The 37th Annual Kansas City Wide Open Presented by Discraft

PDGA logoFri-Sun, June 14-16, 2019 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
Pro A-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash is a minimum $4,000 for the A Tier (Pro Divisions). All professionals are in Pool A. Amateurs ... more
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Michael Krueger    Sticky June 12 at 5:46pm

Tee times are posted.


Rock Florida    June 12 at 3:32pm

Any possibility of getting in to the MP50 field, please? Thank you for all you do!

Michael Krueger   June 12 at 5:47pm

That's a question for Chris Timko - It's above my pay grade!

Patrick M.    June 12 at 1:17am

Will you announce the time on this site for Friday? What time is advanced division starting?

Michael Krueger   June 12 at 5:47pm

tee times are posted.

Becca Kephart    June 5 at 3:52pm

I work during the entire check in time on Thursday. Is there another way I can check in?

Michael Krueger   June 5 at 4:39pm

Hi Becca - For any players that cannot make it to check in on Thursday, we will have player's packs at Wyandotte County Park. You can check in before your tee time.

Becca Kephart   June 5 at 4:55pm

Wonderful! Thank you so much MK!

Mike miller    June 3 at 5:59pm

When will the people on the wait list know if we get into the tournament

Michael Krueger   June 3 at 6:02pm

Hi Mike - It all depends on when and if people drop. We will keep everyone on the waitlist up to date as best we can!

Robert Horner    June 3 at 5:19pm

I need to drop from the tournament and would like to request a refund. I tried to use the contact tournament staff feature on discgolfscene and it did not work.

Michael Krueger   June 3 at 6:03pm

Hi Robert. On your confirmation email from Disc Golf Scene, there is a link to click if you want to withdraw. No need to do that; I'll take care of it. Sorry that you can't make it!

Tyler Hickman    June 3 at 4:09pm

Any spots gonna open up for advance?

Chris Timko   June 3 at 5:59pm

Hi Tyler. No additional spots will be added, but people on the waitlist will be promoted depending on the number of withdraws. Thanks!

Andrew Melton    June 3 at 3:56pm

I will not be able to make the event. I would like to request a refund. Thanks

Michael Krueger   June 3 at 6:06pm

Hi Andrew - I'll take care of it. Sorry that you can't make it!

wes sturges    May 21 at 2:04am

I want to sign up but all the Am spots are full. Will there be any adjustments to the cap for Ams?

Michael Krueger   May 22 at 4:12pm

Hi Wes, we have considered multiple options for expanding the Am pool but we are going to keep each pool at 72. Next year we hope to have a larger am pool!

Michael Krueger    May 15 at 2:45am

Happy Tuesday everybody! The 37th Annual Kansas City Wide Open presented by Discraft starts exactly one month from today.

We have had a recent surge in amateur entries, and the C Pool is filled with a waiting list. The B Pool (MA1, MA40, and FA1) has 18 open spots remaining. There are caps on MA1 and MA40, but those can be adjusted. We have 2 spots held for FA1 - If those aren't filled by June 1, we will open those spots for MA1 and MA40. Of course, if we have a surge in FA1 players ... more

Jim Geurin   May 21 at 1:36pm

How about moving MA1 to A pool, and MA50 and MA 60 to the B pool? Then you could increase the caps on some of the filled up divisions. As a MA60 player I will say that I'm not afraid of the longer setups for B pool.

Michael Krueger   May 21 at 9:48pm

Hi Jim - I proposed that to Chris who thought long and hard about it. However, he decided that he wanted to stay with the pools as they are. I am hopeful that you get in to the MA60 division, largely because I prefer not mixing divisions. I'd rather have you come in and have a card of 4 in your division and have one card of 5. But, that's not my decision! :)

Matthew Albright    May 14 at 11:08am

Is moving some divisions to B pool possible so as to include the waitlist players registered in C pool?

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Matthew Albright   May 14 at 4:56pm

Why would the club prioritize theoretical future registrations over people who have already put down money?

Michael Krueger   May 14 at 5:43pm

I understand what you're saying, but the way that the pools work, we have different course set ups for Bad Rock Creek. We would prefer that the MA50 players NOT play the layout that is intended for MA1/MA40/FA1 players. That's why we would prefer not to move them. However, around June 1 ... more

Michael Krueger   May 14 at 6:07pm

That said, we are considering other alternatives to expand the field. No promises, but as the tournament is a month away, we have the opportunity to consider it. Stay tuned!

John O    May 1 at 2:09pm

I would like a refund issued please, I won't be able to attend due to injury.

Michael Krueger   May 1 at 2:18pm

Hi John. I am sorry that you're injured and hope you get better soon! To get a refund, look at your confirmation email and follow the instructions there. If you no longer have the confirmation email, let us know, and we can take care of it.

Sean Gilbert    April 30 at 3:44pm

How are Friday Am tee times determined?

Chris Timko   April 30 at 4:48pm

That has yet to be determined, but tee times will be published early in the week before the event to give people plenty of time to plan!

Michael Krueger   May 1 at 7:16pm

Hi Sean, just to add to what Chris said, we are tentatively planning on this order (by division): MA3, MA60, MA50, MA2, MA40, MA1, FA3, FA2, FA40, FA1. The ladies will be featured in the final spots.

Isaiah nestlerode    April 11 at 11:04pm

Where were the pin placements be for recreational

Chris Timko   April 26 at 2:42pm

Pin placements should be announced 2 weeks before the event!

Michael Krueger   May 1 at 2:24pm

Hi Isaiah, to follow up on Chris, the Recreational division will play the same layout as the pros at Water Works and Wyandotte County. Bad Rock Creek will have a different layout for Recreational compared to Advanced and Intermediate.

Michael Deeter    December 25 at 7:43pm

What does the registration schedule look like?

Michael Krueger   December 25 at 8:13pm

It has been updated. Opens today for women, January 1 for all players.