Tennessee State Doubles Championship

Saturday, February 24, 2018 at Short Mountain Distillery in Woodbury, Tennessee
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Registration is Full 108 teams are signed up... 8280 Short Mountain Rd. Woodbury, TN 37190 Open= 2 Pro ma ... more
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Beau Simmons    February 21 at 8:33pm

Do they allow pets there for the people that are camping out

Kim Burde   February 21 at 10:38pm


Samuel Wilson    February 21 at 3:37am

We playing rain or shine. Love a few hours out and was just making sure

Kim Burde   February 21 at 4:08am


Spencer Tuggle    February 20 at 5:28pm

The PDGA# for Ian Tuggle, PDGA 69615, is not listed by his name on the Players list for Adult/Youth. Can this be corrected if it matters? He is current.

Kim Burde   February 20 at 8:51pm


Billy Ray Osborn    February 20 at 1:52am

Are the courses cart friendly?

Kim Burde   February 20 at 9:45am


Curtis Shriver   February 20 at 4:06pm

Billy Ray, you're going to be there? Great!

Mark Toole Jr.    February 16 at 9:25pm

Could you move left handed tooles to intermediate?

Kim Burde   February 17 at 3:33am


Mark Toole Jr.   February 19 at 4:42pm

Thanks Kim! Looking forward to another awesome, though possibly wet, tournament. This will be my 3rd year in a row.

Kim Burde   February 19 at 5:22pm

Awesome see ya Saturday

Matthew Johnson    February 16 at 3:19pm

What hours will the courses be available for play on Friday? And is there a cost?

Kim Burde   February 17 at 3:32am

It’s free and gates open at 11am Friday.. free primitive camping Friday night.

Taylor Keen    February 16 at 1:47pm

Is there anyway I can change my partner from Brandon Speck To Billy Simmons in the inter/rec. division?
Team name is Gonzo.

Kim Burde   February 16 at 2:40pm

Okay I’ll change it

Taylor Keen   February 16 at 2:54pm

Thank you so much.

Moquin Tonbuavone    February 16 at 8:35am

I had someone sign me up and they put the wrong pdga number. I am playing in the mixed division and my name is Moquin. My pdga number is 83524. Thanks a lot


Ashley Barrier    February 16 at 4:50am

What is the format going to be?

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Ashley Barrier   February 16 at 7:06pm

Ok. Thank you

Dan M   February 23 at 4:39am

Does this include mixed dubs?

Kim Burde   February 23 at 11:05pm


Dan M    February 12 at 4:23pm

My wife and I were thinking about registering for this tourney but would be flying in from Minnesota... it appears that currently the tourney is closed for mixed, what are the chances you think if get on the wait list if we could get in or not?

Thanks for any help!

Kim Burde   February 12 at 6:51pm

Yes we will get you in..

Jesse A    February 9 at 4:33am

Is there a website I can see some of the course on ...or a course map?

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Jesse A   February 10 at 12:11am

Thank you.

Colby Childress    February 7 at 4:32pm

Can my partner be changed from Ethan Smith to Grady Iliff, pdga number 73988, and the team name be changed from Birdie Club to Struggle Bus? Sorry for the inconvenience -- Morristown is having a tournament the same day.

Kim Burde   February 7 at 10:52pm

Yes I will change it tonight.

John Ackerman    February 5 at 4:34am

Can me and Jimi be moved to int

Kim Burde   February 5 at 5:34am


Ben Wilson    February 3 at 12:26am

Hey I have two teens that would like to pair up and play int/rec would that be a problem?

Kim Burde   February 3 at 12:42am

That should be fine as long as they don’t have a problem with playing against adults. :)

Ben Wilson   February 3 at 1:15am

Thanks there is no problem there

Kim Burde   February 3 at 10:30am


Kartik S    January 31 at 3:50am

Will the course be open for play the Friday before the tournament?

Kim Burde   January 31 at 8:59am


Paul Wheeler    January 17 at 9:27pm

Team "turn your head & golf": Paul Wheeler & Josh Willoughby would like to change from Int. to Advanced. Can you make that change for us?

Kim Burde   January 17 at 10:50pm


Rory Bristol    January 13 at 4:58pm

Is there a difference between the int/rec division and the int/red men’s division?

Kim Burde   January 14 at 2:31am

Red was a mistake so I made the “rec” one and I meant to delete the red one!!! I have deleted it...

Spencer Tuggle    January 4 at 4:27pm

My doubles partner had to cancel and I would like you to change my partner from Troy George to Ian Tuggle. This would change our division to Adult/Youth as he is age 13. Thanks and please confirm the change. Spencer Tuggle

Kim Burde   January 5 at 12:04am

All changed..

Mark Toole Jr.    November 2, 2017 at 7:18pm

it says the 25th on the flier and the 24th in the registration. Which will it be?

Kim Burde   November 2, 2017 at 9:09pm

its Saturday the 24th... sorry that is last years flyer!!! I'm working on a new one today!