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PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 25-26, 2022 at Riverside in Sumner, Washington
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorEric Laiblin
Assistant Tournament DirectorJames Melnik
Assistant TDNoah Newman
Assistant TDMark Kilmer
Admin/StaffTed Couillard
Admin/StaffMatt Van Dusen

About this tournament

Saturday All pro divisions and MA40 are at White River (pool b)

All other Am divisions are at Riverside (pool a)

Sunday is the opposite.

This tournament will be held in honor of our local greats that are no longer with us! They loved Riverside just as much as I did/do! It’s sad to see them and the course taken from us!

I, as well as many others would want to send her off and honor the ones that loved her, properly, with one last big sanctioned event!

This was my attempt at doing just that,I appreciate all of your patience and support and I hope you all have a wonderful time enjoying friends and family and most importantly having fun on a course you love to play, with great people!

Cheers all! And remember to keep
checking back here as things could be subject to change.

AM/Pro WR course layouts will be uploaded and have been emailed out to players.

Riverside layout is pretty self explanatory! Nothing new will be added other then some alternative pads and possible basket locations between rounds. But all tee signs are correct!

Refund policy

PCDGA is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/58176
1Kyle Crabtree50514344$726
2Kenny Clark53524647$502
3Axel Olson53485049
4John Babb51524949$280
5Zac Ruziska58505047$227
6Zack Baskett55545048$186
7Trevor Loftin53575149$143
7Brandon Mcnew53595048$143
9Josh Aumick59554849$118
10Daniel Glass56575153$102
11Landon Cross56575651
12Jeremy Kunstman57595255
12Lucas Rodmyre59555356
12Ryan Sussenguth57635152
15Benjamin Hamilton57605455
16Travis Britt61635550
17John Crawford62605553
17Jason Kenway60645551
19Trevor Hill53605564
20Jared Michelman55605564
21Sean Alexander62615954
22Dustin Johnson5861999999
22Robert Medlock5558999999
22Noah Newman5665999999
Pro 40+
1Bjorn Pinney51534749$587
2Mike Cain55534750$397
3Randall Roberts56564949$303
4Jedidiah Roger Dominy57585046$241
5Mattieo Condoluci55525552$188
6Todd Beals55555253$146
7Dana Etienne56545353$115
7Mike Wills58604751$115
9Jacob Gilmore57615156
10Jeremy Foremny57615852
11Blaine Klingler60595657
12Torre Stensland61565858
13Matt Van Dusen58605759
14Michael Buist63605857
15Rodney Marohl65575764
16Cody Bernius64685857
17Tim Sweeney63656265
18Sean Wood65726462
Pro 50+
1Ming Vang50575047$381
2Jerry Randall53565553$243
3Chris May55615450$176
4DANIEL LILLEY57625453$130
5Steve Bell63615558
6David Fielding61575961
7Shawn Ronich66655757
8Todd Bates64665859
Pro 60+
1Don Clark62686158
2Marty Smith68666154$209
3Jack Lorber67656465$157
4Barry Fischer68696567
5Terry Riege75696876
6LeRoy R Stevens81746969
Pro Women 40+
1Brandie Myers60635958$218
2Lori Beierle68676160$131
3Christine Huestis77726968
1Brian Johnson47524649$177
2Thaddeus TenKley55544644$136
3Gregory Matthew Temple50555243$113
4Atticus Abraham53504652$94
5Tyler Rohm51515248$79
6Pablo Lopez-Hilfiker54524949$65
7Seth Bates52565450$47
7Chaunce Carrico57564950$47
7Matt Oberstaller51565451$47
10Brian Armstrong56595149$16
10Travis Crawford58575149$16
12Steven Verver53525556
13Austin Forrest54644752
13Timothy TenKley56585152
15Jayson Gregory53575356
15Dawson Lilley58555155
15Nate Wallen52625154
18Shane Ackerman55585357
18Isaiah Jones56575852
20Thomas Garcia54605658
21William Elworth62575657
22Chris Young59675783
Amateur 40+
1James Huestis58605857$111
2Todd Boodt60645956$68
2Jacob Briere59605862$68
4Jeff Lynch63666055$44
5Jared Mcglinchey64675757$32
6Todd Storch68616362
7Jeff Martin64676262
8Timothy Cotton67626563
9Cory Stoffer79786869
Amateur 50+
1John Johnson55565049$111
2Dave Hardman61645254$66
3Nikos Vulgares62605558
4Greg Carr68666358
Amateur 60+
1Jim Van Scyoc61655560$104
2Bret Brasher72787071
1Mo Morrison54624952$120
2Josh Jurosek55555651$115
3Jordan Fisher55644955$97
3Aaron Fultz59555653$97
3Paul Knight57565753$97
3Matthew Mulkins55585654$97
7Jacob Andresen58595751$73
7Connor Holmstrom60565752$73
7Dylan Kitterman53615655$73
10Zach Montgomery61595454$50
10Brady Shope58556253$50
10Jason Smith58555758$50
10Devon Zueger60605157$50
14Brandon Boyd60575854
15Kevin Villaruz57595955
16Brandon McIlwain60645255
17Alex Hixson60625656
17Michael Johnson56665458
17James A Melder58615560
20Dan Champney56625760
21Josh Wymyslo62605559
22Dillon Gilbert62606554
23Ricky Kennedy66626057
24Erin Woody Anson55716556
25Andrew Schmitz66685561
26Harold Daley66736159
27David R Wood69676263
1Blake Smith58545152$113
2Austin Shope56565557$103
3Jesse Kidd61565851$92
4Tom Mitchell58585754$76
5JON JUREWICZ54605857$65
6Auston George59615855$55
7Joey Lynch60635560$37
8Ryan Brooks64645557
9Caleb Brasher60665660
9Justin Woods60636059
11Michael Wood57686561
12Pedro Meraz68665959
13Alejandro Sanchez-Cruz65695867
14Jaret Carter81786970
Advanced Women
1Rachel Melnik70686361$104
2Emily Mitchell77767476
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