The Battle for Oggwood presented by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, April 10, 2021 at OggWood in Cedar Hill, Tennessee
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The Battle for Oggwood presented by Dynamic Discs PDGA C Tier 2 rounds of 18 holes at Oggwood 90 player cap ... more
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A. Kaiser    April 13 at 5:41pm

Did this make today’s ratings?

Ruth A. Miller   April 13 at 6:25pm

You would look at your PDGA profile to see which events were calculated in your rating.

Jonathan Ray   April 13 at 6:36pm

No it will be on the May update

Ken Harrison    April 9 at 7:00pm

I've been no. 1 on the wait list over a week but the list is going down, I'm confused. Thanks

Mike Cleveland   April 9 at 11:47pm

Must be some glitch bc you’re the only one registered for MA60.... or it goes by divisions... either way I hope they let you play

Dustin Hargrove    April 9 at 3:42pm

How do we look up what hole we start on?

Sara Hoyal   April 10 at 10:53am

Go to the PDGA site for the tournament. The hole number will be the first column

Ruth A. Miller   April 10 at 11:36am

The PDGA site is on this dgscene on the About tab.

Jono Smith    April 9 at 12:45pm

Will caddies be allowed ?


Justin Barr    April 9 at 12:24pm

What are the rain/storm plans? Is it play in the rain and delay for lightning?

Afternoon still looks good but morning forecast is getting worse.

Jonathan Ray   April 9 at 12:37pm

We play in the rain and yes if we have lighting we delay.

Ryan Usher    April 8 at 5:12pm

I am on the waitlist for MA4, but I am also down to be in MA3 if a spot opens up. Is it possible for me to be the next in line for both of those divisions? there are no other waitlisted players in either of them.


bryan waldrop    April 8 at 12:46pm

If I withdraw, do I still get refunded in full?


Seth Ives    April 6 at 10:33pm

Battle For Oggwood Layout
*There are new marked hazards on holes 3 and 4. This will make these holes more difficult, but they are there to protect your ankles from new sinkholes, so watch your footing*
1 - Barn (ground basket)
2 - Normal
3 - Long (new marked hazard)
3A - Normal
4 - Long (new marked hazards)
6 - From House
7 - Short Pad To Keyhole
8 - Long
9 - Normal
10 - Short Pin
11 - Long
12 - Alt. Pad To Ground Basket
13 - Normal
14 - Short
15 - Long
16 - Long Pad To Short ... more


Keenan Devaney    April 6 at 1:42pm

Andie Devaney needs to be withdrawn. She can no longer make the tournament. That being said, I'd still request the rest of my family on one card. Mark MA3, Laurie FA4 and I MA1. Thanks


Jeremy white    April 6 at 12:39pm

Are we playing hole 12 hanging basket or long hole 12

Ruth A. Miller   April 6 at 9:54pm

I saw that the Oggwood Facebook page posted the Battle for Oggwood Layout. I would go and check that out.

Lynn Mitchell    April 3 at 6:57pm

This is the first tournament I've signed up for and this might be a dumb question but if someone is on the waiting list do they need to show up just in case of no-shows? I'm 11th in line on the waiting list so I probably don't have a chance anyway but I figured I'd ask.


Jeremy white    April 3 at 12:04pm

Is the tournament lay out going to be the music city bag tag layout ?


John Freitas    March 31 at 2:12pm

What's the layout going to be?

Caleb McKenney   April 2 at 10:43pm

Talked to Phillip and he said they’re leaving it as it is now. Headed out there this week and can let you know positions if you want.

John Freitas   April 3 at 1:40am

Played today, shot my best round ever. So I am sure to play terrible next weekend lol

Keenan Devaney    March 30 at 9:10pm

Hey JRay, could my whole family be on the same card? 4 of us all signed up, Mark Devaney (MA3), Keenan Devaney (MA1), Laurie Devaney (FA4) and Andie Devaney (FA4). Thanks!


Andrew Barton    March 17 at 6:46pm

I had requested to be withdrawn and refunded from this tournament due to medical reasons, I just wanted to be sure someone saw that.


Christa Gilley    March 11 at 2:17am

Crossing my fingers to get in saw you had only 1 fa3 player and thats the division I was hoping for. Either way see ya at Ogg JRay! Its gonna be a good one!


mallory white    March 11 at 1:04am

Hi Jonathan, could you please move me up to FA3?


Philip Gant    March 9 at 6:02am

Everyone is playing the same layout?

Jonathan Ray   March 9 at 6:38am


Gary Martin    February 24 at 11:08pm

Can you slide me to MPO please? thanks.

Jonathan Ray   March 9 at 6:38am


Tom Trinidad Jr    February 24 at 9:59pm

Hey Johnny Ray,
Looks like i'll have to play with the kids. Please move me from MA50 to MA40.
Thanks brother.