The 2021 Frozen Open Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSaturday, January 30, 2021 at Fulwood DGC in Tifton, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Players meeting will be virtual and emailed out on Wednesday, Jan. 27th Hole assignments will be posted on Fri ... more
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Tyler D Stahl    January 22 at 9:42pm

Unfortunately won't be able to make it up for the tournament. Sorry I have to request a refund. Sorry about the late notice. Thank you

William Holt   January 24 at 1:17am


Jason Noble    January 22 at 4:36pm

Does anyone know if the Walmart in Tifton, is cool with Car camping in their parking lot?

William Holt   January 24 at 1:17am

Not sure

Marshall Griffiss   January 28 at 4:55pm

I would call them.

Talan Pitts    January 21 at 10:02pm

Accidentally registered myself twice for the frozen open, but probably won’t even make it off the waiting list.

William Holt   January 24 at 1:17am

Fixed it

Jacob Shepherd    January 20 at 8:33pm

If we get off the waitlist how do we pay? And can we throw in the ace pot and CTP if there is one?

William Holt   January 20 at 8:42pm

What will happen is you’ll receive an email when you get in off the waitlist. In the email there will be a link that will allow you to update your registration status. This will allow you to add any add-ons such as ctp or ace and it will allow you to pay too.

Jacob Shepherd   January 20 at 8:47pm

Thanks so much. Sorry to be asking so much. First tournament in two years

JoJo Bonet    January 19 at 11:44pm

I’ll need to withdraw from MPO

William Holt   January 19 at 11:54pm


jamie kiep   January 25 at 12:58pm

Dang it Jo Jo

Jacob Shepherd    January 18 at 2:30am

What’s the chances I make it in the tournament? Currently 4th on the waitlist and will have to drive from Savannah morning of the event

William Holt   January 18 at 2:44am

Typically there’s a good chance. It’s been kinda weird so far not too many withdrawals at all.

Jacob Shepherd   January 18 at 3:18am

Awesome. Really really hoping I can get in this one

Marty Hollingshead    January 17 at 9:09pm

Hey, Will! If you need another MA40 registration I am available so you can make them official. Just throwing that out there. I stopped by the course a couple weeks ago. It’s looking good!

William Holt   January 18 at 2:45am

It would be nice if I could do that but waitlist is not division based but overall spots.

Marty Hollingshead   January 18 at 3:39am

No problem

Fleming Hyde    December 28 at 10:43pm

Hey will!

Is this event going to be capped at 90 people?

William Holt   December 28 at 10:58pm

At the moment yes but I’m looking into adding an extra hole or two but having issues. There’s not a lot of space to put an extra hole and I don’t think I can get extra players pack in time. Especially since the original order was placed a more than month ago and they still haven’t shipped.

Melissa Molaison    December 28 at 5:53pm

So what about bathrooms? We drove 4 hours from home to check this course out only to find all the restrooms locked up tight. We're registered to play but I wish I'd known beforehand that there's no bathroom. Nearby gas station was gross

William Holt   December 28 at 10:54pm

Sorry about that. I reached out to the city to see if we can get them unlocked for the tournament but they said they don’t have the man power to properly clean them as frequently as the state has mandated for COVID.

Melissa Molaison   January 2 at 8:26pm

So 100 people with zero bathrooms? I hope you're planning to rent toilets or something.

Edward naylon    December 27 at 2:13am

I’m reaching out on behalf of Double G. He just launched and would love to get into tournaments players packs.
Please let me know if you are interested and who I should contact. [email redacted]

William Holt   December 27 at 2:34am

Thanks for reaching out Edward. I got his email the other day about the jerky, but our player’s packs are already set. We will reach out for our next tournament.

Steven Wright    December 18 at 9:09pm

How do I get on the waiting list?

William Holt   December 18 at 9:21pm

Just register like normal and it should put you on the waitlist

Steven Wright   December 18 at 10:07pm

I assume there will be a refund if I don’t get in... correct?

William Holt   December 20 at 1:20am


Chris Stone    December 17 at 1:20pm

Really sorry but I'm going to have to back out of this one.

William Holt   December 17 at 1:32pm

Hate to hear that. Just sent refund.

Chris Stone   December 17 at 7:14pm

Thanks William!

William Holt   December 17 at 10:39pm

No problem man

Sabrina Schendel    December 12 at 2:45pm

What are the tee times??

William Holt   December 14 at 3:42am

First round will most likely be around 9 and second round will start around 12:30/1:00

Adam Rogers    December 10 at 12:01am

I am going to assume that open has cash payouts...... and not discs?

William Holt   December 10 at 1:24am

Correct. However if you’re are trying to maintain amateur status and don’t what to accept cash we can work something out to replace it.

Steven Wright    December 1 at 1:13pm

Is this a one day event? How many holes for tourney?

William Holt   December 4 at 12:03pm

It is one day and will be 2 rounds of 18.

Dr Coach Green    November 30 at 5:54pm

What is the tee situation?

Drew Greene   November 30 at 8:49pm

There's only 1 set of tees at Fulwood

Jacob Lemasters    November 30 at 5:07pm

Planning on registering for tournament, coming all the way from Michigan, as of now Is this tournament still happening? Not sure what the laws are down there with Covid

William Holt   December 4 at 12:06pm

The tournament is still a go. If for some reason the city comes to in January and shuts down the park, we will just move the tournament to the course in Valdosta.

Richard Glessner    November 23 at 1:14pm

Can you open up MA60?

William Holt   November 23 at 1:21pm

Should be open now