The Brent Hambrick Memorial Open presented by Dairy Queen - Am Weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 26-27, 2021 at Brent Hambrick Memorial in Columbus, Ohio
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The 23rd Annual Brent Hambrick Memorial will be hosted by The Columbus Flyers once again. Please stay tuned fo ... more
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Ben Stepp    6 days ago

I’m I able to switch to ma40 from intermediate? I know I’ll still be waitlisted.

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Jesse Diller   5 days ago

go to 'registered players' and click the link to 'edit'

Ben Stepp   4 days ago


Ben Stepp   4 days ago

Ahh the divisions box wasn’t clickable. Looks like the Page admin has to change it.

Bjarmi Mohr    April 18 at 12:21am

We really should have more tournaments in the Columbus area. I can't seem to find any tournaments within at least a 15 minute drive from my house. This was the closest one, but didn't manage to get in. ????

Jesse Diller   April 18 at 12:46am

Interest is high enough that people are gonna have to start traveling more!

Kristy Moore   April 19 at 12:01am

We are just now starting get permission to run events on many of the central Ohio courses. The Ice Bowl in March was the first sanctioned event allowed at Columbus City Parks since the Ice Bowl in January of 2020. We are slowly but surely getting back to having more events in central Ohio.

Bjarmi Mohr   April 26 at 3:24pm

Yay!!! ;)

blake peterson    April 9 at 12:09am

Should have had my pdga registration done. Ended up waitlist #2. Hopefully I get in!


Greg Welch    April 9 at 12:06am

It wasn’t 8:01 and I’m 15 on the waitlist rip


Eli Bowman    April 9 at 12:05am

4 min


Zac Crislip    April 9 at 12:04am

Why am I waitlisted when it wasn’t full yet?

Eli Bowman   April 9 at 12:04am

Your pool was likely full.

Bobby Hughes    April 7 at 6:53pm

How many rounds?

Alex Thomas   April 7 at 7:42pm

From the description of the event, it's two rounds of 18 holes at Lobdell for one day, one round of 27 at BHM the other day.

Silas Ortiz    March 22 at 9:28pm

Will all the holes at lobdell and Hoover be par 3s?

Brad Schick   March 30 at 3:07pm

There may be a few par 4’s, but it really is irrelevant. Everyone is playing the same hole and whether they are all par 3, par 4 or par 5, that will only determine how far under or over you are. The important thing is your final number....if you shoot 81, it’s an 81. Doesn’t much m ... more

Silas Ortiz   April 6 at 11:27pm

It makes sense I was just trying to compare the old memorial scores to what I usually get so I know which division to sign up for

Alex Hoffmann    March 1 at 7:41pm


Is there any further information on what "Event Sponsors" means? (i).e. how much that will cost, what it includes, etc.)


Brad Schick   March 1 at 11:59pm

The event sponsors have early access to register for the event. There are only 60 event sponsors available, and once they are gone, the remaining 120 spots will be first come first served.

Brad Schick   March 2 at 12:00am

The cost is $50 and the funds raised will go toward sponsorship for the event.

Alex Hoffmann   March 5 at 5:21pm

Thank you so much Brad!

Seth Johnson    February 25 at 3:10am

Are spots gonna be held for 2019 Divison winners like they are in the Mill Valley Shootout? Pleeeeeeeaase haha

Brad Schick   February 26 at 12:04am

Not for the BHMO, sorry...

Seth Johnson   February 26 at 4:17pm

Would have been sweet but I was totally joking. Thanks for running this event again Brad!

Justin Sartin    February 20 at 7:45pm

How much will this be?

Kristy Moore   February 20 at 7:55pm

We are working on all of the event details now and will have more information available soon. Most of our work so far has been with parks and rec to get our events approved. Once they have all been approve and confirmed we will start releasing more details. Sorry, it's usually all posted by now ... more

Justin Sartin   February 27 at 2:45am

awesome , just curious , will there be payouts as well ? Or is that TBD

Alex Hoy    February 16 at 11:55pm



Eli Bowman    February 16 at 4:34pm

So glad to see this!