Spirit at the Springs III Presented by Buckeye Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, October 20, 2018 at Hudson Springs Park in Hudson, Ohio
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to Spirit at the Springs 3, This event will be a Pro C tier/AM B tier, Sorry about the short notice on ... more
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Chris Warfield    Sticky October 20 at 4:51am

OB will be as follows for this event, on or over any fence, paved road, gravel path or surrounded by water. There will be no OB sheet passed out. OBs will be discussed during players meeting. Also Mandatory will be in play on Hole 9, but there will be no double mando on Hole 6. Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few short hours to brave the wonderful fall weather! We will be at the Pavilion for check in.


Chris Warfield    Sticky October 10 at 12:45am

Sorry about the lack of updates, we have been very busy outside the disc golf world. This event is still running and everything has been updated! Here is the PDGA Link https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/38483. Hope to see you all then!

Scott Williams   October 17 at 4:44pm

Just 18, no peninsula?

Nick Bacon   October 18 at 3:04pm

Usually the peninsula is only used for the memorial. We cut the 3 additional holes for the spirit pending how many people would sign up.

Larry Bright Jr.    October 20 at 1:23am

I'm hoping to make it in the morning if I'm feeling spry when I wake up.


Salim Khalife    October 14 at 11:58pm

New to the PDGA tier system. Can someone explain what Pro C-Tier/ Am B-Tier means? How is it different from a regular C-tier?

Scott Williams   October 15 at 12:05pm

For amateurs, the B tier changes the min value of the players pack and the payout minimums. For Pros when it is a B tier it also requires added cash to the Pro purse in addition to what is generated from entry fees.

Tyler Schrock   October 15 at 7:39pm

Pro C = no added cash (their can be some, but I don't believe there is any for this one). Am B = players pack (and sometimes more depending on the event)

Scott Williams    October 12 at 4:53pm

To everyone, they have said they are not doing cashless prereg.


scott summers    October 12 at 2:16pm

Ma3 104580, thanks

scott summers   October 15 at 4:00pm


Jeremy Hoeltke    October 9 at 4:52pm

What are the player pack's going to be? The amount of information on this event is very weak compared to last year. I have about 6-8 people that want to travel 4 hours for this tourny, but it's very difficult to committ with only 8 people registered, the reg close mistake last week, and now still barely any info.

Nick Bacon   October 10 at 12:32am

Just updated players pack and schedule what other info can I get you to make the decision easier?

Jeremy Hoeltke   October 10 at 12:07pm

Thank you very much for the update! See ya next week!

Larry Bright Jr.    October 3 at 11:19pm

Will there be a MA40 division?

Nick Bacon   October 10 at 12:19am

Larry you're the first to Express interest in MA40. If you want to play in that division we will open it!

Larry Bright Jr.   October 10 at 4:15pm

cool. i'll be signing up monday. if there isn't enough to play in that division come day of the event, i'll move accordingly.

Nick Bacon    October 3 at 12:30pm

Update: We had the shutoff in the wrong month.

Prepaid registration is back online.

Sam Court   October 8 at 12:07am

Can you link the event to the PDGA event page so that the registered players are updated on there?

Nick Bacon   October 10 at 12:32am

Sure can doing that now.

Nick Bacon    October 3 at 12:24pm

Hey everyone, the event is definitly still on. We will make sure the course is maintained for the event.

Not sure why registration closed. We will open it back up asap. Sorry for the confusion.


Mike Gambini    October 3 at 12:46am



Jeremy Hoeltke    October 1 at 5:56pm

What is going on with this event?

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:26pm

Registration closed to early. Will get it back open asap.

Larry Bright Jr.    September 29 at 9:37pm

online registration is closed...

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Kristy Moore   September 30 at 10:48pm

Maybe the event is getting cancelled? I mean I have no clue but haven't heard much about it and with reg already being closed I don't know what else would cause them to close reg this early.

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:26pm

Thanks Larry. Will get it working. Probably s mistake on our end when we set it up.

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:31pm


Anthony B    September 28 at 3:32am

Is this event still happening?

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:26pm


Shaun Hoversten    September 27 at 3:34am

Any word on whether the park will be doing any maintenance to the course? I played a casual round at Hudson a couple weeks ago for first time in at least 2 years and it was horribly overgrown....if a disc was a bit wayward, didn't used to be a big hassle to find it...I literally had three separate times on back 9 where I spent 20 - 45 mins looking for a disc, two of the three were only a couple feet off the fairway...

Shaun Hoversten   September 27 at 3:34am

should point out I was talking about the back 9 in and along the woods

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:25pm

Thanks Shaun. Will make sure its playable by the tournament.

Mike Gambini    September 17 at 1:00am


Mike Gambini    September 12 at 1:31pm

Is anyone going to play this? Interested in coming from Buffalo with a crew!

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Scott Williams   September 12 at 3:15pm

That's also the problem around here, you do cashless prereg, and then 20 of those bail or just don't show up.

Pat Jackson   September 12 at 5:39pm

^ Truth

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:27pm

Most of our events fill up, as long as mo hurricanes are around. I will message you when we have registration back up.

Mark Reed    September 4 at 5:05pm

Karl Reed Rec 85160
Mark Reed Rec 91108

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:32pm

We are only holding spots for prepaid registrations

James Orth    February 27 at 4:09pm

#76084 Ma1

Nick Bacon   October 3 at 12:32pm

We are only holding spots for prepaid registrations