Super Sunday Singles @ Dallas City Park

Sunday, February 23, 2014 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

2 rounds on a modified par 57 18 hole layout.
This will be 4 divisions, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, Open. There will be cash payout in all 4 divisions. As always there will multiple cash CTPS as well as other CTPS. Acepot and CTP is included in buy in. There is going to be ALOT of OB'S and ALOT of FUN! If you would like to preregister just send me a message with your name division and email to link you to the scene. Or if you have any questions just let me know.

Hole 1- Mando left side of first tree. OB- Water, on sidewalk and over.
Hole 2- OB- water and on and over sidewalk to the right.
Hole 3- OB- on or over sidewalk or on road. blacktop walkway is safe.
Hole 4- Island Hole, Must land in the grass. Road to the right is OB and sidewalk and over is OB. Sidewalk behind the pin is OB on and over. MUST LAND IN THE GRASS. NOT BARKDUST, GRASS. If you go OB there is a dropzone between trees in front of teepad to shoot from. ANY OB IS AUTOMATIC DROPZONE!. Even if you putt OB go back to dropzone. must land in between the sidewalk and rocks in the island. After done with hole cross bridge to the two temp holes.
Hole 5- Temp Hole. DOUBLE MANDO. No O.B. If you miss mando then take penalty and throw from front of mando trees.
Hole 6- Temp Hole. O.B. - On Cement road and right.
Hole 7- Teeoff from Flags behind normal 7's teepad.DOUBLE MANDO- LEFT OF BOTH MARKED TREES. if you miss either mando you must rewind or throw from last in bound position and still make mandos. OB-Road and right and Blacktop walkway and left into 11's fairway. any OB just play from last inbound position. If never in bounds then Retee. PAR 4
Hole 8- OB- in creek and sidewalk and over behind pin. Blacktop is safe. sidewalk right before pin is OB if fully on top. OB line painted on ground by creek.
Hole 9- Mando right side of marked tree. OB- in creek and left of painted OB line.
Hole 10- OB- road and over and road behind pin.
Hole 11- OB- on blacktop walkway and over into 7’s fairway.
Hole 12- OB- in creek and over fence to the left.
Hole 13- OB- creek.
Hole 14- Teeoff from flags inside baseball field. Must clear baseball field fence. you can layup short and left by batting cages if you don't think you will clear the fence long. OB- inside baseballfeild, blacktop walkway and right into 15’s fairway. PAR 4
Hole 15- OB- blacktop walkway and right.
Hole 16- OB- Road and over and blacktop walkway and over.
Hole 17- Teeoff from flags by park entrance. Mando between two marked trees. so you must go thru one of the three holes in the trees. OB- Road and over. PAR 4
Hole 18- OB- Sidewalk and over, Road, Water. If you go OB drop zone is on cement. If you putt OB go to dropzone. ANY OB GO TO DROPZONE!


Final Results


Josh Parker$40.00 for Hole 10 on Main course, Super Sunday Par 57
Round 1: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
1Paul Compton5552107$30
2Steve Jones5357110$20
3Josh Parker6055115
4Bob Fultz5762119
5Kevin Gough6662128
Round 1: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
2Dallas Trower6348111$15
3Chris Lippert6051111$10
4Dane Jones5756113
5Jeff Sego5757114
6Brian VanFleet6354117
6Rafael Guerrero6453117
8Kain Tormis5863121
9Jon Long6558123
Round 1: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
1Mike Wilson5663119$25
2Rene Lopez6361124$15
4Shawn M.7063133
5Jared Link6373136
6Steve Sego7368141
7Andy D.7867145
8Victor Campos8081161