St. Patty's Day Meltdown - Amateur Weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 24-25, 2021 at ULTRA DiscGolfPark in Fort Collins, Colorado
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The Saint Patty's Day Meltdown (SPM) returns to Fort Collins, CO for the 12th year as a sanctioned event! Two ... more
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Jon Boothe    Sticky April 25 at 12:07am

Tee Times posted for round 2


Jon Boothe    Sticky April 23 at 11:32pm

In you didn't see this in the email sent earlier.

Tee times can be found on the “Meltdown” PDGAs site

Live Scoring has will be used.
Pass = meltdown

Check in will be as you drive in to the parking lot.
Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your tee time.

Food Trucks will be on site both days at 11am and beer will be available for purchase after your round.
Saturday - El Sabo ... more


Nathan Silva    April 25 at 8:46pm

Great tournament Jon and company. Loved the layout, great group of people.

Mitchell Eisenberg   April 26 at 5:48pm

Congrats on the win Nate! Enjoy the jump up to MA2!!!

Caleb Tucker    April 25 at 6:28pm

Where can we find the round 1 photos?

Angie Dowdy   April 26 at 1:48pm

I think they will end up here, but that’s just a guess:

Josh Furman    April 24 at 12:48am

Is it possible to get in still for Am 40+?


John Mola    April 23 at 10:48pm

Is there going to be casual relief from the ditch? (e.g. the one in the middle of fairway on hole 12)

Jon Boothe   April 23 at 10:57pm

Just in the ditch area with standing or running water will be played as casual. Majority of the ditch is either dry or OB. Sent email on this earlier.

John Mola   April 24 at 3:30am

Heh - for some reason I got the email last week but not this one. Thank you for posting it again above though!

Christopher Sjodin    April 23 at 6:16pm

Hole 11's basket is missing

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Lance Barto   April 23 at 6:31pm

Then, there's a new alternate hole 14 to make up for not using the tee on 12.

Lance Barto   April 23 at 6:31pm

It's around the fenceline to the long and to the right

Jon Boothe   April 23 at 8:28pm

Lol. Yes it is. Hole 11 plays to hole 12. See map.

Greg Johnson    April 21 at 4:46pm

Hey, unfortunately something came up and I will no longer be able to make it to this event. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Jon Boothe   April 22 at 8:39pm

Hey Greg we are past the registration closed date and none else on the waitlist, I have your players pack for you.

James buzzard    April 20 at 5:51pm

Due to personal issues Stated in message stand I need to resign thank you very much

Kris Huber   April 20 at 10:14pm


Adam Owens   April 21 at 5:17pm


Jon Boothe    April 19 at 11:40pm

Tee Times have been posted for Saturdays round.

Steven Groves   April 20 at 1:02pm

Followed the link. Couldn’t see any tee times, just the list of players registered in the tournament. Am I missing something?

Casey Norgard   April 20 at 2:25pm

Scroll right. Lol I almost did the same thing.

Steven Groves   April 20 at 2:32pm


Jack Peeples    April 19 at 10:56pm

Is it too late to sign up? I tried going to the site and did not find anything that looked like I could register from.

Jack Peeples   April 19 at 10:57pm

Would be signing up for MA50

Jason McConnell   April 19 at 11:20pm

Registration closed April 15.

justin ponsor    April 19 at 1:21pm

When did we receive email with practice passes?

Jon Boothe   April 19 at 8:35pm

Sent out on On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 11:24 PM

Jon Boothe   April 19 at 10:19pm

Let me know if you didn't get it.

Nicholas Garcia    April 19 at 5:32am

Due to covid related issues with my family I submitted my refund request. Thank you!


Ben Trefethen    April 18 at 8:29pm

Hey, (sorry if this has been asked before) will spectators be allowed?

Jon Boothe   April 19 at 8:51pm

No not unless they are volunteering or are in the tournament. Parents or guardians are allow for minors.

Micah Yarbrough    April 15 at 3:41pm

Do volunteers need to know anything in advance? I had signed up, but haven't heard anything more. Also, can volunteers spectate before/after their shift? I know you have to control numbers so want to make sure before arriving early.

Jon Boothe   April 16 at 5:55am

Volunteer email just sent. Thanks!

Jon Boothe   April 16 at 6:01am

Also you would be accounted for so spectating would be fine.

Lance Barto    April 15 at 3:06pm

Will pins be in longs or shorts?

Jon Boothe   April 16 at 5:57am

Email sent today with link to Tournament documents. Long and longer. LOL Should be a really fun layout.

John Mola   April 17 at 2:14pm

"Long and longer" ...ooof

Jordan Staley    April 15 at 3:00pm

Have passes been sent out / schedule released?

Josh Mefford   April 15 at 3:31pm

Look at my comment below. Haven't gotten my pass yet but it's good April 19-23

Jordan Staley   April 15 at 6:15pm

So, no? and I meant the schedule for the tournament. I joined late and wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any emails or anything.

Jon Boothe   April 16 at 5:57am

Passes are in the tournament docs link from the email.

Dalton Hill    April 12 at 2:13am

I can not make the rescheduled rounds anymore, I would like a refund, thank you

Jon Boothe   April 12 at 10:02pm

Refunded Dalton. Thanks!

Josh Mefford    April 10 at 3:31pm

Will both rounds still be at Ultra for Am? When will we get passes?

Jon Boothe   April 12 at 9:59pm

Yes both rounds will be at Michelob Ultra disc golf course. I'll be sending out the pass in the next day or two. Pass is good for April 19th -23rd

Eric Naegele   April 15 at 3:02am

Can you take a buddy when you get the pass?

Jon Boothe   April 16 at 6:03am

Hey Eric, practice passes are for those in the tournament and volunteers.

Sabrina Donaldson    April 4 at 3:02am

Hi Jon, my husband (Justin Volkmer) can't play the rescheduled weekend. He submitted his refund request. Thank you!

Jon Boothe   April 6 at 1:50am

Refunded Justin. Thanks!

Sabrina Donaldson   April 6 at 10:40pm

Thank you!