132$17
9Andrew Miller6470134$7
9Drew Roth6668134$7
9Wesley Hill5975134$7
12Aubin Kotewicz6570135
13William Mescanti6670136
14Verlyn Peachey6772139
15Chris Roseboom6872140
15Cody Scholl7268140
17Daniel Althouse7170141
18Michael Erdman7867145
19Lyndon Gehman7673149
20Jon Fisher7481155
21Luke Hostetler75-75
1Joshua Kern6669135$34
2Russ Gray6670136$31
3Brian Hoover7067137$29
4Patrick Taylor6871139$26
5Blake Wise7072142$24
6Trevor Hoedle7271143$20
7Benjamin Haines7173144$17
7Tom Wise7173144$17
9Benjamin Kern6679145$11
9Kody Spidle7372145$11
11Tyler Grant7373146
12Michael Dixon7176147
13Donnie Fogleman7476150
14Justin McFadden7180151
15Donald Peck7181152
16Mihai Veres7877155
17Brad McClellan8082162
17Samuel Clyne8082162
19Brian Sobczyk8086166
20Ian Collins8980169
21Jethro Groff9486180
22Edwin Downs70-70
1Tera Blair7177148$24
2Mikaela Mayers7982161$16
3BrieAnn Durando8792179
3Carol Click8693179
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