The 5th Annual Cassandra Gentry Memorial

Saturday, June 25, 2022 at Bandemer Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

BYOP Doubles event to honor and celebrate our beloved friend Cassandra Gentry who passed unexpectedly at the y ... more
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Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    Sticky June 9 at 3:17pm

Player Packs are guaranteed for the first 150 players registered FYI

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Richard Thelen   June 11 at 6:35pm

I believe just one round of 18

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   June 11 at 11:35pm

1 round of 18

Jacob Lemasters   June 14 at 11:24pm

Cool thanks Phil

Sean Dietrich    July 9 at 11:36pm

If any of you have extra mint discs Goats I’d be interested in trading or buying them if you don’t want it. Mine got away from me at independence lake today.

Jay B   July 10 at 3:03am

Is that the driver?

Jay B   July 10 at 3:03am

I have a green one

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    June 27 at 11:19am

The 5th Annual Cassandra Gentry Memorial

154 Players

$12,190 raised

Am Champions: Matt Wysocki/Trent Berger

Pro Champions: Jay Binienda/Brandon Johnson

Mixed Champions: Phil Common/Jen Trombley and Audrey Lavalley/Adam Griffith

Words cannot express what this event means to all of us. The support shown by the local disc golf community is truly special, and everyone involved should be very proud of the impact this event has been able to achieve. It was an amazing day and I'm ... more


Tyler Fults    June 27 at 1:47am

Will tournament results be posted soon, my partner and I had to leave early after the round was over and sadly missed the rewards ceremony. We were just curious on how we finished.

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   June 27 at 11:19am

We will have scores up asap!

Brian "DGFC" Evans    June 26 at 6:29pm

Thank you to Becky Gentry, Jen Trombley, and Phil Common for the last 5 years! Never had the privilege to meet Cass, but just from playing in this event and meeting her friends I can tell she touched a lot of lives! So glad that Disc Golf for a Cause has been honored to be part of this event! The money donated to Disc Golf for a Cause will be used to help us continue donating to other disc golf charity events nation wide and help disc golfers and disc golf communities in need. Truly bless ... more

Derek Streng   June 26 at 11:59pm

Thanks for all the hard work from everyone, Missy and I had a blast.

Monica Gray    June 25 at 1:36pm

Team Rocpile will not be able to make it this year.


Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    June 25 at 1:23am

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!! FINALLY! ???? Let's remember Cass and spunk for life together. ????

Just wanted to give some tips for coming out to the Memorial tomorrow. We have 150 registered players, which is incredible! That being said, you're likely to have about 16 people on your card. It's gonna be a slow round so we will not break after 9 holes. We'll play the 18 holes straight through. It's a good idea to bring a lunch for on the go and water to stay hydrated. We ... more


AMY GENTRY    June 24 at 9:07pm

Can I still register another mixed team or is it too late? Erin and Jason Roger's would love to play and we would like to register them so they dont miss the final event for Cass

Michael Hernandez   June 25 at 1:05am

let them play!!!

Rocky Garcia    June 24 at 3:42pm

Gabe garcia and rob werstein team name liquid ice are backing out they both ended up having to work

Jen Trombley   June 24 at 5:03pm

Thank you!

Erin Shaffer    June 24 at 1:13pm

If you’re still allowing registration, Ben and I will be in town for this after all ????
Erin Shaffer 108812
Benjamin Demory 100163
Division: mixed
Team name: Pup N Suds ????????????

Erin Shaffer   June 24 at 1:14pm

Lmao pretend all the question marks are emojis because they were

Erin Shaffer   June 24 at 1:20pm

Also it was 4 emojis not 1000 In case you’re worried about my sanity lol

Jen Trombley   June 24 at 3:43pm

The real questions is which emojis were they? hmmmm. Don't tell me. I'll forever wonder. ?

Kris Woody    June 24 at 5:00am

Kris woody #118193
Jack deyonker #92366

Team name- goldinger


Tim Gacioch    June 23 at 9:00pm

JubJub 15530 and Anslie 26718. Pro


Audrey Lavalley    June 23 at 1:48pm

Hey there. Not sure if we can still sign up for this, but I'd like to if possible!
Audrey Lavalley 84861
Adam Griffith 38921
Treesus Saves

Thank you!


Foz Miller    June 22 at 7:12pm

Phil I will be taking Dustin's place on Richard Thelen team. - Thanks

Look forward to seeing everyone and seeing if I remember how to throw a "Frisbee" ;-)

Foz Miller   June 22 at 7:14pm


John Blansett    June 22 at 6:10pm

Please name Amendment to "Dark star productions presents... Putt buddies 2 no puttz intended!"


Ryan Paduch    June 22 at 5:21pm

Ryan Paduch #98542
Brittany Paduch
Team name - Constant Migraine


Matthew wysocki    June 21 at 11:38pm

Matt wysocki #157694
Trent berger
Team name: Slinging disc


Michael Hernandez    June 21 at 11:58am

Breakfast pizza
Michael Hernandez
Bryan Morgan


Ryan Traud    June 20 at 5:53pm

my wife and I need to unreg for this, unfortunately. Thank you so much for all you do!


Kristen Clauder    June 20 at 5:48pm

Hey ya'll, The Pickle and The Crab will need to drop - but I'd like to donate what our registration fee would have been. So sorry to have to miss this! </3