Spring Fling at Wilson- MPO;FPO;MP40;MA1

PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Wilson-Tuscarora Park in Wilson, New York
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Spring Fling at Wilson is a newly added event for the 2021 WNY season. This will be a chance for AMs to pract ... more
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Jeremy Hoeltke    4 hours ago

Link for player's meeting- skip to 3 minute mark for when it begins.


Jeremy Hoeltke    5 hours ago

We will be using PDGA live scoring, here is the link- and the access code is springfling


Jeremy Hoeltke    5 hours ago

OB List:
1. on or over road; water. The walking path is NOT OB- only the actual road
2. on or over taller brick wall to the right of the basket; water; barrels deep of basket
4. on or over road
5. on or over road; MANDO left of the marked tree, if miss MANDO- proceed to drop zone
6. on or over road
7. on or over road; surrounded by water in ditch; MANDO left of marked tree, if miss MANDO- proceed to drop zone
8. marked ditch area
10. marked ditch area; on or over road
11-14. on or over ... more


Jeremy Hoeltke    7 hours ago

Tee assignments can be found on this link.


Justin Ernst    4 days ago

Online players meeting for this one or no?

Jeremy Hoeltke   3 days ago

Yes. Friday night at 7pm on the WNYDGC FB page. Link will be posted here.

Jeremy Hoeltke    April 9 at 11:54am

4 more MP40 spots added AGAIN!!! Spread the word.


Brian Barrett    April 6 at 1:14am

I accidentaly signed up for mpo instead of mp40(sorry its my first masters)not sure if i should unregister and reregister or if its fixable...thanx!

Jeremy Hoeltke   April 6 at 11:34am

Fixed it, you are all set.

Brian Barrett   April 10 at 1:21am


jeremy tourville    April 1 at 11:11pm

Jeremy, can you refund one of the advanced spots I have. I accidentally signed up for this one again in the heat of the bond lake open sign ups. Thank you

Jeremy Hoeltke   April 1 at 11:31pm

haha... I will take care of it now.

Jeremy Hoeltke    March 29 at 4:53pm

Just added 4 more MP40 spots!

Justin Ernst   March 29 at 7:08pm


Kevin Jacobs    March 19 at 5:38pm

Masters leading the way at 83% capacity.
I like it. :)

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Jeremy Hoeltke   March 22 at 3:17pm


Kevin Jacobs   March 22 at 11:59pm

Off our rockers, acting crazy. And with the right medication we won't be lazy...

Jeremy Hoeltke    March 18 at 4:31pm

Tee Assignments:
Rd 1 Blue
Rd 2 White

Justin Ernst   March 18 at 6:07pm


Justin Ernst    March 16 at 1:49am

Any word on tee assignments?


Justin Tarahomi    February 22 at 4:24am

Can you post a reg date when you can so I can mark it on my calendar? TY <3

Jeremy Hoeltke   February 24 at 9:53pm

It will be updated soon.

Jeremy Hoeltke   February 24 at 9:53pm