Stafford Am

PDGA logoSaturday, September 8, 2018 at Stafford Woods in Voorhees, New Jersey
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Stafford Am will play the exact layout as the pro only Stafford Open A tier scheduled for Sept 22nd & 23rd ... more
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Mark Pasierb    September 7 at 2:19pm

Can I be moved to MA40 please?

Adam Harris   September 7 at 3:09pm


Adam Harris    September 7 at 12:22pm

With a ton of people backing out (weather watchers) and THE WAIT LIST BEING DEPLETED, I am announcing that anyone else backing out will receive their player pack and no refund - IF your spot does not got to a walk up or another registrant. We've ordered player packs that cost as much as your entry fee based on a sold out event....

PDGA Competition Manual - Rule 1.03, Section E

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event within 14 days of the start of the event and prio ... more

Joseph Royer   September 7 at 1:14pm

I’m in!

Adam Harris   September 7 at 1:44pm

yup, cleared a 8 person wait list in 2 days.... nice, but sad

Kenneth McKnight    September 5 at 5:52pm

Please remove me from the active list

Adam Harris   September 5 at 6:12pm

as in, are you asking for a refund? I can do that, just want to make sure I understand you request properly

Kenneth McKnight   September 5 at 7:44pm

Yes. I can't play.

Adam Harris    September 5 at 5:19pm

Just a reminder, we will have a Zuca cart raffle $5 / ticket & we will be running "Closest to the Cones" again with some good prizes that have been popular in the past.

Bring some extra cash and help us to reach our A tier goal - and get yourself some nice prizes while doing so!


Joseph Royer    September 5 at 4:28pm

Let’s see some movement on that waitlist! If not playing, I’ll be spotting though

Adam Harris   September 5 at 4:54pm

good luck! had one today...

Becky Sonnheim    September 3 at 1:16am

Stafford lost and found discs will be out all day at the tournament. Come and claim your lost discs that the turtles didn't eat this summer!!


Kenneth McKnight    August 29 at 5:34pm

Can you tell us anything about the layout ? I want to get a practice round in. Should I play long tee to long basket? The course is looking amazing already can't wait for match day!

Becky Sonnheim   August 29 at 5:36pm

Good afternoon! All players will be playing long tees to current basket locations. All white stakes will be OB, over park fence and also in the pond.

Kenneth McKnight   August 29 at 6:07pm

Thanks for the quick reply

EJ Snax    August 26 at 11:10pm

Can I be added to the waitlist please and thank you!!!


Colin MacMaster    August 23 at 2:40pm

I’m not going to be able to make this anymore. Can I get my money refunded and my spot given to the waitlist. Thank you.

Adam Harris   August 29 at 10:51am

taken care of

Colin MacMaster   August 30 at 4:09am

Thank you so much

Brian Williams    August 23 at 1:40pm

Unfortunately this is the same day as Sectionals for Ultimate. Please give away my spot. Put the money toward the prize or the A-tier. Course looks great.

Adam Harris   August 29 at 10:45am

sorry we will miss you, thank you!

Paul Scarpato    August 20 at 11:47pm

Why did I only receive a refund for $25 when I paid a registration fee of $35? My spot was filled by someone on the waitlist, so shouldn’t I get back a full refund amount? Thanks.

Paul Scarpato   August 21 at 1:33am

Ok. I was confused because I never received less than the full refund since my slot was filled by the waitlist

Paul Scarpato    August 20 at 2:54am

I am unable to attend the tournament. May I please be refunded and my spot given to someone on the waitlist. Thanks in advance!

Adam Harris   August 20 at 10:44pm


Becky Sonnheim    August 13 at 1:56pm

Bring some extra cash as we are raffling off a Zuca cart for $5 per ticket. We are also having a closest to the cone contest after the two rounds are over, 3 throws for $5.


Barry Middleton    August 8 at 5:51pm

Please remove me from the waitlist.


Ian McKendry    July 26 at 1:21pm

I need to withdraw all together. I had something come up that will have me in Pittsburgh that weekend. Please open up my spot to one of the folks on the waitlist. Sorry for the all inconvenience.


Ian McKendry    July 11 at 6:07pm

I seem to be registered twice (MA3). Can you withdraw/ remove one of those? Thanks

Adam Harris   July 17 at 1:46pm

Ian, I just looked that up. You registered on May 14th, and again on May 30th. I refunded one of those just now.

Ian McKendry   July 17 at 2:05pm

Oops. Thank you very much

Dan Wilson    June 11 at 1:22pm

I need to withdraw from the event. Please pass my spot onto someone else and refund my registration money however you see fit. Thanks!


Jevin Torres Sr.    June 11 at 3:39am

Hey is there anyway I can get on the waitlist for MA2 and pay once I get in. If not I understand. I was going to register Thursday but I would to grab that waitlist #2 if possible. Thanks either way. Talk soon

Adam Harris   June 11 at 9:30pm

you can put yourself on the wait list any time you like

Jevin Torres Sr.   June 17 at 3:45am

Oh ok sorry like I said i wanted to see if I could get on the wait list without paying right away and just pay when you get a solidified spot. ( Just trying to

Jevin Torres Sr.   June 17 at 3:47am

Juggle finances. My apologies I don't want to be a pain in the butt. I'll try and figure something out. Thanks anyways adam