Discmania's 303 Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 5-7, 2023 at Camenisch Park in Denver, Colorado
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the The 303 Open, 12th Annual! We are headed back to Hyland Hills for the first time since 2019 wi ... more

Kyle Harrigan    Sticky May 4 at 4:02am

Final Pre-Event Email Sent: Hello Players and waitlisters,

Welcome to Discmania’s 303 Open Presented by CTP Disc and Tap-In Lounge. This will serve as the final email pre-event!

Reminder: Kyle Maute has had a family emergency and I (Kyle Harrigan, or Harri) will be taking over things for the weekend and will be your Tournament Director on-site. Maute will be on site for early stages of the event, but will not be able to complete his duties throughout the weekend. PDGA has been mad ... more


brett stetson    May 6 at 3:51pm

In the idea of some other comments here. Tie dye cat whale sack, if you find it I got you $5, thanks!

Kyle Harrigan   May 6 at 4:04pm

I think it’s at tourney central

Zach Meeker    May 5 at 10:28pm

Any pick up a cline pd2 red with discmania heart stamp right off the rocks on 6 by the pump house? Couldn’t quite reach it went back and it was gone.


Christie Hundley    May 5 at 6:07pm

I had to drop on round 1 at hole 16 due to injury :( I finished keeping score and gave myself par + 4

Please mark me accordingly. Thank you!

Tim W   May 5 at 6:54pm

Oh no! Hope you're ok!

J K    May 5 at 12:56am

Peach Felon - if you find it bring to tourny central thank you!


Travis Cooper    May 4 at 6:51pm

Is the Thursday check in required?

Kyle Harrigan   May 4 at 11:00pm


Jason Heimark    May 3 at 11:29pm

Lost a pair of gray sunglasses with yellow lenses on/before hole 9. Reward if found!


Jans Ingber    May 2 at 8:23pm

People of the 303 open, I'm flying in from Oregon on thrusday to get a practice round in (playing MP40) I arrive into DIA at 2:50pm. I have a car in Boulder but by the time I get to it, check in and drive to the course, it'll be too late for a practice round. Anyone coming from the airport on the 4th? Live in Denver and wanna scoop me and play a practice round? hit me up - 720-296-6037


Isaac Mangrum    May 2 at 5:25pm

I lost a red Ezra Nuke while practicing the other day if anyone by chance found it


Sammie Jo Guerrero    May 1 at 12:43am

Is the layout the same for FP40 and MP0?

Kyle Harrigan   May 1 at 2:00am

No they are the B Pool Layout.

Jans Ingber    April 27 at 4:32pm

What are the chances I get into the tournament? Currently #4 waitlist MP40. I sure would love to. If so, I'd change my incoming flight to get a practice round in. thx


Kyle Maute    April 27 at 2:05am

Player email has been sent out with pool and course layout info.

eric hoerske   April 27 at 12:47pm

I did not receive the email

eric hoerske   April 27 at 12:47pm

Oops. I see it

Duane Rodarte   April 28 at 1:56am

Can I get a copy? Want to scope out the info in case I get off the wait list. Thanks Kyle!

Matt Miller    April 24 at 2:17am

So is there a caddy book or layout in udisc or something? Caddying in FPO and would like to get a look at the layout

Joel Binford   April 24 at 2:50am

Following. Very interested also. Trying to play next Sunday..

Tim W    April 22 at 3:32pm

It's crazy and really cool that the 5X champ of the 303, Joe Revere,
has a PDGA number of 30306.

Kyle Maute   April 22 at 8:55pm

maybe it is a sign for this yeat to be #6x

Nick Hanson    April 18 at 4:35pm

Calling all MPO waitlist players! There will be one spot up for grabs at the Wednesday flex start at Adams Hollow I am running. Click the link below to get signed up.



Chris Toffolo    April 9 at 10:16pm

Will spectators be allowed to follow groups each day, and do you need to buy tickets?

Jack Newman   May 2 at 7:28pm

Wondering this as well. Are spectators allowed?

Micah Yarbrough   May 3 at 6:39pm

Also wondering about spectating. No updates?

Tim W   May 3 at 10:51pm

No spectator pass required any day.

Trenton Ming    April 7 at 1:14pm

Do volunteers have to volunteer all three days? Or is there an option for one or two days?

Kyle Harrigan   April 7 at 1:25pm

We will accept any days you can!

Glen T Arendt    April 5 at 8:55pm

Sorry, just noticed its pro only.


Glen T Arendt    April 5 at 8:52pm

How does the waitlist work? I'm MA50, will I have any chance of getting in?


Chase Christian    April 3 at 8:11pm

Is the layout for the tournament open for the public or is it a different layout entirely for the the tournament? Never played out there and was trying to catch a practice round today

Kyle Harrigan   April 3 at 8:25pm

It is not in a layout that will be practicable at this time. They are finishing the installation of the new tee pads and baskets on the lower course. We will be dropping the map and course rules in a couple weeks when the construction of the lower course installation is finished.