Spring Fling 2019 Sponsored by Latitude 64 and MHDGC Professional Day

PDGA logoSunday, May 26, 2019 at Bird's Nest Disc Park in Arvada, Colorado
Pro-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Spring Fling 2019 Sponsored by Latitude 64 and MHDGC Professional Day graphic


Tournament DirectorKyle Harrigan
Co-TDDaniel Jones
Co-TDTashi Temple-Wood
Tournament BouncerDave Straight

About this tournament

The 16th Annual Spring Fling is sure to be a great event!

Map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GW06dh7m3lMxFyo4yosMKcjvr4xqY4i5

This year Spring Fling will be held at Bird's Nest, I am excited to show again what this course can be for a tournament layout!
We hope to make this years event even BETTER then last year!

Registration opens for all Womens divisions March 26th 2019 @ 7:00pm professional divisions on March 28th 2019 at 7:00pm
Refunds will be handled per PDGA 1.3 Withdrawals and Refund policy.

If you end up on the waitlist, do not despair! Many people have gotten in off the waitlist in the past. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU REGULARLY CHECK! If a spot opens up and you get in off the waitlist, you will receive an email stating that a spot is open and you'll have 24 hours to respond to that, or get moved to the bottom of the waitlist again.

Refund policy

Mile High Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. We follow the PDGA refund policy. Drops within 14 days of the event will be subject to a $5 fee, the remainder of your refund is subject to your spot being filled in this event.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/39643
1Joe Rovere474996$700
2Jason Elsner5153104$368
2Zac Coisman5054104$368
4Aaron Grunwald5253105$242
4Tyler Liebman5451105$242
6Josh Bergquist5452106$162
6Joshua Sappenfield5254106$162
6Kyle Griffin5254106$162
6Ricardo Martinez5353106$162
10John Collins5156107$120
11Aaron Gossage4959108$103
11Adam White5454108$103
11Patrick Blazek5355108$103
14Anthony Ippolito5554109$84
14Ethan Boyd5356109$84
14Kevin Berrigan5356109$84
14Nate Metzler5356109$84
14Ryan Foose5356109$84
19Andrew Herrera5456110$34
19David Stepp5357110$34
19Jonathan Chavez5654110$34
19Robert Nichols5357110$34
23Ricky Sandoval5457111
24Alexander Krause5458112
24Joshua Matheison5656112
24Leonard Miller5458112
24Maverick Robertson6151112
28Anthony Salamanca5558113
28Jake Palmer5558113
28Zach Vilante5558113
31Gary Martin5658114
31Kolte Breck5658114
33Peter Gustason5957116
34Jeff Bradshaw5661117
34Kyle Harrigan5958117
36Daniel Jones5959118
36Eric Hoerske5959118
38Josiah Griffin5366119
38Sean Griffard5861119
40David Straight5763120
40Jason Hefkin6159120
40Jeremy Mosley5763120
43David Littlejohn6259121
44James Miranda6062122
45Noah Newman6360123
46Nick Desbouillons6265127
47David Healy6267129
48Nolan Beatty6567132
49Alex Stoops59-59
Pro Masters 40+
1Scott Stokely5452106$500
2Hank Kirwan5354107$254
2Mitch Sonderfan5255107$254
2Randy Lahm Sr5156107$254
5Jason Heimark5356109$156
6Ken Tank Franks5654110$112
6Max Maclay5456110$112
6Scott Wiant5258110$112
9Christopher Reed5755112$81
9Jonathan Boothe6052112$81
11Bryan Luoma5756113$66
11Zach Meeker5657113$66
13Jason Rosenbaum5362115
14Caleb Karch5462116
14El Gabe Peugnet5561116
16Fro Meldahl5859117
17John Star6157118
17Matthew Monczka5464118
19Adam Chmielewski6159120
19Jeff Evertz5862120
21Gabe Franklin6061121
21Jason McConnell6061121
23John Stevenson6260122
24Jeremy Nichols6063123
25Jay Gibby Gibbs5767124
26Curtis Altstadt6264126
27Jason DeNoto6464128
28Josh Kreutzer63-63
Pro Masters 50+
1Geoff Hungerford5554109$400
2Joe Klosky5658114$294
3Christopher Keener5857115$164
4Tim Gossage5561116$117
5Ken Stickley6058118$100
6Randy Ricks5861119$76
7Steve Gastineau6163124$59
8Mark Wandas6164125
9Danny Pring6363126
10Alan Hartness6463127
10Jay Burghardt6166127
12Brian Agnes6763130
12Randy Ortiz6565130
14Troy Groendal6863131
15James E. Foster6669135
16Maurice Loco D Hirsch6770137
Open Women
1Andrea Eaton6366129$250
2Sandra Richardson6668134$136
3Sabrina Donaldson6571136
4Angelina Videtto6770137
5Karen Sattler7168139