Spectator Tickets - PDGA Champions Cup Presented by Bushnell

Thu-Sun, April 20-23, 2023 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
Disc golf event

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These are for tickets for the Champions Cup. No one will be allowed to spectate without a badge. Tickets are n ... more
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Nate Heinold    Sticky February 8 at 10:13pm

We were able to squeeze in 25 more spots for Friday through Sunday daily VIP tickets. This will be the only time we are able to squeeze in more VIP tickets. Thank you!

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Mike Jackson   February 10 at 11:26pm

I registered for Thursday. Can I just switch that to Friday or do i need to cancel Thursday and re-register

Nate Heinold   February 10 at 11:38pm

You can edit your registration and take care of any of those changes.

Mike Jackson   February 11 at 2:54pm

Thanks. I’m really looking forward to this event.

Stephen Knight    2 days ago

Have all tickets been sold? Was hoping to get a GA ticket for Saturday, but i don't see anywhere to purchase one. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious - will be my first DGPT event!

Patrick Graziani   2 days ago

Stephen, Bushnell Boulevard tickets are GA. Bushnell Boulevard tickets get you on the grounds at the International Disc Golf Center, access to Vendor Village, a chance to meet your favorite players at the autograph tent, and access to updated spectator areas. While a Bushnell BLVD ticket won’t ... more

Nate Heinold   2 days ago

Stephen, tickets are still available, just click "Register" on the page and you can purchase GA tickets.

Kevin Anglin    March 21 at 10:51am

Is there any likelihood of adding more BLUE VIP PASSES? We are on the waitlist but if there is not chance of being added we will cancel.


Andrew Allen    March 6 at 11:47pm

I have already purchased Saturday VIP tickets and been waitlisted. If I don’t get in, I would still like to attend via general admission. Do I need to go ahead and buy general admission tickets too?

Nate Heinold   March 7 at 8:10pm


Mike Jackson    February 8 at 4:36pm

I know you can't "know" but what is the likelihood of getting in on that Friday VIP if I waitlist? Trying to decide if I should try to work out a Thursday ticket instead.

Adam T   February 8 at 4:41pm

He said they would evaluate if they were going to add more VIP tickets but didn't say when that evaluation was going to happen...

Mike Jackson   February 8 at 4:45pm

Thanks. Think I might just go ahead and lock in one of those Thursday spots

Adam T   February 8 at 4:59pm

I did Thursday last year. Was nice to just pop around between cards and see a lot of the players since they were spread out all day teeing off. As opposed to all the top on the course at the same time. Miss out on the excitement of follow lead card for the win but it was a blast

Bill Rohrey    February 8 at 3:53pm

How did I get on the waitlist when I bought 3 blue Sunday VIP tickets at exactly 8:00

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Ethan Karoscik   February 8 at 5:12pm

I had my form filled out before 8 and clicked submit right at 8:00:01

Bill Rohrey   February 8 at 5:17pm

You need to open more VIP slots…only 36 of 1,800 green bushnell boulevard tickets have sold

Ethan Karoscik   February 8 at 5:20pm

Just buy a gold pass

Gill lewis    February 8 at 1:59am

Waitlist? I think I should have been given an option. The Saturday vip passes were not sold out at the time. I would have opted to go for sure on Saturday. No way of knowing if I will be able to go, but I do know all the non refundable fees are gone.

Nate Heinold   February 8 at 3:19am

Gill, you still have the option to go on Sunday. You can edit your registration and elect for the Bushnell Boulevard option, which guarantees your ability to watch on Sunday. We will also evaluate adding more VIP tickets.

Adam T   February 8 at 3:56pm

Any idea on when that evaluation will be happening? And if more are not allowed when will the refunds go out for the waitlist?

Nate Heinold   February 8 at 4:10pm

Refunds will go out for the waitlist once ticket sales have ended.

Andrew Douglas    February 8 at 1:34am

What happens if you are on the waitlist and do not get off of it?

Nate Heinold   February 8 at 3:17am

You will be refunded.

Nick Hunn    January 31 at 5:25pm

Does the weeklu Blue VIP pass include a t-shirt? It doesn't list it, but there's a note underneath saying that daily VIP passes do not include the t-shirt, making it seem like the weekly blue VIP pass does include it.

Nate Heinold   January 31 at 6:22pm

No, the Blue VIP pass does not include the shirt. The description has been clarified.

Dan Brown   January 31 at 6:28pm

Wait, the daily now doesn't even come with the sunglasses?

Nate Heinold   January 31 at 6:38pm

Nothing has changed with the daily passes. All along, the description has said this for daily passes: "Daily VIP passes only include VIP access"

Kyle Porter    January 26 at 9:38pm

Is the only opportunity to buy a tournament disc at registration? Or will we be able to buy them on scene but in order to guarantee one we can buy one at registration?

Nate Heinold   January 26 at 10:07pm

You will be able to buy them in person at the event pro shop!

Taralee Cayce    January 26 at 1:09am

just for clarification.. I would need to buy my 6 year old a pass to spectate unless we do a VIP pass? We're camping on site so would want to bring him to the discable course throughout the weekend.

Nate Heinold   January 26 at 1:33pm

Yes, unless you buy a Blue or Gold pass (which allows you to do the add on option), you would need to purchase your 6 year old a Bushnell Blvd pass.

Bill Rohrey    January 25 at 1:17am

WTF and OMG ….I set a reminder specifically to order tickets and now the system is FUBAR…what’s a guy to do?

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Bill Rohrey   January 25 at 1:40am

Thanks for the update…will the tickets go on sale @ 8:00pm est

Roby 1 Kinobi Breger   January 25 at 5:19am

Plenty still available it seems

Nate Heinold   January 25 at 3:04pm

Bill, yes.

Josiah morel    January 25 at 1:15am

Why can’t I buy any of the single day blue passes!?! I just want one day blue pass

Nate Heinold   January 25 at 1:34am

All individual day passes will go on sale 2/7, including individual daily VIP passes.

Dan Brown    January 25 at 1:01am

Why are we not able to sign up for the Sunday Blue VIP? Currently only looking to get VIP for one day.

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CJ Gaswint   January 25 at 1:31am

So once the 150 is sold, will we be able to purchase blue VIP single day passes?

Nate Heinold   January 25 at 1:34am

All daily passes, including individual VIP daily passes, go on sale 2/7.

Dan Brown   January 25 at 2:14am

While I'm glad to have the update, I think that could have been made more clear in the initial information.

Joshua Reim    January 21 at 4:31pm

What are the differences from the blue VIP and the Gold VIP as far as access to the course when following specific cards on the course? And access to the players and your on course experience?

Nate Heinold   January 21 at 6:04pm

All of those details are listed in the "About this tournament" section. We have not finalized the full details for course access, but the Gold pass will allow for the most comprehensive access.

Kyle Porter    January 20 at 12:04am

Is there any information on the player meet and greet timing? Since it is before the event would that be the 19th?

Nate Heinold   January 20 at 3:43am

The plan is for the 19th yes!

Jeremy butler    January 17 at 3:20pm

I’m also wondering does the gold vip also include the binoculars and all from the lower packages. Thank you. This is on my birthday and will be my first even. Super pumped

Nate Heinold   January 17 at 3:35pm

If you look on the right side of the main page under About this Tournament, all information is listed there about what is included in each pass. The Gold pass includes the disc jockey and not the binoculars.

Graeme Crouch    January 12 at 9:12pm

Absolutely geeked to make come to Georgia for my first Pro Tour event. I'm staying in Grovetown - is a vehicle mandatory to get to and from the course? Any uber, lyft, taxis, worth trying to car pool with someone? Thanks very much!

Nate Heinold   January 13 at 4:55pm

I would say a vehicle is probably mandatory.

Ryan Sage    January 10 at 10:31pm

Any details on camping reservations?

Roby 1 Kinobi Breger   January 10 at 11:07pm

What do ya mean? Columbia county is in charge of that...you can rent one through their website.

Ryan Sage   January 11 at 12:05am

Thanks. Never been

Chuck Phillips    January 4 at 7:59pm

Does the GOLD pass include the Bushnell Binoculars ??

Robert Leonard   January 4 at 8:05pm

Hi Chuck, in the about section you can find all the goodies that come with tickets.

Chuck Phillips   January 4 at 8:13pm

I understand that.....and the GOLD pass does not list the Binoculars, but the BLUE does. I went ahead and purchased the GOLD.

Robert Leonard   January 5 at 12:16am

Oh, I understand now. Sorry for the confusion! Nate - can you assist with this?